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    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "SK’s Fernando ‘fer’ Alvarenga was off to some blistering start" 01.18.2018

      SK Gaming Eliminates Upper in DreamHack Experts Las Vegas Semi Last
      In the second Somewhat Final of DreamHack Masters Las Vegas, SK Gaming played N ..
      An interesting map divieto saw SK Video gaming pick Cache, not really a map that they are noted for. North picked Apparence and the final chart came down to Overpass.
      SK got away to a great begin by winning their CT pistol round upon Cache. The Brazilians followed up with two anti-eco rounds prior to North responded. Regrettably for the Danes, SK hit right back within the next round and totally reset North’s economy.
      SK’s Fernando ‘fer’ Alvarenga was off to some blistering start with a good 11-2 score at the end of round six. However , René ‘cajunb’ Borg took often the Brazilian down in the beginning of round seven and Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke closed the exact round out with a one vs . 2 to provide North their 2nd round.
      North was able to keep the rest of the very first half much nearer and reduced SK’s lead to just 9-6 by the time the groups switched sides. The particular Brazilians once again taken care of the pistol circular on T part but North could get the first gun round.
      With SK’s lead down to 12-11, the Brazilians known as tactical timeout. Typically the pause appeared to get the job done as SK noticed the following round however North responded along with 2 of their own in order to tie the rating at 13-13.
      Lapland finally took the very lead in the subsequent round but this particular seemed to wake the main SK players upward and CSGO Ak47 Skins they strung the last 3 rounds with each other to win the very first map 16-14.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "ESL Announces that World-Renowned DJ Hardwell Will Perform Live in IEM Katowice" 01.17.2018

      ESL has announced that certain of the world famous DISC JOCKEY Hardwell will be executing live at IEM Katowice prior to the CS: GO Grand Final.
      Robbert van de Corput is one of the most popular EDM DJs in the world. Better known for their stage name, Hardwell, the Dutch DISC JOCKEY won the “Top 100 DJs Poll” in 2013 and 2014.
      The movie star has performed all over the world in front of massive crowds. Think Tomorrowland, Extremely Music Festival, Extremely Japan and many more.
      Upon February 27th ESL announced on their IEM Twitter account which Hardwell will be travelling to IEM CSGO M4A4 Skins Katowice to do a live set prior to the CS: PROCEED Grand Final that will take place on Sunday March 5th.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • Esports Community Reacts to Hardwell Performance at IEM Katowice
      The actual IEM Katowice CS: GO grand final was preceded by a performance featuring Dutch EDM DJ, Hardwell.
      The set obtained mixed reviews, however it was mainly the actual crowd who took the brunt from the criticism as people pointed out they were a little lacklustre with their enthusiasm.
      The $250, 000 tournament took place between Wednesday March first and Sunday March 5th, with twelve elite teams competing at the Spodek Arena in the Polish city of Katowice.
      Hardwell’s set was straight before Astralis took on FaZe Group in the grand final.
      Professional players, personalities and members from the esports community took CSGO Ak47 Skins to Twitter to talk about the popular DJ’s performance.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "After struggling for so many a few months" 01.15.2018

      IEM Katowice Group B: Na’Vi Hands SK Another Loss, Heroic Wins Danish Derby
      Na’Vi has taken down SK Gaming whilst Heroic continued a day of upsets with an overtime win towards North.
      SK Video gaming needed to bounce back from their surprising first round loss against Cloud9 while Na’Vi might extend their document to 2-0 when they beat the Brazilians.
      VIDEO: Top 10 Wealthiest Female Pros By Prize Money
      SK Gaming got away to a strong start on CT side, Overpass, by winning the pistol round but a third round purchase from Na’Vi but the CIS squad in charge for a handful of rounds.
      In no point within the first half had been either team in a position to string more than three rounds together -- economy was a continuous struggle for both teams.
      At the conclusion associated with round 15, SK Gaming held a narrow 8-7 business lead. The Brazilians once more got off to a strong start on To by winning an additional pistol round. This time, however , Na’Vi replied immediately.
      After struggling for so many a few months, Na’Vi has appeared unrecognisable so far within Group B and this continued on CT side Overpass. Ioann ‘Edward’ Sukhariev appeared to be turning the time clock back to his 1 . 6 days as he picked up kill after kill.
      With Na’Vi holding a 12-9 lead, SK Gaming called a timeout and created the most of it, finally picking up another round with a B strike. The Brazilians soon evened the rating up at 12-12 and looked set to take the business lead as Na’Vi experienced no money.
      The lack of economy was no issue for Na’Vi, though. Yet again the CIS players made a pistol buy work to retake the lead. Joao ‘felps’ Vasconcellos very almost saved the day with regard to SK in the next round with a crazy Tec-9 play but the Brazilians could not stop the bomb from becoming defused.
      The next 2 rounds were merely a formality as Na’Vi closed the game out 16-12 to go 2-0 in the group. The CIS squad has now beaten the two teams that most thought had been the best in the team and look set in order to advance to the playoffs.
      A 0-2 begin for SK Video gaming was unfathomable but it has happened. The Brazilians cannot pay for to lose CSGO Ak47 Skins any more matches if they want to remain in the tournament.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "Arya, starting the circular with just a Tech-9" 01.12.2018

      Splyce and Luminosity go to the Wire in StarSeries Season 3 Qualifier
      Splyce Holds off Luminosity, Advances to Round of sixteen of StarSeries S3 Qualifier
      Arya ‘arya’ Heckmat’s quadkill down 13-15 to Luminosity in the third and deciding map in StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 United states Qualifier inspired an incredible comeback as Splyce defeated Luminosity 2-1.
      The teams might actually trade wins on the maps the other team picked as Splyce won Luminosity’s pick of Overpass (17-16) to that Luminosity returned the actual favor on Cobblestone (16-7). Train was where it was almost all decided.
      Arya, starting the circular with just a Tech-9, had already put one member of luminosity away and was the last man standing with regard to Splyce against 3 from Luminosity. With a mere 17 seconds left and exactly what would have been a match succeed for Luminosity, Mr. gustavo ‘SHOOWTIME’ Gonçalves mollied off the bomb site, but failed to keep his eyes onto it when arya gripped the bomb along with six seconds remaining and planted.
      Hearing the Luminosity footsteps, arya snuck up behind SHOOWTIME and Gustavo ‘yeL’ Knittel and before you knew it had a quad kill and saved the match for Splyce. Splyce would carry that momentum all the way towards the finish line.
      This was the first match of the round of 32 in the North American qualifier which will see just two teams qualify for the main event that takes place in Kiev, Ukraine from Apr 4-9 with a reward purse of $300, 000.

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "Eight groups will take part in the inaugural European Masters Series" 01.11.2018

      Time of year 1 of the CS: GO EU Masters Series Announced
      Eight groups will take part in the inaugural European Masters Series which happens from March 25-26.
      This new $3, 000 online competitors will see six invited and two competent teams compete in a double-elimination tournament to determine the winner.
      Prize distribution:
      $2, 000 and a Season 2 Invitation
      $1, 000 and a Season 2 Invitation
      Season 2 Invitation
      Two teams will need to fight through a intense 128-team single-elimination on the internet tournament on Mar 18 in order to sign up for the six invited teams.
      Even though this can be a small prize handbag in relationship to other tournaments, the fascinating factor here is there are two very good groups in iNationa and ex-Dark Passage actively playing in this competition.
      Ex-Dark Passage took a 5th/8th in the WESG 2016 World Competition losing to Virtus. pro in the quarterfinals of that competition. The Turks are also a team that competes and wins in a slew of every week tournaments.
      iNation is another quality group in this event which regularly test themselves in all the major qualifiers.CSGO Ak47 Skins Although they have yet to reach the big phase of any occasion just yet, in this rate group, this is a group that can beat anybody.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "The qualification process continues to be announced" 01.10.2018

      Hellcase Cup #3 Features Team Poised to create Move to Next Tier
      Hellcase is at it again and has introduced it will be holding the 3rd edition of the Hellcase Cup worth $10, 000.
      Hellcase Cup #3 has been confirmed by the organization along with direct invites becoming given out to LDLC and Hellcase Cup #2 defending champions, iGAME. com.
      The qualification process continues to be announced with an estimated 256 teams on the point of take part. With 256 teams, a large certification process is necessary and with that in mind the organizers at Hellcase have decided to break in the process into four stages:
      Open Qualifier (17-18 March)
      Closed European Stage (22-23 March)
      Main stage (24-30 March)
      Last stage (31-1 April)
      FACEIT will sponsor the 256-team bracket which will be played within a best of one format until the final 2 teams are decided and moved into the closed qualifier along with six directly invited teams.
      From there, six best-of-three matches within a single-elimination bracket will certainly two teams will certainly qualify for the main stage.CSGO Ak47 Skins The four groups that make it through the primary stage will battle for the largest section of the $10, 000 prize purse.
      The championships will see a best of three semifinal bracket to determine the competition winner.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "IEM Sydney Gives Last Direct Invite in order to Team from Denmark" 01.09.2018

      The Danes through North is the final team to receive an immediate invite to IEM Sydney.
      The 6 teams with direct invites have been confirmed and will await two more teams which will battle it away in a series of qualifiers in order to get a spot on the main stage.
      The opening Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament opening up Season XII for IEM will see the actual $260, 000 AUD tournament hosted at the Quodos Bank Industry in Sydney, Sydney from May 3-7 where eight teams will play for the bulk of the prize purse.
      The Danes from North may be the last team to get a direct invite in order to IEM Sydney.
      The six teams along with direct invites happen to be confirmed and will await two more teams that will battle this out in a series of qualifiers in order to get an area on the main phase.
      The opening Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition opening up Season XII for IEM will see the $260, 000 AUD tournament managed at the Quodos Bank Arena in Quarterly report, Australia from May 3-7 where eight teams will play CSGO Ak47 Skins for the bulk of the actual prize purse.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "The shock move in February 2017 came after a period of success for the group" 01.08.2018

      OpTic CS: GO Uncover Stand-In for Forthcoming Tournaments
      The OpTic Gaming CS: PROCEED team have struggled to find a permanent 5th after in-game leader Peter ‘Stanislaw’ Jarguz left for Team Liquid.
      The shock move in February 2017 came after a period of success for the group, including their massive victory winning the E-League Season two finals.
      After Stanislaw left the group, former Team Liquid player Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin stood set for the squad, however it became quickly apparent their playstyles weren’t going to match.
      Former Cloud9 player Ryan ‘Freakazoid’ Abadir filled in for the group during an ESL Pro League match, but due to their lack of in-game leadership, it was never likely to be a permanent shift.
      It has now been revealed that former Splyce player, Jerrika ‘jasonR’ Ruchelski,CSGO Ak47 Skins will be the new player to take the reigns of the squad.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "compLexity CS: GO Group Acquire Slemmy" 01.06.2018

      It has been announced that Alec ‘Slemmy’ White is going to be joining the compLexity CS: GO group on a trial basis.
      Best know with regard to his time having fun with Cloud9, the American in-game leader has spent the last few a few months playing for Non selfish.
      Now, compLexity are bringing him within on a trial basis in attempt to enhance the team’s recent unremarkable results.
      The compLexity CS: GO group have been distinctly underwhelming of late. They positioned last at each of their most recent LAN events, not winning a map at either DreamHack Master Las Vegas or Northern Arena Montreal. More recently, the team lost its relegation match for ECS Season 3 to Bee’s Money Crew.
      Group owner Jason River was upfront about the team’s performance when commenting to Dexerto on the departure associated with Michael ‘Uber’ Stapells, stating that “frankly, we’re all sick and tired of being a poor group and we won’t stop making adjustments till we have a competitive squad that’s really worth cheering for. ”
      With a number of notable analysts recently commenting that the biggest shortage in North American Counter-Strike is in in-game leaders,Buy Cheap CSGO Skins perhaps the acquisition associated with Slemmy will begin to obtain compLexity back on track.

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "Along with FaZe joining the group of teams attending this event" 01.05.2018

      ESL One Cologne 2017 Adds Another Elite Team to CSGO Tournament
      Make it 3. ESL has asked FaZe Clan and is now the third group confirmed for ESL One Cologne 2017. FaZe will join SK Gaming and Virtus. pro.
      Along with FaZe joining the group of teams attending this event, ESL right now has the No . 2, No . 3, and No. 4 teams on the planet according to HLTV. org.
      The ESL 1 Cologne 2017 $250, 000 CSGO competition takes place from July 7-9 in Perfume, Germany and will feature 16 of the best teams in the world. 12 from the team will be there as a result of a direct invite while the other four will fight their way through a series of qualifiers.
      FaZe is really a particularly excited obtain for Cologne because they just finished as the second place group at IEM Katowice after signing among the best players in the world within Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač. The European team is also sitting within sixth place Buy Cheap CSGO Skins in the EU ESL Pro League with an 8-8 record.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "The Korean team were always going to struggle going up against a team globally" 01.04.2018

      Virtus Plow Through MVP Project At StarSeries S3 CS: GO Finals
      Virtus. Professional have picked up their own first win of the SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals against MVP Task.
      The Korean team were always going to struggle going up against a team globally hailed as one of the best in the world. Though there was a little excitement right after MVP won the very first pistol and subsequent rounds, once Virtus. Pro were able to build-up their economy it had been entirely their video game.
      To their credit, MVP didn’t appear to cave in, and tried numerous creative strategies in attempts to find an edge against the superior fire-power of VP. Unfortunately, there were also hints of nerves in some missed shots as well as rushed plays, as well as ultimately MVP couldn’t stand up to the individual ability on Virtus. Professional, who took the actual map 16-4.
      The Poles join North with a 1-0 collection record,CSGO M4A4 Skins while MVP Project and Immortals now sit at 0-1 at the start associated with StarSeries’ Swiss program.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • View FaZe NiKo’s Crazy 1v3 Against Gambit at StarSeries S3 CS: GO Finals
      FaZe Clan’s Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač drawn off an insane 1v3 at the StarSeries S3 Finals.
      FaZe had a difficult begin to the StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals, getting annoyed in their first video game of the tournament towards HellRaisers. The team were able to bounce back having a win against Immortals, however , setting up a match against Gambit on day three of the event.
      The map would be Cache, however once again it would be a slightly worrying start for FaZe within the T Side, having a number of mistakes putting the team within the brink of a big disadvantage early on. In the team’s moment of need, NiKo drawn out an incredible 1-versus-3 win with simply 3 health, switching the tide of the game.
      Rather than becoming crushed economically, FaZe were able to force Gambit into a position of poverty,Buy Cheap CSGO Skins letting FaZe rack up the rounds they needed to finish the half having a 9-6 advantage, NiKo keeping up his amazing form.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "The tournament survived for six several weeks during the regular season" 01.02.2018

      The Acer CyberGamer Leading League Season 10 Champions is Chiefs
      Chiefs fought their own way from the duds bracket and got revenge over AVANT GARDE 2-0 in the Grand Finals from the Acer CyberGamer Leading League Season 10 Finals on Weekend.
      The tournament survived for six several weeks during the regular season which saw four teams fight their own way from a qualifier to a round-robin qualifier, which saw Legacy, Immunity, Avant Garde, and Chiefs make the main event.
      Tyler ‘tucks’ Reilly was absolutely solid in Chiefs semifinal victory over Legacy 16-12 on Nuke. The Aussie went 22-17 with an HLTV rating of 1. twelve, leading all players. He landed the triple-kill and finished a 1 sixth is v 2 clutch at the end on the Counter-Terrorist side to secure the actual semifinal win.
      Within the Winner’s Final, Chiefs face off with Avant Garde dropping a tough match 13-16 on Train. This time it was Josh ‘INS’ Potter’s time to shine, going 24-18 K-D with a HLTV Ranking of 1. 32. No highlights to speak of though as this individual was simply solid and steady the whole match.
      With the tournament being double elimination, Chiefs had another chance and created the most of it against Immunity. An absolutely thrashing was given to the Oceanic team 16-2, 16-5 on Overpass and Train respectively.
      The win would setup a rematch, this time for the championship because Chiefs would take on Avant Garde in the Grand Finals.
      On Nuke, Chiefs opened up a 3-0 lead after winning the actual pistol round on the Terrorist side. Avant Garde would put together two solid rounds winning by defuse and then team elimination. Avant Garde looked like they would mount the comeback grabbing the following four out of five rounds, but Chiefs did the exact same point, taking four associated with five, and lead at the switch 8-7. With Nuke as being a Counter-terrorist sided map, Chiefs had no problem after the switch successful eight of 9 rounds and taking map 16-8.
      Mirage was the map for what would end up being the deciding game of the Grand Finals. This map turned into who might win the most rounds on the Counter-Terrorist side as both groups dominate the Terrorist side during their halves. Chiefs would be the better team on the Counter-Terrorist side winning five round to Avant Garde’s one.CSGO AWP Skins With a final score associated with 16-11 Chiefs grew to become the Grand Champions.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "Alvarenga went on a eliminating spree getting a 4k in an anti-eco round." 12.29.2017

      In a Match Riddled With Technical Issues, SK Triumphs Over EnVyUs at CS Summit
      The actual cs_Summit didn’t start off having a bang, but they did obtain the first match in because SK Gaming downed EnVyUs 2-0 at the cs_Summit on Thursday.
      The two teams began on Cache where within the first round EnVyUs’ Cédric “RpK” Guipouy provided Twitch viewers with immediate excitement as he landed a triple-kill in the pistol round.
      That opening round win would, in typical CSGO fashion, lead to two more round wins setting up the first rifle round. From there, SK Gaming took over.
      Down 0-3, SK Gaming received the first rifle round whilst on the Counter-Terrorist side and would rattle off five wins in a row. Circular 8 was particularly important for SK as Fernando “fer” Alvarenga went on a eliminating spree getting a 4k in an anti-eco round.
      EnVyUs would win Round 9 however from there SK Gaming required over, winning four from the next six round for any 9-6 lead at the switch.
      Once again, but this time within the Counter-Terrorist, EnVyUs won the actual pistol round and had been looking to go forward.
      SK would go half-buy in Circular 17 with it paying off as they won the next three rounds in a row.
      And just like the first half, SK Video gaming would win four from the next six rounds, obtaining the first map win within the best of three 16-9.
      Mirage would be the next chart with SK starting within the Counter-Terrorist side. Marcelo “coldzera” David earned a triple-kill in the pistol round and a round win for SK. SK would go on to win the next two rounds destroying the economy of EnVyUs.
      Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom’s opening kill in the gun round would get EnVyUs their first round, however SK would squash any kind of momentum they had. SK received the first have half 12-3 and EnVyUs would not win another round.
      SK will certainly advance in the top half the double-elimination bracket whilst EnVyUs will drop Buy CSGO Skins down and await their next opponent.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "North America and South America in order to compete against three groups" 12.28.2017

      Worldwide Timings for IEM Questionnaire CS: GO Event
      The actual competitive CS: GO scene in Australia is bracing itself for one of the greatest tournaments to hit the region.
      ESL’s IEM Sydney event will take place between Wednesday May 3rd and Sunday May 7th, with a group phase at the ESL studios accompanied by semi-finals and finals at the Qudos Bank Arena.
      With $200, 000 on the line, five elite level teams happen to be invited from across Europe, North America and South America in order to compete against three groups from the APAC region.
      Astralis, FaZe, SK Gaming, North and OpTic Gamimg will go up against Renegades, Chiefs as well as ViCi Gaming through a switzerland format group stage, accompanied by two semi-finals and a great final.
      With the event becoming hosted in Australia, it can mean the times are a little confusing for those watching from the to the west. In order to make a little more simple, we’ve listed the full schedule beneath complete with times across the world.
      Occasions below are colour coded to show which date it pertains to CSGO AWP Skins depending on your region.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "One of the defining occasions of that match" 12.27.2017

      CS: GO Patch Notes through August 1st Update Include Dosia Major Commemorative Graffiti
      The latest update to Countertop Strike Global Offensive features a brand new commemorative graffiti from the PGL Krakow Major.
      The actual $1 million tournament took place in July 2017 with the surprise winners of Gambit Gaming walking away the winners with a historic triumph over Immortals in the great final.
      One of the defining occasions of that match has now already been included in the update that decreased on CS: GO on Aug 1st, with Mikhail ‘Dosia’ Stolyarov’s grenade into Hole on Inferno being completely added to the wall.
      Digging in the graffiti comes after a petition on the Global Offensive Reddit to have it included.
      The video and pictures of the second can be found below the patch notes, which also include minor changes such CSGO Ak47 Skins as some visual bugs on Inferno as well as upgraded HRTF support audio.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "Last Placements: CS: GO Occasion ESG Tour Mykonos" 12.26.2017

      ESG Tour Mykonos concluded upon Sunday having taken place more than four days in an amazing paradise setting.
      The tournament was hosted in the Destiny Villa on the Greek island of Mykonos where numerous players enjoyed relaxing in the sunshine and swimming in the infinity pools in between matches.
      The actual Electronic Sports Global Trip will travel around the world hosting events from different locations. Currently, there is no information where the next championship will be held.
      Eight teams battled this out for a prize swimming pool of $235, 000 with first place claiming a $117, 500 reward. The top 3 teams from the tournament would also receive an request to the next stop in the ESG Tour.
      The competition began having a group stage where four teams faced off with one another in a double elimination file format. The top two teams through each group then proceeded to the playoffs.
      The somewhat finals were best of three games, followed by a best of three video game to decide the third place finalist.CSGO Ak47 Skins The grand final was obviously a best of five.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "The first match of the competition will be between SK Video gaming" 12.25.2017

      CS: GO Pros Explore and Share Pictures in the Big Apple Ahead of ESL One New York
      With ESL One New York about to get underway, the actual professional players attending the event have arrived in the city and also have been sharing their pictures as they explore.
      The competition, where eight teams will certainly battle it out for $250, 000, is set to begin on September the fifteenth and will run until September the 17th.
      Astralis, Cloud9, EnVyUs, FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, Sk Gaming and Vitus. pro will all compete at the three day event.
      SK Gaming, the world’s maximum ranked team, will be seeking to reassert themselves with a victory after a third place complete at ESG Tour Mykonos and a 5-8th finish at DreamHack Masters Malmö.
      ESL are one of the worlds largest esports event organizers and are the actual oldest professional esports business that is still operational. ESL One is a series of premier offline tournaments hosted by the organization.
      The championship in New York will host the eight teams in the Barclays Center. The first match of the competition will be CSGO AWP Skins between SK Video gaming and EnVyUs on Fri at 4pm BST (8am PST, 11am EST, 1am AEST).
      We’ve rounded up some of the best pictures players possess shared as they explore the Big Apple.http://www.csgo4skin.com

    • qiuyehui9 has written a new blog article "HellRaisers Stun FaZe Clan having a Dominant Performance" 12.23.2017

      In the ESL Pro League HellRaisers confronted FaZe Clan and shocked viewers and analysts alike with an impressive performance.
      HellRaisers are a Mixed European group that are, at the time of writing, ranked 17th in the world. Their competitors were the all star line up of FaZe Clan, currently ranked 4th, who else many say have the potential to claim the world number one spot.
      Going into the match up, FaZe Clan were crystal clear favorites on both maps, with all the analysts supporting the actual stars.
      The two teams confronted each other on Inferno as well as Cache as part of the ESL Pro-League, a series of online regional leagues where the top teams from around the world compete for a chance to reach the prestigious season finals.
      The first map noticed a close first half, with FaZe claiming eight units to HellRaisers’ seven, the 2nd half would not be therefore even.
      HR dominated the actual map with a well practiced Terrorist half, claiming nine rounds and winning the actual match 16-10. In-game innovator Kirill ‘ANGE1’ Karasiow experienced a particularly impressive performance, gathering twenty-four kills, some of that he gathered in vital clutch rounds, including 1 1v4. He outperformed all other players on the server.
      The 2nd map was Cache, wherever individual skill plays a more important role than the more team based Inferno. For this reason, the analysts once again favored FaZe, as their all star line up has the most potential firepower of any kind of professional CS: GO roster.
      The first half was nearer than many expected, however FaZe had maintained the lead of three units. However , once again, HR battled back in the second half as FaZe’s Terrorist side accomplishments could not breach the site’s defenses.
      HellRaisers collected a remarkable ten rounds on their Counter-Terrorist side, winning the second chart 16-12, and beating all of the odds that were against all of them.
      Despite a strong performance from Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač, FaZe looked lost on Cache, and Hell Raisers capitalized on their opportunity.
      Many experienced predicted a 2-0 final score, but few believed it would be HellRaisers who would dominate the match up.
      The team’s next test will be against Ninjas in Pyjamas in the EPICENTER 2017 European closed qualifier.Buy Cheap CSGO Skins The two teams are competing for a spot in the main $500, 000 event in St Peterburg. The official start time for the match up has not yet been arranged.http://www.csgo4skin.com



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