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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "KHL smart enough to steer clear of Arizona" 05.24.2018

      rom Ian Hamilton of the Regina Leader-Post: "Frank Amonte, a 76-year-old jockey, has filed a discrimination complaint against a Boston-area racetrack that won't let Amonte ride anymore because of his age. Track officials say it's a safety issue with Amonte, which seems to suggest the old greyhair, he ain't what he used to be." . . . Goaltender Braden Krogfoss, who was in camp with the Kamloops Blazers and would be third on their depth chart, is with the BCHL's Trail Smoke Eaters. . . .

      Best wishes to Rob Morphy, a well-known sportsman and hockey scout in these parts. He's recovering in a Vancouver hospital after checking in for a bit of a tuneup. When he's back on his feet, Morph will get back to work as the director of scouting/head scout for the BCHL's Salmon Arm Silverbacks. . . . Andy Clovechok's banner year continues. Earlier this summer, he and the lovely Molly celebrated their 65th anniversary. Sports Hall of Fame on Sept. 20 as a member of the 1945-46 Vancouver Canucks, who won the Pacific Coast Hockey League championship. Clovechok and the Canucks also will be saluted the next night when the Vancouver Giants open their regular-season against the Victoria Royals at Pacific Coliseum. . . .

      The Savannah State Tigers absorbed an 84-0 whipping at the hands of the host Oklahoma State Cowboys a week ago Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes. The Cowboys, ranked 19th at the time, went in as 67-point favourites and covered the largest spread in the history of college football. . . . Today, Savannah State is on the road again, this time playing the No. 7 Florida State Seminoles Online Newport Cigarette Store, who are 70-point favourites. . . . So why do these teams agree to absorb such shellackings? You guessed it. Money. Savannah State received $385,000 for filling a slot on Oklahoma State's early schedule Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, and will get $475,000 from Florida State. . . . A week ago, Florida State opened with a 69-3 clobbering of Murray State, which went home with $450,000 in its jeans. . . . Hey, you gotta love NCAA football! . . .

      When the Boston Red Sox met the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field on Tuesday night, there were only 12,754 fans on hand. When the Red Sox aren't competitive, it hurts everyone at the gate. . . . Can't believe Seattle baseball fans wouldn't show up to boo Bobby Valentine, though. . . . Still not touching Glendale, Ariz." . . . Headline at The Onion: Andy Roddick Retires At Top Of Everyone Else's Game. . . .

      "Restaurants in Burlington, Vermont, are adding gratuities of 18 per cent to foreigners' bills because they tend to leave small tips," notes Cam Hutchinson of the Saskatoon Express. "In a related story, Canadian tourists are boycotting Burlington, Vermont." . . . Chong. "If you remove the ones living in Bellingham who have to share their space with cross-border shoppers, that figure drops to 24 per cent." . . . After a whole lot of spuds were swiped from a Lower Mainland farm, Chong wrote: "RCMP are monitoring eBay and Craigslist for sellers of hot potatoes." . . .

      Steve Simmons, in the Toronto Sun: "It wasn't exactly described this way, but the Pittsburgh Penguins essentially replaced their medical staff because Sidney Crosby wasn't happy with the care he was receiving." . . . Forward Connor McDavid, 15, is the next great one; he's playing with the OHL's Erie Otters only because of an OHL rule that allows exemptions for players who apply and are ruled to be exceptional. "I've had a lot of players over the years who get you out of your seat Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes," Erie GM Sherry Bassin told Simmons. "Connor is different. He gets me jumping out my seat." . . . Bassin, one of junior hockey's legends, has been around since the invention of ice so he would know. . . .

      "What's this fuss about the 'rules' the (Dallas) Cowboys reportedly attached to Dez Bryant?," writes Phil Mushnick in the New York Post. "No strip clubs, no late-night boozing, et. al. Those aren't new; they're the same rules issued to husbands before golf trips to Myrtle Beach." . . . "Coincidentally Cigarettes Online Free Shipping," writes Steve Schrader of the Detroit Free Press, "it's the same restrictions the Royal Family is putting on Prince Harry." . . . Here's Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle: "Those restrictions on Bryant could pose a problem. Don't the Cowboys hold some of their team meetings in strip clubs?" . . . Here's Ostler, again: "Who can read all the true-confession books by dopers on bikes? So much simpler if they all got together and wrote one book: 'We Juiced With Lance!' " . . . You may have heard that Bill (Spaceman) Lee is still pitching. Has arm, will travel. As he told Ostler: "People say, 'What do you do for a living?' I answer the phone."
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "Kevin Smith Tells Kids to Smoke Weed" 05.24.2018

      Kevin Smith attends the 2006 Comic-Con held on July 22nd, 2006 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images (Getty Images)more pics and director Kevin Smith has smoked up to three joints a day since Seth Rogen introduced him to marijuana last year, and Smith claims smoking pot has improved his scripts. He quipped: "I know you supposed to tell kids not to do drugs, but, kids, do it! Do weed! Don do the other stuff, but weed is good What you want to do is what I did, build a movie empire and Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes, at age 38 smoke it all away."

      Director Judd Apatow.

      The Zack and Miri Make a Porno director finds it hard to direct movies he has written and turns to his pal, comedy filmmaker Judd Apatow, and drugs to help him out Online Newport Cigarette Store. He explained to the New York Post newspaper: "Judd Apatow is way better at being Kevin Smith now than Kevin Smith ever was. So Judd Apatow should do it for a while Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, and I should figure out something else, and weed has been f**king helpful with that Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes. />

      Kevin, 39, is currently directing the upcoming police comedy A Couple of Dicks starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, which is due for release in February 2010 Cigarettes Online Free Shipping.
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "Kenneth Davis The Buffalo News" 05.24.2018

      Kenneth Davis was a terrific backup running back during the Super Bowl years, the ideal complement to Thurman Thomas. People remember leading the NFL in combined yards four years in a row. It amazing his backup could be so productive. Davis for 624 yards in 1991, then 613 in 1992. He scored 20 touchdowns in the four Super Bowl years. He had three TDs in the rout of the Raiders in the AFC game week before Bowl XXV.

      Davis, who his career with the Bills after the 1994 season, went on to be a coach and teacher in his native Texas. the last seven years, he has been the director at Bishop Dunne, a co-ed Catholic with 682 students in Dallas. Davis coached the football team until three years ago. He won one district championship at Bishop Dunne Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes.

      He misses coaching. He misses being a even more. Davis loved being a Bill. came here from the Packers in 1989. Davis re-signed with the Bills when he became a free agent before the 1993 season Online Newport Cigarette Store. He had no interest in testing the waters, even though he might have commanded a much higher salary on the open market.

      "We were family, man. I telling you," said Davis, who was one of 12 children. "It was a special group. You you want to be part of something. You could just feel it. When I was in Buffalo, it was in the air. was just a great opportunity for me. I never knew I could play with so many great athletes. Look how many of them are in the Hall of Fame."

      Davis, speaking from his office in Dallas Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, mentioning his teammates by name. Jim Kelly, bringing everyone together. Bruce Smith, with "an ego as big as the world", but a gentle giant when you got to know him. Thurman Thomas, the volatile team cutup. Steve Tasker, such a dynamic talent.

      "To those kind of athletes together, and all those personalities. Ooh!" he said with a chuckle. "Coach Levy, I don know how he did it. Maybe he should have his own TV show, like Dr. Oz."

      I told Kenny he emotional just about it.

      "It is emotional," he said. "I never had a bad day in Buffalo. I don care if it was practice, training camp at the college, Rich Stadium or on the road. I never had a bad day. I was excited to come to work. I was up early every day. I . loved . coming . to work. It didn matter if it was summertime or the middle of the year. It was because of the cohesiveness of the organization, the attitude. I talking even the people who cleaned up for us, the people who fed us lunch, the ones who cleaned up the stadium."

      Davis said he never felt much separation between the team and the fans in Buffalo. He felt a kinship between a blue-collar team and a blue-collar community Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes. He how it felt on a cold Sunday on game day, seeing the smoke coming out of tailpipes in the cars, the smell of barbecue as he walked down the tunnel. seemed ready to out and hit someone as he spoke Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. By the time he was done, I ready to run out the tunnel with him. walk out there and see those fans with their beer helmets on, their wool caps, drinking their beer and the smiles on their faces. It made work better for them when we won. It was exciting to walk out and see them up there. You see the team on the other sideline and want to kick their butts. There was no feeling quite like it. Man, Buffalo is just a wonderful place."
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "Bill would make it illegal to smoke with kids in car" 05.15.2018

      A bill sponsored by state Senator Raymond J Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes. Lesniak to fine people who smoke in cars with children present was approved Thursday by the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee.

      The bill, S-2641, passed 9-0 with bipartisan support. It now awaits action before the full Senate.

      "There are very few responsibilities of law enforcement that are more important than protecting children's health Online Newport Cigarette Store," said Lesniak Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale. "And, there are very few activities more dangerous for children than being confined in a car where someone is smoking."

      "Exposing children to second-hand smoke in a car has very serious, negative health consequences, and it should be illegal Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes," Lesniak said.

      A Union County Democrat and a longtime anti-smoking advocate Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, he represents a legislative district that includes Kenilworth.

      The measure would impose a fine of $100 for a person found to have smoked tobacco in a motor vehicle when a child under 16 is in that vehicle. Under an amendment proposed by Senator Thomas Kean Jr., a Republican who represents Cranford and Westfield, and endorsed by Lesniak, money collected in fines would be designated for use by smoking cessation programs.

      In addition, an amendment proposed by the Attorney General's Office would clarify that persons stopped for suspicion of smoking tobacco in a car with children could still be charged with more serious offenses if the substance being smoked turns out to be something illegal, such as marijuana or crack cocaine.
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "Bill to ban outdoor tobacco use on all NJ college campuses advances" 05.15.2018

      TRENTON College students Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes, already banned from smoking in their dorm rooms, also wouldn be able to walk out onto the quad to have a cigarette under a bill advancing in the state Assembly.

      The Assembly Higher Education Committee today voted 4-3 to approve the bill (A1978), which would ban the use of all tobacco products in outdoor areas of college campuses, where they already banned indoors.

      percent of persons who start smoking, they do so before the age of 21, said Assemblywoman Celeste Riley (D-Cumberland), the bill sponsor. students enter college around 18. If they influenced by friends Online Newport Cigarette Store, this is where they starting. bill comes as New Jersey officials attempt to strengthen the state already strict anti-smoking laws. In March, the Assembly passed a bill that would ban smoking at all public parks and beaches. Belmar, a popular tourist destination, on Tuesday banned smoking anywhere on its boardwalk or beach. The town had previously allowed smoking in some areas.

      The campus ban wouldn just be for cigarettes, cigars and pipes. Electronic cigarettes, chewing tobacco, dip and other types of tobacco products would be included as well.

      Fines for those caught violating the ban would start at $250 for a first offense, $500 for a second offense and $1,000 each time after.

      Seventeen New Jersey colleges or universities already ban smoking anywhere on campus Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, according to the American Cancer Society. At least 23 ban smoking on most parts of campus, but allow it in designated areas.

      Ethan Hasbrouck, state advocacy director for the American Cancer Society, said 1,343 college campuses around the country have gone smoke-free. While three states have banned smoking at all their public colleges and universities, only one Iowa has banned it at public and private schools.

      But Hasbrouck said the bill is broader than any other state law.

      is a real opportunity for all New Jersey colleges and universities to work together to support the health of their campus, Hasbrouck said.

      Riley, the bill sponsor, had initially been unclear whether electronic cigarettes were included in the legislation Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes. But Hasbrouck advised the committee that they would fall under the bill scope.

      That prompted some opposition to the bill. The four Democrats on the committee voted in favor of the bill, while the three Republicans voted against it.

      Assemblyman Gregory McGuckin (R-Ocean) said he liked the idea, but thought banning e-cigarettes was a too far.

      Assemblyman Tom Giblin (D-Essex) said that even though he supported the bill he would like to see e-cigarettes exempted.

      E-cigarettes, which deliver nicotine in the form of water vapor, have been a controversial topic. Advocates for the product claim it's a safer alternative to smoking, while many anti-smoking advocates claim that they're so new to the market that there hasn't been adequate time to study their health effects Cigarettes Online Free Shipping.
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "Bill approved by Senate panel says no way" 05.15.2018

      TRENTON New Jersey would be the first state in the nation to require young adults to wait until they turn 21 to buy any form of tobacco as well as electronic cigarettes under a bill approved by a state Senate committee today.

      New Jersey raised the minimum age for buying cigars, cigarettes and other tobacco products from 18 to 19 in 2006, but Sens. Richard Codey (D-Essex) and Joseph Vitale (D-Middlesex) sponsored the bill because they said the law didn't go far enough to deter young adults from smoking.

      Codey acknowledged that some people will try get their nicotine fix another way Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes. "But there is a segment of society that will obey the law. The more we can discourage our youth from taking up this terrible habit of smoking, we will improve their lives."

      Karen Blumenfeld from Global Advisers on Smokefree Policy praised the bill, noting New Jersey would be the first state to enact such a law. New York City just raised its smoking age to 21 last month. Suffolk County also changed its law that will take effect next year.

      "We know 90 percent of youth start to smoke before they turn 21," Blumenfeld said. "At that age they are very vulnerable."

      Sal Risalvato, executive director for the NJ Gasoline-Convenience-Automotive Association Online Newport Cigarette Store, questioned the fairness of placing the responsibility of enforcing the law on his clients who run convenience stores and gas stations.

      "We have a major concern that unlike alcohol, we are not criminalizing the use of tobacco or possession of it. We're putting my members in a difficult position Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale. It's illegal for them to sell it and the onus and penalty are entirely on them," he said.

      Vitale, chairman of the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee which held a hearing on the bill, said he was not persuaded.

      "They ask them for ID. This isn't a TSA screening process Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes," Vitale said. "You are probably asking many of the same people for their ID Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. They probably look the same."

      "There will be less individuals able to legally purchase cigarettes which would affect the bottom line, but I don't know if that is an argument is anyone is sympathetic to," Vitale added.

      The committee voted 6-2 with one abstention to approve the bill, (S602) sending it to the full Senate for a vote.

      Sen. Ronald Rice (D-Essex) said he voted no because he thought it was unfair to prevent 19- and 20-year-olds from buying a pack of cigarettes, but "they can buy real estate, pay state and sales taxes" and fight in the military.
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "Treating Wounds With Manuka Honey" 04.29.2018

      MG is the clinical manager for a very large clinic that treats a broad range of orthopaedic issues, including cuts, chafing, burns and other types of chronic wounds. She was somewhat aware of the antimicrobial properties identified in Manuka honey products but had not read the research nor tried the products.

      According to the Honey Research Department at the University of Waikato, "the clinical observations recorded are that infection is rapidly cleared, inflammation, swelling and pain are quickly reduced, odour is reduced, sloughing of necrotic tissue is induced, granulation and epithelialisation are hastened, and healing occurs rapidly with minimal scarring."

      In addition to providing MG with links to the research that has been conducted at the University of Waikato for the last 25 years, I also showed her many of the testimonials that I had received from people suffering from all kinds of skin irritations Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale. Fortunately, she gave my Active Manuka Honey Cream and Manuka Magic Cream a try.

      Creams with Manuka Honey Especially Effective for Wounds

      With natural skin creams using Manuka Honey people with wounds get a double benefit in one cream: the anti-microbial effect of the honey as well as the soothing moisturizing of the all natural skin cream Cigarettes Online Usa Only. All without expensive prescriptions and doctor's visits.

      Now available in the US, Manuka Naturals Active Manuka Cream is fast becoming a favorite for people who treat wounds. In a recent email MG had this to say:

      Hi Guys,

      As you all know, I love new products and love seeing how they can help our patients. I have to say that this morning I had my own "WOW" experience. I have been trying the 30% Manuka honey on my hands and have really liked it but had not tried it on any of my scars yet Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online. I decided after seeing the amazing things it did for Ashlee's skin after a bad sun burn that I would finally try it on a really bad scar adhesion I had. I have tried a lot of scar mobilization on this area but it is tender and made me sore so I was figuring that they were probably going to have to go in for a 4th time and release the adhesions so what the heck Wholesale Usa Cigarettes, I would try the cream. I put it on yesterday morning for the first time and my skin was a little sore but I decided to do it again last night before I went to bed. I woke up this morning and when I took my shirt off to get into the shower I screamed and Dale came running!! My scar adhesion is GONE!!!!! I still can't believe it but there is a HUGE difference!!

      I have to say that I sound like a commercial but I am a COMPLETE believer now because I really didn't think it would do anything for such a severe skin adhesion!!!!!!!

      WOW, that's all I have to say!!!!!!!

      MG, ATC

      Honey's therapeutic properties have been known for centuries. However, in the last several years, honey from bees visiting the Manuka bush in New Zealand has been shown to contain an additional, unique antimicrobial component (methylglyoxal) that hastens relief while nourishing and soothing damaged or sensitive skin Cigarettes For Sale Wholesale. And Manuka honey is an active antioxidant, absorbing free radicals which cause skin damage.
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "Traveling While Disabled" 04.29.2018

      I was like many of you and was asking myself, " now that I am disabled, how do I enjoy doing the things I used to enjoy?" Through my experiences, I'll show you that traveling while disabled is not impossible. In fact, it does have it's advantages too.

      Since my stroke a little over 2 years ago, I have been on 3 trips which required me to get on a plane. On my first post stroke trip, my girlfriend and I were headed to South East Asia for a vacation. This would be my first time on a plane since my stroke. When I reached the check-in gate I was asked if I wanted a wheelchair. My pride kicked in, because I can walk and I refused. My girlfriend persuaded me to accept. I'm glad I did, because the airport was much larger and more crowded than I remembered when I was healthy. Also, we got to board first, which saved me from navigating and blocking the aisles which would take me longer than before, and we could put our carry-ons in the overhead bins next to our seat instead of a few rows away if we had waited for general boarding.

      Our flight from Honolulu to Manila would take around 14 hours. I stayed in my seat the whole time because walking in the narrow isles on a rocking plane may have been a bad thing. This also reminded me of a funny/embarrassing incident which occurred soon after my stroke. I was at the movies trying to get to my seat. I had to shuffle side wards. As I was doing this my hanging arm and hand slid over the head and face of the girl sitting in the row in front. You can only imagine, she gave me a look like I was some sort of pervert or something. Oops! I could only apologize

      I survived the flight, ending up with a sore rear end and stiff back. We stayed in Manila for a couple days. I did a lot of walking, because my girlfriend loved to shop and we did some sightseeing. I was rewarded by having a nice massage at one of the spas there Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale. Manila was dirty and depressing because I saw lots of young street kids begging for money, even late at night.

      After 2 days in Manila, We flew into Singapore to meet our cruise ship. I immediately accepted the wheelchair this time. They push you straight through to their TSA, immigration and customs. It's not only easier for me, but also for my traveling companion because I can carry my own stuff and help with hers, since I'm being pushed around.

      I would recommend visiting Singapore to anyone, It is so clean and feels so safe. Their public transportation is excellent. I could go on and on. Again, I walked a lot because of the shopping and sightseeing. When touring their Chinatown, I noticed a sign for acupuncture ( I've been doing acupuncture here), so I went in to have it done. This guy claimed to be a Chi-master. He only used 3 long needles, and when he'd put his hand over my toes or fingers, they would twitch! Maybe he was a master after all. I just wish he wasn't so far away, in Singapore.After enjoying our stay in Singapore Cigarettes Online Usa Only, We boarded our Holland America cruise ship, the Ms. Zaandam. It was my first time a cruise ship, and it was massive! I have to admit, this way of travel was something I never considered because I just pictured it as a boat full of old people. For the most part Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online, it's true, which made it perfect for a person in my condition. They are equipped to cater for the older crowd and most things are modified to the needs of the physically challenged. They have elevators(this beast had 14 floors!) , room service, although the dining room was buffet style, they'll carry your tray to you table, and you can choose your land tour that fits you best. There were many people worse off than me, and I didn't see anybody having problems getting around and enjoying themselves Wholesale Usa Cigarettes.

      A trip of a lifetime. Our cruise ship would take us to ports in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Hong Kong. Although these countries were very beautiful, seeing some the poverty and living conditions made me realize that even though I was now disabled, I was still very fortunate. The disabled in these countries have it rough. They don't get the kind of care, benefits, respect, etc. that we get in our country.

      Earlier this year, I took another trip abroad. This time, it was an Australia/New Zealand cruise and it was booked through a travel agency which took care of everything from the cruise to the land tours. It was nice to do it this way because once we got to the airport, everything was taken care of. Our tour leader led the group of 24 tourists with perfection. I didn't even need wheelchair service on this trip.

      Like Singapore, I would recommend traveling to New Zealand/Australia to anyone. They were beautiful, clean, and safe countries. This time we were on a Princess Cruise Ship. If I were to compare the Holland America cruise with the Princess cruise, I give Holland the edge. We didn't have to worry about researching and booking land tours and we saw familiar faces everyday and made several lifelong friends because of it Cigarettes For Sale Wholesale. If I can afford another trip like this, I would definitely book a tour with a travel group like this again and leave the stressful planning to the professionals.
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "Travel TO South East Asia" 04.29.2018

      If you have plan to spend a vacation to South East Asia, Indonesia is one of the country you should visit.

      Indonesia is an interesting country that also called as emeralds of the equator with more than 13 Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale.000 islands including the 5 big islands, which are Sumatera( Andalas) Cigarettes Online Usa Only, Java, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi (Celebes) and Papua (Irian Jaya) Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online.

      Other than these islands, is Bali Wholesale Usa Cigarettes, the most popular and outstanding island known worldwide as a fascinating tourist destination. Bali is one island in West Nusa Tenggara province, on the east of Java.

      Indonesia is a multi-culture country. Each ethnic has their unique characteristic, culture, tradition and religion.

      Traveling to Indonesia would be the most amazing adventure you ever experience.

      Indonesia is a country of incredible of diverse beauty. Although it is a country with the biggest population of Muslim religion , Indonesia is not a Muslim country. Christian, Catholic, Buddha, Hindu and Chinese Confucius lives in harmony, as good as different ethnic of Sumatera, Java, Bali and many others Cigarettes For Sale Wholesale.

      Each region has its own unique characteristic in many fields. The wildlife of Orangutans in Kalimantan, Sumatran Tiger, Javanese Rhino and the biggest lizard Komodo Dragons in the island of Komodo, the rain forest and primitive forest tribes.

      The exotic art and culture are very various and reach. Bali has the most richness culture. The Barong Dance, Kecak and all the Hindu Traditional Ceremony is Balinese people everyday life.

      In Java, the sacred dance from the Court of Javanese "Bedaya" danced by 9 virgins is only performed on a special occasions such as in the coronation of the Javanese King. They believe that sometimes in the middle of the dance, the dancers would become 10 person, which means that The Queen of South Sea has joined the dance to celebrate the fiest.

      Traditional music instruments are also various from each island, but the most famous is the gamelan, a traditional orchestra from Java and Bali.

      In the Architectural world, the biggest Buddha Temple in the world, Borobudur is located in Magelang, Central Java. Another huge temple Prambanan is located near Jogyakarta in Central Java. Prambanan has a legend of a princess Roro Jonggrang, that is believed is the 1000th temple in the Candi Sewu (1000 temple) in Prambanan. She was doomed to became a stone temple for betraying a Prince that had a pure love to her. They believe that couples should not visit the temple together, or they will then break-up.

      Another fascinating art of Indonesia is Batik, a traditional cloth that uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique. Javanese Batik has notable meaning rooted to the Javanese way of thinking about the universe. The traditional batik, has only three main colors which are indigo, brown and white.
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "Man Cannot Rule Himself Successfully" 03.26.2018

      It seems like the only way dictators leave office is in a coffin. For example Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale, North Korean Kim Jong-il, Libyan Leader Gaddaffi, Albanian Leader Enver Hoxha, and Hitler.

      "TODAY'S world, whether we like it or not, is a product of Hitler," claims literary prizewinner and journalist Sebastian Haffner Cigarettes Online Usa Only. president Truman was sent a secret message reading: "Babies satisfactorily born."

      So the atom-bomb blast that ended World War II in 1945 was most surely 'the blast heard round the world.'

      The atom bomb launched nations, large and small, into an unprecedented military buildup, forcing them to spend money that could have been used to feed and educate their needy. This military buildup has fostered the policy of preserving peace by a balance of terror Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online. Does that sound like peace?

      In 1945 people in Europe and Asia were in trouble Wholesale Usa Cigarettes. The US launched the Marshall Plan that was costly, but effective.

      Economic recovery was amazing. The defeated nations received modern machinery while the victor nations had old equipment Cigarettes For Sale Wholesale. The defeated nations overtook their victorious neighbors. Germany started recovering in the 1950's and a decade later Japan started its building program that helped it to conquer the world commercially.

      The world was moving toward prosperity greater than before the Great Depression.

      That prosperity came at a price. More and more mothers took work outside the home, oftentimes neglecting their children. More time for recreation, not always wholesome. TV watching replaced family communication. Divorce started to rise. The Stockholm syndrome increased, that is couples living together without being married. The trend was toward emphasis on personal interest. Spiritual and moral values, disrupted by the war, plummeted and eroded.
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "Malia Obama college life shouldn land her in the tabloids" 03.26.2018

      Obama, a freshman at Harvard University, was recently photographed by paparazzi at a university football game smoking and locking lips with an Englishman believed to be 19-year-old Harvard student Rory Farquharson. After TMZ released footage of the students snogging at a pre-game party Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale, it appears as though every foreign paper and its subsidiary has picked up the story and done a deep dive into the life and times of Mr Cigarettes Online Usa Only. Farquharson. I now know more about the teenage rugby player and his esteemed parents, cousins and grandparents than I do about my own family history Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online.

      The same is true for 11-year-old Barron Trump, whose media hell-ride is only just beginning. presidents, support for the privacy of First Children is bipartisan Wholesale Usa Cigarettes. "It's high time the media everyone leave Barron Trump alone let him have the private childhood he deserves," Chelsea Clinton tweeted earlier this year, after some in the press criticized the 11-year-old for his apparently less than dapper fashion sense (God forbid Cigarettes For Sale Wholesale, he wore a graphic T-shirt on board Air Force One).
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "Make Sure You Get What You Pay For" 03.26.2018

      It does not matter where you shop or what products you are looking for, the word "organic" is everywhere. You cannot even go down the toilet paper aisle without seeing that word anymore! But, with some products, the labeling can be misleading, especially in areas that are not as strictly regulated as others, so always use caution and know exactly what you are buying and how the determination of organic or not is made. Do not accept that word on pure, blind faith; rather, know who you are buying from and whether that designation is fair Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale.

      Just as with the foods that you purchase, many people choose to buy organic skin creams to reduce the number of potentially harmful additives and chemical ingredients that they put onto or into their body. Remember, your skin is your largest organ and everything that you put onto it will seep through your pores. A secondary reason for the organics is the increased incidence of allergies to a variety of ingredients. If there is a chance of allergic reaction or skin sensitivity for you, read your ingredients carefully, even in the case of organic skin creams.

      Organic skin creams generally earn the designation by using all organic ingredients- those that are naturally grown, obtained and processed Cigarettes Online Usa Only, but again, the label can be deceptive. In some cases, the term "organic" can be used if as little as one ingredient is technically an organic Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online. If purified water is the first ingredient Wholesale Usa Cigarettes, then it is possible that the label will read "organic" although everything else is chemically based. Do not be lulled into buying something that is labeled as organic and slathering it on without some careful investigation and review, especially if this is your first time use. As with any product, organic or not, perform an allergy test and carefully monitor for reaction.

      Many companies have jumped on the organic marketing bandwagon and offer at least some of their top sellers in an organic version with more of these products being offered every year. Even with a slightly higher price tag, organics quickly make it to the top of the sales list as more and more people carefully consider the products that they put into their bodies Cigarettes For Sale Wholesale. It just makes no sense at all to buy all organic food products, then to slather chemicals onto your skin.
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "Tobacco companies see Africa as fertile ground" 01.12.2018

      Fernando Benden, left, sells single cigarettes and sweets from his small (Candace Feit / For The Times )

      DIEPSLOOT, South Africa - On the sunny side of a dusty township street, next to the metal gates of a school, Lucas Moyana's little shop is just a board propped on four plastic crates like a child's lemonade stand. "I just decided this was a good spot," he says vaguely, basking in the hot spring sun. Every few minutes, a customer tosses some change onto his table, plucks a cigarette, lights it Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes.

      Africa is Big Tobacco's last frontier, and companies are conquering the continent stick by stick. Even a child can afford the cost of a single cigarette, 16 cents for Moyana's cheapest brand.

      South Africa has some of the toughest regulations on the continent. Unlike in the United States, though, where the sale of packs with fewer than 20 cigarettes is prohibited, selling cigarettes single, or "one-one," is not specifically banned here.

      It's twice as profitable for Moyana to sell cigarettes one-one. He doesn't even bother to display sealed packs. And although it is illegal here to sell cigarettes to anyone younger than 18 Cheap Online Cigarettes, he doesn't turn them away.

      Tobacco use is declining in the developed world. It's reached a plateau in the strongest market, Asia. But it is growing in Africa, because of the continent's booming population and rapidly expanding middle class.

      "This is a major battleground," says Yussuf Saloojee of South Africa's National Council Against Smoking. "The African population is very young. If they can hook customers now, they've got customers for the next 40 or 50 years. So the prospects of an increasing market share are very good."In Diepsloot, there's a way of walking that shows you almost own the township. Johnnie Thobejane's pace is quiet but powerful, and so slow that time seems trapped in every step.

      At 20, he and his friends are still making their way through school, and they buy lollipops sometimes, when they don't mind looking like kids. But a cigarette costs the same as a lollipop, so when they have a few dimes, they mostly buy cigarettes from Moyana's stall.

      Thobejane has been smoking since he was 13 and says all his male school friends do as well Marlboro Cigarettes Sale.

      "All of them, they smoke," he says with a laugh. "It's like the smoking department."

      In South Africa, tobacco advertising is banned Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes, but Thobejane and his friends don't need a TV commercial.

      "It keeps me rollin', keeps me walkin'. It's cool," says Thobejane, speaking like an American hip-hop artist.

      He goes through six cigarettes a day, because that's what he can afford.

      Across the continent, young men like Thobejane are at the heart of tobacco companies' campaign to capture the African smoker. Few African women smoke, but 20% to 30% of men in many African countries do, more than half of them younger than 35, according to a 2011 World Health Organization report. In South Africa, 35% of men smoke, one of the highest rates in sub-Saharan Africa.

      African activists' battle to protect the young echoes those fought and won in the United States and Europe decades ago Cheap Smokes Free Shipping. The tobacco industry went to South Africa's top court recently to defend its constitutional right to advertise cigarettes, and lost.

      "The market is so severely restricted that you can't really aggressively market the product. Restrictions are getting more and more strict, right across the continent," says Francois van der Merwe, chairman of the Tobacco Institute of Southern Africa.

      The potential market in Africa is large, says Evan Blecher, an economist with the American Cancer Society's International Tobacco Control Research Program.

      "You don't have a lot of smokers now, which means there's a lot of growth potential," he said. "In Africa, population growth is rapid. Over the next 20 years, the one region where smoking prevalence is going to rise under any circumstances is Africa."

      "Twenty years ago, the industry wasn't interested in Africa because they were still seeing considerable growth in other markets. As they've been pushed out of America, Australia, Europe, they're moving on to the next lowest-hanging fruit," Blecher says. "With the resources that they have and the experience they have, they will be successful if nothing's done."
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "Tobacco Companies Fight Australian Cigarette Bill" 01.12.2018

      SYDNEY, Australia - Legislation that would ban logos from appearing on cigarette packages in Australia is drawing the ire of business lobbying groups and even members of the United States Congress, who warn that the Australian government could be in breach of its international trade obligations.

      The legislation would require that tobacco products be sold in plain green packaging Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes, limiting the brand recognition enjoyed by global tobacco names like Marlboro and Camel. The law is expected to pass with broad bipartisan support when it is formally introduced in July, and it would go into effect at the start of next year, with a six-month transition period.

      The government hopes that the bill, along with some of the world's highest taxes on tobacco, will continue to drive down smoking rates in Australia. The government also hopes that the law will serve as a template for other countries. The possibility of a domino effect is what tobacco companies are afraid of, said Andrew Hughes, a marketing expert at Australian National University in Canberra. "What's to stop this same law being applied in other parts of the world?" he asked.

      Philip Morris Asia, which is based in Hong Kong and makes Marlboro cigarettes, said Monday that it had initiated legal action against the Australian government, contending that the new rules would violate Australia's bilateral investment treaty with Hong Kong.

      The Australian plans are among the strictest in the world, but other countries are also pushing new initiatives to reduce smoking.

      Last week, United States health officials released graphic warning labels that will cover the top half of cigarette packages beginning next year. The images will be the first major change to warning labels in more than 25 years; they include photographs of damaged teeth and lungs and a person exhaling smoke through a tracheotomy opening in his neck.

      Other governments are closely watching Australian efforts to restrict tobacco packaging. The British government, for example, has begun a consultation on ways to reduce the promotional effect of cigarette packs.

      Tobacco is severely taxed in Australia, where smokers spend about 16 Australian dollars, or $16.70, a pack. The packs come with pictures of maladies like mouth ulcers, cancerous lungs and gangrenous limbs.

      The new packs would go one step further by trying something new: shrinking the logos down to the point at which it is difficult to distinguish one brand of cigarettes from another.

      Under the law, 75 percent of the front of the packaging and 90 percent of the back would have to be covered by health warnings.

      The experiment has generated a roar of protest from tobacco companies and business groups like the International Chamber of Commerce, which says cigarette makers are being singled out even though they sell legal products.

      "What company would stand for having its brands, which are worth billions, taken away from them?" Scott McIntyre, a spokesman for British American Tobacco Australia Cheap Online Cigarettes, said in a statement. "A large brewing company or fast food chain certainly wouldn't, and we're no different."

      British American Tobacco Australia, also known as BATA, is Australia's market leader and one of the world's largest tobacco groups by revenue Marlboro Cigarettes Sale, with brands including Lucky Strike. It has threatened to cut prices to remain competitive.

      Newsletter Sign Up

      Continue reading the main story

      The company has also promised a costly legal battle and has warned that the law could lead to an increase in counterfeit cigarettes.

      Imperial Tobacco, a global company that produces brands like Davidoff and Gauloises, has created a large advertising campaign against the plain packaging law that features a stern, matronly figure who asks: "Do you really like living in a nanny state?"

      Representative Donald A. and international business associations have raised concerns that plain packaging cannot be implemented in a way consistent with Australia's global trade obligations," Mr. "I agree. Australia's plain packaging proposal legally abrogates sanctioned trademark rights."

      Rich Carter, a spokesman for Mr. Manzullo, confirmed the contents of the letter but said that the congressman was "no supporter of tobacco" and was concerned only about trade.

      With more legal challenges like the one from Philip Morris expected, Australia finds itself in a risky position: if it loses, it may have to pay billions of taxpayer dollars in damages to the tobacco companies.

      A challenge with the Australian High Court is expected but George Williams, an expert in constitutional law at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, said it is unlikely to be successful because "it's not clear that banning the use of a trademark" is unconstitutional.

      Tobacco companies are expected to then argue that law violates Australia's obligation as a signatory to the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, also known as Trips, an agreement that sets minimum standards for intellectual property rights for members of the World Trade Organization.

      Tobacco-producing countries - including the Dominican Republic, Indonesia Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes, Mexico and the Philippines - have already raised concerns about the Australian bill at the trade organization.

      But challenges through the trade organization are unlikely to be successful, said Benn D. Manzullo, the congressman, is "strikingly similar" to that used by the tobacco companies and is indicative of just how threatened tobacco companies feel, said the Australian health minister, Nicola Roxon. "I don't think anyone would be surprised that the tobacco companies have a significant reach in political spheres across the world Cheap Smokes Free Shipping, as well as with other industry organizations," she said.

      Still, Ms. Roxon said that she was concerned neither by the legal challenge nor the foreign politicians. "We are very confident of our legal advice," she said. "We're very confident that we are complying with our international obligations and we're very confident that Australians will be supportive of their representatives."
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "tobacco coming this week" 01.12.2018

      Concerned over the expected shortfall in tax revenues Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes, the Finance Ministry is likely to take a call on revising excise duties on cars and tobacco-related products this week. Excise duty on both the products was not revised in the Union Budget this year.

      A highly-placed official source told Business Line that suggestions have come on this (revising the excise duty), but no final view has emerged. The Finance Minster is expected to decide once he is back from the UK.

      However, sources said that the task was not an easy one. As the rate of growth of manufacturing and capital goods is on a decline, any duty hike would affect demand, they said. There is also the fear of a fall in investment demand.

      The demand for tobacco products, such as cigarettes and pan masala, is price inelastic, said the sources. As the duty was not revised in this year's Budget, the option is there. However, there is a technical glitch. The duty on tobacco has reached near the tariff-line level, and hence the Finance Ministry would have to seek Parliament's approval for any further increase.

      However, hiking the duties of cars will not be that easy, said the sources. The automobile industry has been lamenting about the hard times, with sales growth slowing and costs rising.

      But there are some suggestions, such as raising the duty on diesel-run and high-end cars. Small petrol cars could be spared, the sources said.

      Though the Finance Ministry is confident that it will meet the tax targets Cheap Online Cigarettes, there is severe pressure on resources Marlboro Cigarettes Sale. Owing to the lowering of duties on crude, petrol and diesel, the Ministry had estimated a revenue loss of Rs 24,000 crore (after deducting States' share of 32 per cent) for the remaining nine months of this fiscal Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes. Now, with the falling price of the Indian crude basket, it is feared that the Customs duty collection may decline further.

      In addition, the Government may have to provide additional subsidy on account of the Food Security Bill and to government-owned oil marketing companies. Even after the price hikes and lowering of duties, oil marketing companies expect to incur a loss of Rs 43 Cheap Smokes Free Shipping,000 crore for the quarter ended June 30, 2011.
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "The Advantages of Smoking Electronic Cigarette" 01.11.2018

      Modern technology has given smokers all over the world an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes Cigarettes Wholesale Online. The Blu Cig Review introduces you to the brand of Blu electronic cigarette Buy Discount Cigarettes. This brand of ecig has come to stay and is quickly gaining acceptance by "smart smokers" across the country.

      Here are some of the differences of electronic cigarettes (ecig) and the traditional cigarette.

      The traditional cigarettes have long been associated with causing lung cancer, chronic cough and other illnesses. Conventional cigarettes are also known for turning the teeth yellow, causing bad breath, offensive odor, premature aging and so on. Second hand smoke from conventional cigarettes also affects non smokers too - this is why many laws are being made in order to help protect non smokers Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes.

      Blu Cig does not contain thousands of harmful chemicals like the conventional cigarettes and they come highly recommended by medical experts. The blu cig review also emphasizes the fact that electronic cigarette does not also contain harmful addictives such as carcinogens and tar.

      There are many places where you will not be allowed to smoke because of non smoking laws that are gradually becoming very common. There are places where you will be immediately harassed if or when you light up for a quick puff. There are even offices where you have to work far away from the building before you can smoke - standing on your feet of course.

      The Blu Cig can be smoked anytime and anywhere without anyone being any the wiser Marlboro Regular Cigarettes. With the electronic cigarette, smokers no longer have to stand outside of their office building in order to have a quick smoke.

      Smoking conventional cigarettes can be a pretty expensive in comparison to smoking a Blu e-cig. Electronic cigarettes are re-usable which makes it a pretty good deal in the long run. You no longer have to worry about buying a lighter every now and then, or carrying an ash tray with you every time.

      Conventional cigarettes can be harmful to the environment, most smokers do not know this but many people who smoke feel that the cigarette smoke is so little that it cannot possibly harm the environment - well, think again. The smoke produced from conventional cigarettes from all over the world adds up and damages the environment over a period of time.

      According to unbiased Blu Cig review, electronic cigarettes are not harmful to the environment. So if you are a smoker and want to help protect the environment, then you can start by smoking environmental friendly cigarettes like Blu cig.

      Conventional cigarettes have been responsible for burning down whole buildings and homes but the electronic cigarette is way safer to smoke indoors than the conventional cigarettes Super Cheap Cigarette.

      With e-cigarettes, smokers no longer have worry about how bad their breath smell or whether their hair and clothes smell like smoke. Modern technology has made it possible for smokers and non smokers to stay in the same room without any problem.
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "The 16 Most Hilariously Dishonest Old School Advertisements" 01.11.2018

      The real miracle here is not just that the husband was cured of alcoholism, but that he was cured without his knowledge. Medical specialists were probably thrilled to learn that Chesterfield would be pairing their endorsement with an announcement of the "first and only" super-sized cigarette Cigarettes Wholesale Online. Because if smokers of regular Chesterfields show no adverse effects Buy Discount Cigarettes, smokers of king-size probably develop super powers.

      Still, it's not the most dubious claim they've ever made about cigarettes. Batty's Cigarettes Cure Everything

      Perhaps the most iconic bullshit ad of all time. Even in the 1970s, everyone had to have known the Sea Monkeys thing was full of shit. And yet, there was always that lingering feeling that for only $1.25 you could own a breed of intelligent mer-people who served you as their king. Add to that the promise that your sea monkeys would be "clowning around" and "learning tricks" for your amusement Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes.

      Instead, you got a packet of quarter-inch frozen brine shrimp Marlboro Regular Cigarettes. Because this is the real world Super Cheap Cigarette, Timmy.
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "That puff's pricier" 01.11.2018

      unlikely that I will reduce smoking, declares Aritra Roy, a mid-level executive at an IT firm in the city Cigarettes Wholesale Online. Roy prefers Goldflake Kingsize (an 84 mm stick) available in a pack of 10, priced at

      While it is unclear by how much exactly their price will increase, according to Budget 2015, a hike of 15 per cent can be expected on excise duty on cigarettes, on sticks measuring 65mm and above. Likewise, an excise duty hike of 25 per cent has been proposed on cigarettes of length less than 65 mm Buy Discount Cigarettes. For Ankur Guha, a new entrant to the job market, repeated duty revision doesn bode well. He recently shifted from smoking Silkcut (69 mm currently priced at for a pack of 10) to Superstar Goldflake (65 mm sticks priced at 35 for a pack of 10). Now, he is unsure how the higher tax on sub-65mm sticks will affect his purchase.

      Ashutosh Keshri Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes, a cigarette shop owner, says some customers decided to switch between brands Classic to Filter Wills and so on. While most stuck to the same brand, consumption fell. Others have started buying packs of 20 or 10 instead of single sticks to offset hikes Marlboro Regular Cigarettes.

      Price hikeAccording to Gaurang Kakkad, Research Analyst, Religare Capital Markets, this is the fourth successive year which sees an 18 per cent plus hike. expect ITC to take 10-12 per cent price hike for theyear which would be a clear negative for volumes/EBIT growth, the brokerage housesaid Super Cheap Cigarette. When contacted, ITC declined to comment.
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "If smoking is really a health hazard why not governments ban it like drugs" 01.04.2018

      brianc2k saysChristin S. hit the nail on the head. It is all about money Cigarettes Wholesale Online. The government knows people are hooked and just keeps jacking up the tax for more profits. There are too many human issues if they tried to tax drugs the same way. After all can you imagine the flack from agencies for senior citizens and other individuals requiring medication if they were taxed through their life savings for medications. It is all money. The government views smokers as their cash cow and just want to keep milking profit.

      Daniel M. Appel (TheSingularity) saysSame reasons Alcohol is legal. Alcohol is a narcotic, and it is also bad for your health. The government does give people the right to decide what you put in your body. Smoking cigarettes and eating Mcdonalds every day are not that different, and the government doesn't tell you what you can and can't eat. Like others have said, another reason is tax. The government makes money from cigarettes, and cigarette companies make money from cigarettes, and they contribute to many political campaigns. In tobacco growing states, cigarette factories are major employers, so outlawing cigarettes would leave many people jobless. These are actually only antagonists to endanger the nervous system. The effect might be not success.

      Daniel M. Appel (TheSingularity) 5 years ago

      Correct, but just because it is a therapy does not mean it is not narcotic Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes. Many prescription drugs, like Lithium Buy Cigarettes Online Cheap, Ambien, Percocet, etc, are also narcotics. Many patients become dependent on 'legal therapies'. Why have antagonists?

      See all 3 commentsHide extra commentsTeresa Pelka (teresapelka) saysNicotine is not really a neurotransmitter antagonist. This means it cannot work like a narcotic, cheating the nervous system Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes.

      Nicotine is an acetylcholine (ACh) competitor.

      But still it is reason of heart diseases , lungs and mouth cancer. I have read somewhere that it even affect memory as well.

      It doesn't qualify for a narcotic biochemically, this is my answer to the question Cigarettes For Sale Online. I don't defend smoking.

      Daniel M. Appel (TheSingularity) 5 years ago

      Actually, Nicotine is a narcotic. THC, the active substance in Marijuana, is an endocanabinoid competitor. Opiates are endorphin competitors. MDMA is a Serotonin competitor. Few narcotics are really neurotransmitter antagonists.
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    • cigsbrand has written a new blog article "If accounting is clerical" 01.04.2018

      Stating that he has rarely come across anybody who can confidently attribute a meaning to each of these words, he informs that there is invariably a feeling that one is a gain Cigarettes Wholesale Online, the other a loss; and that one is positive Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes, and the other, negative.

      The reason for this confusion, according to Lamba, is the fact that these two words, by themselves, have no meaning at all. He explains that these words are used Buy Cigarettes Online Cheap, primarily, in the context of the system of accounting in use almost all over the world, called the double-entry system of book keeping, whereby each transaction has an effect on two account heads. themselves, these words represent neither good-bad, nor positive-negative. They simply represent two opposite impacts. a credit in a credit account has a positive effect, and a credit in a debit account has a negative effect. If accounting is clerical, finance is intellectual, he clarifies. starts where accounting ends. Kottaram offer advice on how to face an unexpected job loss.

      Being depressed and increasing your blood pressure and anxiety by wondering what to do after you have lost your job does not help, they write in I Can Win (Dolphin Books). example, if you have more than one mobile connection, it is better to cut down to one. If you do not need Internet on a daily basis, disconnect the Internet Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes. Limit unnecessary phone calls. Cut down on liquor, cigarettes, branded clothes, cosmetics, accessories, and perfumes. Do not go shopping to lighten your mood as you will end up buying a lot of unnecessary things Cigarettes For Sale Online. for jobs that suit your taste via the Internet or magazines or newspapers. Attend interviews Even if you end up losing out on a few interviews, do not lose hope and keep trying. You will be able to overcome the problem at hand. Remember that after the darkness of night, there is always the light of the day.
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