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    • xingwang has written a new blog article "According to the 2017 Forbes NFL League team value list" Today

      2.7 billion is not the highest price in the past nearly six months of the bidding process. It is reported that the price of Tepcoís biggest competitor, Benca-Novaro from Nanca, is 5,000 to 6,000 higher than that of Tepper. Million, but because Navarro needs to pass the NFL's approval process to be able to conduct transactions, the lengthy approval will result in the sale proposal being unable to Madden Mobile Account vote in the spring meeting, and eventually have to give up. Tepper passed the approval before becoming a Steelers shareholder, and therefore benefited.

      According to the 2017 Forbes NFL League team value list, the value of the 2.3 billion Black Panthers was only ranked 21st in the league, and also lower than the league average of 2.5 billion. In fact, during the entire negotiation process, no one The quotation exceeds 2.5 billion. But this does not prevent the Panthers from creating a record of the North American sports teamís sale for a record price of $2.275 billion, especially if the other NFL teams are almost impossible to sell (4 years ago, the price of the Bill team sold. It is 1.4 billion). For reference, the Houston Rockets, who are currently battling in the NBA Western Conference Finals, completed an NBA record of $2.2 billion last summer.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "For a generation of video game players" Yesterday

      For a generation of video game players -- specifically sports video game players -- Madden was a rite of fall. Before you could play online with people you didn't know and mix players from various eras on certain teams, playing Madden was congregating in basements of the house of the kid with the biggest television or a dorm room on a weekday night.

      It led to bar bets and endless trash talk, to Buy Madden 18 Coins bonding between friends that still exists decades later. Most gamers have their Madden stories of bad beats and championships won, of discovering plays that worked over and over again and the glitches that caused so many problems. My favorite was one game -- the teams long ago forgotten -- when, in the AFC championship game my cousin and I played, the computer decided to spot our opponent a 14-point lead.

      We played and won anyway.At Syracuse, 10 of us lived in a house together. It was a dingy place that had a slanted second-floor porch and a basement that could be compared unfavorably to a dungeon but also was where some of the most intense Madden games I've ever witnessed were played. Basically, a place like it still exists today on almost every college campus.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "I am fine" 05.24.2018

      Rocket guard Chris Paul conducted team training today and will be training in San Francisco tomorrow. In the final stage of the second battle in the Western Conference Finals, Paul had some pain in his left calf, but this was not a continuous issue.

      "He was a bit troubled before," Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni said. "This shouldn't be a problem. It's normal. It won't let him miss the game or cause other effects. He's in good shape."

      The rocketís injury report today showed ďno reportĒ.

      Paul played 33.5 minutes in the second game of the Western Conference finals, which is basically equal to NBA Live Mobile Coins his playing time in the playoffs. He rested in the fourth quarter as usual, but because the Rockets had a 28-point lead, Paul did not play again.

      "I'm fine," Paul said. "I'll be fine."

      The third battle between the Rockets and Warriors will be held at 8 am Beijing time on May 21st.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "From the roster bubble to Super Bowl MVP" 05.23.2018

      Boasting more Madden covers than anyone is John boy himself. While thatís of little surprise given that his nameís been on the box for three decades, itís 18 years since he last appeared on the cover. In his favour this time out is the fact that itís exactly 30 years since the very first edition of Madden Mobile Coins Madden emerged on Commodore 64 and Apple II, and Ė as demonstrated by the convention-smashing monicker of Madden 25, which actually came out in 2013 Ė EA does love an anniversary. But guys: please, please donít call this one Madden 30.

      From the roster bubble to Super Bowl MVP: Folesí fairytale story is a glorious one, and gives him a very credible shot at this yearís Madden cover. The key issue counting against him is that heís likely to start the season on the bench, with Philadelphia committed to starting franchise QB Carson Wentz on his return from long-term injury Ė and EA is unlikely to risk putting a guy on the box who may not play a single snap across the 2018 campaign.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "In the first half of the eighth game" 05.22.2018

      In the first half of the eighth game, Brock Holt, who had just replaced Jackie-Bradley, stayed in the game and left the field. Benin Tendy moved to China and foreign countries. Joey Ricard played the first second base hit this season. In the second half of the eighth game, Jess Petersen replaced Danny Valencia with a third base. JD-Martinez was outstretched and Bogartz went to second base with field guard errors. The Orioles team changed the pitch and Richard Blair replaced Michael Givens. Defers's rolling Earth helped Bogartz to MLB The Show 18 Stubs go to third base. Nunez's tenth second base in the season helped Boagaz return home, 6-4. Holt hit a home base and Nunez hit third base. The two sides made substitutions adjustments, Brad Brock played out and Mitch Moran played on the court. Moran selected the full number of balls to save and the Red Sox had two full exits. Blake Swift replaced Morandy. It's the turn of the first shot by Mudge Bates. Bates hit the ball in the wilderness, half-finished, the Red Sox failed to seize the opportunity to equalize.

      In the first half of the ninth game, Swingart stayed in the game as a catcher and Steven Wright continued to pitch. After solving Jones and Machado in a row, he gave him a guarantee. Followed by Trombe's second base hit to help the Orioles to expand the score difference to three points, 7-4. Heath Heatherbury replaced Stevin Wright. Wright started off with a bullpen on the field. In the 4.2 game, he hit three hits, lost two points and struck five hitters. Hembrillie beat Davis to finish the first half of the nine innings. In the second half of the ninth game, Craig Gentry replaced Trey Mansini and left the field. JD Martinez hit the 12th second base of the season, but was still unable to tie the game. The final score of 7-4. Alex Cobb got the first win of the season, and Broecker made his sixth rescue in the season.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "Durant game is completely unresolved" 05.21.2018

      Durant's game is completely unresolved. Tucker, Ariza, Bamotte, Paul, Harden and Capella have repeatedly become background boards under his crazy offense, making 14 of 27 shots. In 3 of NBA Live Mobile Coins 6, 3 free throws, six free throws, scored the team's highest 37 points, after the game Warriors coach Cole had to be impressed: the Earth can not defend Durant.

      ďOur tactics are actually very clear to everyone and we just want to get the ball up. However, Durant is too sharp on the court. It's a luxury, so when your tactics fail, you just have to pass the ball. In his hands, no matter who let him face anyone on the earth, he can complete the scoring. This is why all teams hope to have players like Durant. We didnít have scoring problems a few years ago. Well, it's difficult. Durant can now rely on himself to score for the team. Anyway, I don't know exactly what to do, because he can shoot without a doubt."

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "Imagine if Manchester United fans face such a problem" 05.20.2018

      Currently, Manchester United are ahead of Liverpool in the top league wins in England, but in the Champions League, the Red Devils have clearly fallen behind the Reds. And once Liverpool win the Champions League big cup this season, then the Red Army's Champions League win will be twice as many as Manchester United. This is obviously the result of FIFA 18 Coins all the Red Devils' loyalty. Imagine if Manchester United fans face such a problem: "A", the Red Devils and the Red Army win the championship at the same time; B. The Red Devils and the Red Army lose their crowns at the same time. What choice would they make?

      No one's position or point of view can represent a team's entire fan community. This is beyond doubt. However, I firmly believe that there will certainly be a considerable portion of Manchester United fans, rather the team lost the FA Cup trophy, do not want to see Liverpool win the Champions League big ear cup. More importantly, the percentage of Manchester United fans who hold this view should be higher than what every officer wants to see.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "Carrefour hits three-pointer in the playoffs" 05.19.2018

      The Cavaliers' game against the Celtics is underway. Cavalier player Kevin Love has played 28 minutes, 8 of 16 shots, including three 3-pointers with 2 of 5 shots, and has scored 20 points, 11 rebounds and 2 assists.

      Adding these two three-pointers, Love hit a total of 128 three-pointers in the playoffs, which tied Mehta Walpice to Cheap NBA 2K18 MT 47th in history. Ranked 46th is Russell Westbrook (129 three pointers).

      Before this game, Love played 32.9 minutes in the playoffs this season, averaging 14.9 points, 9.9 rebounds and 1.3 assists.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "More and more people are starting to focus on ice hockey" 05.18.2018

      Gaming company practitioners said: ďMore and more people are starting to NHL 18 Coins focus on ice hockey, and many people only bet on teams they know and care about.Ē Vaccaro, a retired hockey player, said: ďHe was only in 1992- The 93 season saw people so excited about betting for the playoffs, because Wayne Gretzky led the Kings to the Stanley Cup final, but within the next two years the bets became cold." We won the Stanley Cup. At that time, the city's shots will match the Navy soldier who kissed the nurse in Times Square in 1945. Wherever you go, you will see the team's flag and signage,Ē said Vaccaro.

      Of course, today's situation and the day can not be whispered the same day, the crazy Vegas fans have long been known. Almost all fans wearing gold knights' jerseys can be seen at parties in bars and hotels. Gaming data fully shows the status and popularity of the Golden Knights in Vegas, but the happiness brought to us by sports games is always the game itself, not the impetuous and impulsive mixed with money benefits. Therefore, the greatest significance of the Golden Knight to Vegas is always to bring ice hockey and professional sports to the city. Can you imagine what the Vegas City will be like after the Golden Cavaliers win the Stanley Cup?

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "The characters are likable despite their immature" 05.17.2018

      What Madden does have going for it is itís story mode, Longshot. Sure itís a collection of quicktime events and responses to help your draft stock, but there is some good care taken into the dialogue and story. The characters are likable despite their immature, post-adolescence and you find yourself emotionally invested in some of the decisions youíd make to Madden Mobile Coins help or hurt your draft stock. Itís a shame the story is only about four hours, as you could easily integrate the gameís traditionally boring practice modes into this and not miss a beat. The early scenes in Longshot at the combine would have been perfect to work on the gameís new haphazard passing mechanic and feels like a lost opportunity.

      Other than that? Itís the same game youíve been playing for years. Last year, I simply tossed in segments from my Madden 16 review. Thankfully, in my time with Madden 18, it seems like some of the more annoying things of the football sim may have been addressed. Running backs arenít running around my defense anymore and the circus catches in crucial moments are down to a minimum. I can live with this. I can also wonder if I just got lucky not encountering the problems I had with this series the last two years.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "The last few months have been pretty surreal for me" 05.16.2018

      Players like Jamie Benn in Dallas and Johnny Gaudreau in Calgary get the same treatment. Winnipegís Patrik Laine isnít even a default substitute. Perhaps the biggest crime concerning the rosters has to do with Edmontonís roster. You think that the default center would be an easy choice for that team, right? Well, maybe not, since Edmontonís default center in NHL Threes is Mark Letestu. Connor McDavid, NHL 18ís cover star, gets relegated to the bench.

      The last few months have been pretty surreal for me, as a hockey fan. Here were my Penguins, fresh off of NHL 18 Coins winning the Stanley Cup last year, with a chance to do it again. I know, I know, Iím spoiled; I can practically feel the rage of Capitals, Senators, and Predators fans from here. And thatís not even touching the sadness of Maple Leafs fans. Chin up, guys. Itíll happen for you soon. But playoff hockey was my refuge. I was going through a number of personal struggles at the time, the least of which was being laid off from a job I loved because the company in question was having funding issues.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "The hockey gameplay itself is" 05.15.2018

      The hockey gameplay itself is, as you would hope, fantastic. Thereís an in-depth set of tutorials and videos for you to take yourself to hockey school before you dive in, and there are a number of different control setups you can use. Helpfully, the first time you fire up the game, youíre given a suggested set of parameters based on your familiarity with the franchise and your expertise level.

      The basic controls take almost no time to master, while thereís a very robust system of NHL 18 Coins stick and puck dekes that will take a lot of reps to get down. But once you pull off that between-the-legs wrister through traffic, youíll be ready to crown yourself king of hockey. (No, thatís not a thing.)

      There are hours and hours of content to dig into right off the bat, and it never really feels like work, unlike some other sports games story and sim modes out there. After playing for a couple of days, I found my mind drifting back to the desire to hop in and play some more Threes, or tweak my team a little bit more. I couldnít be happier with NHL 18, and if youíre a fellow lapsed hockey game fan, you might want to check out this yearís installment.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "It was in this window of dead-puck hockey" 05.14.2018

      Fleuryís metamorphosis has been especially impressive when viewed alongside the historically great playoff performances of his goaltending forebears. The majority of NHL 18 Coins goalies on the list above made their mark in a season when scoring was notably down. From 2001-02 to 2003-04, the average goals scored hovered around 2.6 per team per game. It was in this window of dead-puck hockey ó right before the NHL lost a season to the lockout ó when the top five goalies on this list were tending net. In the 2017-18 regular season, scoring was up to almost 3 goals per team per game during the regular season. The only two goalies on the list who played in a more free-scoring season in this span were Mike Richter and Kirk McLean, who both posted four shutouts in the spring of 1994 en route to the Stanley Cup Final.

      Who knows if the Flower will continue to bloom this spring, but history shows that heís probably already done enough to earn his Golden Knights a trip to the Stanley Cup Final. And even if Fleury joins Patrick Lalime as the only goalie since 1980 to post four shutouts and not reach the Stanley Cup Final, a conference final berth is a decent consolation prize. And whichever way the pucks bounce going forward, Fleury will have gone further in these playoffs than the team that cast him off last summer. As the Penguins and their younger, shinier goalie march toward the beach, Fleuryís run to the Stanley Cup Final continues.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "The penguin made a reversal in the last quarter with a goal of 0-2 on the road" 05.12.2018

      The penguin made a reversal in the last quarter with a goal of 0-2 on the road, and the 3-2 victory over the capital won the first victory in the series. Although in the lineup, Penguin II center Yevgeny Malkin and Karl Hageren both missed out; although in the state, the capitalists who crossed the blue shirt after the first round of difficult strangulation should be more full; despite the situation Ogami and Kuznetsov scored the first goal of the series only 17 seconds after the opening. The last quarter extended the advantage to NHL 18 Coins 2 points, but these are not enough to cover the insurance for a victory. The end of the penguin leisurely start, first in a few minutes will be wiped out points difference, the final victory when Gansel as a penguin's knife in the playoffs once again scabbard, the capital of the people and the victory this time.

      The capitalists scored two goals in the first quarter, and the audience suppressed the penguins in the final 4-1 victory over their opponents, setting the series to a 1-1 draw. The two penguins generals will continue to be absent and the main Cassel will not be able to find the status. Crosby is difficult to resist the rotation of the capitalists. This allows the home team to get a 3-0 lead early in the game. Although they were relaxed after being pulled back by the penguins, Braden-Holtby became the strongest fortress of the capital. He made 32 shots from 33 shots in the whole scene, but did not let O. Oye and others. The goal scored "empty cut."

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "After coming to Stamford Bridge last summer" 05.11.2018

      However, Manchester United's purchase of Gerson Martins before the World Cup is also not a small risk, because the Portuguese national team had seen only a moment of FIFA 18 Coins blooming flowers: before the 2016 European Cup, Bayern first took advantage of Renato - Sanchez The guy did well in the contest to win the best newcomer, but when he returned to the club, Sanchez was weak and he still rented out. If Manchester United is to exile Marshall for getting Gerson Martins, he will increase his stack on Portuguese youngsters.

      After coming to Stamford Bridge last summer, Morataís play can be said to be high and low, and his performance did not meet the expectations of the top blues. Especially after entering 2018, Morata only scored 1 Premier League goal. In this season's competition, his number of goals has reached 15, which is not too high. At present a number of Italian media revealed that the 25-year-old Morata is eager to return to Juventus, and his agent has reached an agreement with Juventus. Although the return of the Zebra Army means a pay cut, Morata is eager to Return to Italy.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "After the ball broke into the floor area" 05.10.2018

      Since then, the capitalists continued to take the initiative on the field, leading the single shot to lead 13-8, but the blue team's defense has no problem since then, 2-0 score was maintained until the end of the second quarter. However, only three minutes after the start of the third quarter, the Capitalists used rapid rush to expand the lead to NHL 18 Coins 3 goals. Defender Christian Jules broke through the backcourt and passed the ball to Wilson. After the ball broke into the floor area, he resisted the opponent's defensive pressure. He sent the ball back to Kuznetsov. The latter relayed to the unmarked Ovidkin, who pulled the ball out of the gap. Shot in the near corner of the goal, Bob Rowski failed to save the sudden shot, 3-0.

      In the 6th minute, the blue team ushered in a respite. The team's second striker formed a siege in the frontcourt. Boone-Jenna in front of the team continued to create confusion at the near post. Josh Anderson scored a record in the middle distance. Shot, Jenn from the people sewed the ball into the capital gate, 3-1. Although the Blue Team rose to catch up after this, Bob Rowskiís 9th minute save on Ovechikinís single-handedly inspired the teamís morale, but they could not find a way to break the goal again. Kuznetsko At the last moment, the goalkeeper scored an empty goal to lock the score to 4-1.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "Although the team played a leading role in the offensive rating" 05.09.2018

      In the backcourt, one team is Matt Nisiknan's partner Dimitri Olof, the second team is Michael Campion's partner team leader John Carlson, and the third team is Christian Jules's partner. Brooks-Opic. Although the team played a leading role in the offensive rating, Olofís key mistake in the third quarter led the Blues to equalize. On the other hand, the first-card Carlson continued to NHL 18 Coins make gains. In all three games, he scored 1 goal and sent 6 assists, which is a very alarming state.

      The goalkeeper position, the game team sent the main Braden - Hotter, he played in the game against the blue team 35 shots made 33 saves, this game he is expected to continue playing as a starter. The Blues still occupy a passive position. Although they once again dragged the game into overtime, but this time the lucky goddess is not on their side. The offensive and defensive teams rely too much on one team to become the team's weakness.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "It took them a single game to earn their first playoff shutout" 05.08.2018

      All right, so itís not an individual, itís a whole franchise. But if youíre talking about impressive debuts, how can you overlook the Golden Knightsí performance in Game 1 against the Los Angeles Kings? It took Vegas all of three-and-a-half minutes to NHL 18 Coins register the franchiseís first playoff goal courtesy of Shea Theodore. It took them a single game to earn their first playoff shutout, and for that the hat tip goes to Marc-Andre Fleury. And while other expansion franchises in recent years took ages to get their first post-season win, the Golden Knights got No. 1 on their first attempt in their inaugural campaign.

      For comparisonís sake, it took the Minnesota Wild three seasons to win a playoff game, the Nashville Predators got their first post-season win six seasons in, the Columbus Blue Jackets had to wait 13 years and itís been 18 years since the Winnipeg Jets/Atlanta Thrashers franchise debuted. The 2.0 version of the Jets won their first playoff game on Wednesday. So, hats off to the Golden Knights, though we shouldnít be surprised by anything this team accomplishes at this point.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "Not only we consider this statement to be a rather bad excuse" 05.07.2018

      The crazy car ball game "Rocket League" is to receive a cross-play functionality, which should allow players to play together with other like-minded people on other platforms. The only catch today: Sony is quite another opinion and considers cross-play for bad, because you could not protect the players on the PlayStation 4 from external influences through the cross-play.

      Not only we consider this statement to be a rather bad excuse, also development studio Psyonix agrees. They assure in an interview namely that one operates his own servers and carries out the matchmaking independently. With this you want to guarantee to Rocket League Keys be able to protect the players on all platforms. Also, one would be able to meet the security guidelines of Xbox Live, which according to the developers should be among the strictest of all platforms.

    • xingwang has written a new blog article "Rocket League got yet accretion update" 04.30.2018

      It's a abstract botheration added than anything," said David. "We had ideas. There are some amateur breadth you're not the amateur in VR, you're like watching the bold in VR. If you accede a brawl cam which basically just keeps the car in anatomy and looks at wherever the brawl is, you could do a in actuality air-conditioned arch tracking activity breadth instead of Rocket League Crates durably tracking the camera and defective stick input, you could be active and just searching at whatever you wish to attending at.

      Rocket League got yet accretion update, abounding of new $.25 of agreeable and ambrosial advantageous features. The Nintendo About-face acclimation is accepting video capture, as able-bodied as Achievement and Superior Mode. Added new actualization cover authoritative your custom tournaments, Babble Bans, and so on.Psyonix has able yet accretion amend for Rocket League. It adds some new content, such as several country flags and a crate. However, the amend aswell brings a few air-conditioned new features. For example, youíll now be able to actualize your own tournament, or accompany a altered custom tournament. Also, Superior Affiliation Status icons will now pop up in the HUD if a amateur is accepting affiliation issues. Plus, the Babble Ban. Youíll accept the advantage to ban a amateur from sending any babble letters in online play. Or, get the ban yourself, of course.



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