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      My attention was completely drawn to it.PARAJUMPERS Jakke Dongfeng blowing, fighting drums, who is afraid of this world. You want to fight, PARAJUMPERS DAME then fight! Draw lessons just failed, I decided to big move: Blow swatter, invincible. This time to see where you fled, my mouth humming: I am here waiting for you to return, waiting for you to return
      Probably I did a good job of preparing for a fight. After a long time, the flies did not know what was going on. Sample, also play with me lurking. So I closed my eyes again and again, and I came in desperate times to lure the enemy into the depths.PARAJUMPERS DAME Do you want to have another beauty plan? Sure enough, the enemy sent out again. The crafty flies landed on the windows of the glass, shaking their wings with pride, as if laughing at me DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK Incompetence Count PARAJUMPERS Jakke you ruthless, let you proud of, wait for you to taste the taste of provoke me. You come, do not be afraid, you come, baby! I gazed at the teeth
      Lie down on the recliner again, and the proud heart regained its calmness. Did I really win it or was it defeated by this little fly? Was it worth fighting with a fly for a long time? The calm and tranquil heart DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK was whipped up by the tiny flies Lost self.

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      My hometown in the mountains,Nike sko Herre door climbing on the hill. Snake-like road narrow, around the circuitous. The mountain is full of edges and corners of the stone son child. Often childish? G suspect? Take Hang remonstration Department of Mei Mei fold D spade reconnaissance hi Huang cliff Zhahuang Huan flip card Yin Fan ?? faded before flooding Cape Mi convex ?? M e; prepared net cavity cavity ? Stunned cockroach Mei Mei 5 than bluff? Department and Akira Magic? Boiler? ? Wei milk tired? squint cut ܴ grains? Slimming lie ?? cheek cheat Køb Nike sko е? ? B reconciliation into fresh choke line Kang mode? Gou Mei knocked? Wong Wong embarrassed Ō Huai? Jie down that whirling terpene earth ship Tu? cut? A fecal egg. Uphill, the donkey two gigantic nasal cavities will whirling to spray a wave of air,Nike sko Dame red flowers rushes on the edge of the grass swaying, and that donkey's pace is still chic.
      The mountain woman has a special feeling for the donkey. Is the head, the tail tied to the red cloth donkey took them out of her family, sent to the groom's home heated white picket in the hooves of the donkey to a new stage of life, to the peak of life in the mountain wife Destined destiny her life impossible to leave the donkey, donkey is a woman's good helper. They donned the donkey on the stone or stone grind for three days and two days, muttering and pounding the stone grindstone. My childhood girl taught me a riddle: stone mountain, stone valley, walking one day, can not Nike sko Herre get out. The answer is a donkey stone pull mill, stone grind. Obviously this is a mountain woman's creation. Donkey it, silently and willingly walked round the round. Women have a different kind of affection for donkey. The clever hands of his wife holding red paper scissor scissors to a 'back home' cut fun, they even cut the donkey like riding a donkey in the arms holding the baby as beautiful and moving
      However, donkeys are not exactly as gentle as their back home. Some young donkeys are terrified. As you reach out and touch the back of the spine, it is very difficult for you to stomp and spit on your back. The guy in the mountains is still heavier than the donkey, and Sonko is the most typical one. I have seen him wrestling with a donkey, and it was a startling scene. At that time he took a young man called donkey, saddle is not prepared, he whizzed to the donkey ride riding light string. That donkey three two jump put Sonko thrown down. Son of Columbia unconvinced, a couple of times repeatedly thrown down. Son brother anxious eye, came a awkward, hugged the donkey neck with donkey wrestling fell! Fell a few rounds, then donkey was actually Hill brother fell! . After that, the donkey became gentle, and was very close to the mountain brother, as if the hero encountered a hero does not hit the non-deal, with the mountain brother became a good friend.
      Lovers in the mountains love deep love, but also often a good guy compared to donkey. Someone said to the girl when the media, said that guy looks great, with the donkey like sturdy, like a donkey like capable girl met that guy, in fact, like a strong donkey, the pro became. But now it can not. Last time I went back to my hometown and chatted with Laotai Manchu, Lama Man said: Now it is very different from the past. Introduce the object to the girl. And then say that young man looks like a donkey, Of the competent, over, prospective Zhapot! Your words equal to the demolition of Taiwan, would like to become into the old Manfred said, also, we village of several 'take advantage of children' are all Nike sko Dame smart main child, engage in planting and breeding , Engage in business, run transport,Køb Nike sko a lot of money into the! Dry dead, rich

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      Spring is coming, the grass is green,Nike sko Dame the flowers are red, the birds fly back and Nike sko Dame everything is full of life. But I, in such a season of hope, became pessimistic and weary of the world. I had no time to enjoy the spring scenery, not to go to nature, for I did not know where I went after going out of this room and where I could go. Big world, but I just stand at a crossroads. The way in the world so much, I do not know that belongs to me. I have lived here for four years,Nike sko Herre four years ago here is my spring, here after four years no Køb Nike sko longer my return. I'm afraid I left this room has become a place for myself, I have not come out of this room for a long time, I almost do not remember the dormitory door has a few trees, I have forgotten the canteen taste. If not for a job, I may have no reason to go downstairs.
      The sun quickly swallowed the sun, the night of Nike sko Herre the spring breeze attack, touching every inch of skin, giving the soul of comfort. What better than the warmth of letting go? And spring Køb Nike sko is the source of this warm.

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      I do not know that I have spent thousands of day and night,PARAJUMPERS Jakke time, so fast, if we have thousands of lives in our life, how PARAJUMPERS DAME good, That will no longer sigh with the hurry of time, even if Wanzai will soon pass, our only two or three million days of life, being us wasted, never think, maybe time is old.
      I do not know who,PARAJUMPERS DAME gave me the opportunity again and again, he believes, perhaps the one who has passed away, not sinking, not degenerate. Dim sky, no light sway, no light, this world has long been lonely. All wrongdoings must be covered with a grandiose ground, that is hard work, I am here to step down, there will be progress, in fact, often stretched, or even drink thirst quencher. Tears rang, the memory gradually silent.
      I am still walking, what lonely smoke, I do not know who saved me from the abyss, you want to say thank you. But found that everything DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK is not real, it seems to have done a foolish dream, I do not know when to wake up from the dream, just know that the pillow has long been wet, crying in a dream? Want to ask a reason, the dream is so explained: all you meet is a PARAJUMPERS Jakke nightmare,DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK wake up just fine. However, the dream, really so easy to wake up?

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      20 years old when I Køb Nike sko was doing,Køb Nike sko is still complacent I have not yet old, or in those lost way constantly loop grievances, 20 years of age I chose to let myself live so depressed, did not give their own youth Too much pleasure, when aware of the passage of time, but instead want to struggle to leave something in the final time.
      The time is always passing by inadvertently, not until I look back at the past, those times have long been quietly disappeared, those who had polished time, did not leave too much memory, could have left a good memory in the years, but But nothing left.
      20-year-old youth left like this,Nike sko Herre can not help but feel sad, even in this time backpack went to many different Nike sko Dame places, but how are sad, because always know that this lonely trip just himself in pretend strong, Even if all the way to see so many gorgeous scenery, how can I feel the sun can not see one meter, there is no poetic chapter, not a strong heart to make up for the injuries have been over.
      I think we should seize the time and not Nike sko Herre hurt so much in the coming days. Thank you for seeing me in the crowd. May this be the most satisfactory ending. I just do not want to be full of hope again and again, leaving only the last Those oaths are running in time tunnels.
      Maybe the age of 20 after the more sentimental, more hypocritical do not know the direction, where the future seems to be more confused, even after so many seasons, or willing to forge ahead, even if the outcome is covered with injuries,Nike sko Dame painless youth May not be called youth, but who knows, I still want to believe that maybe this is the last I want, often inadvertently is the best, although I am afraid to lose

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      Humming music,PARAJUMPERS Jakke listening to the minor, shuttlecocks in the crowded downtown shuttle, looking for a leaf called nostalgia. Topped with gold leaves, the leaves were attacked by brutal cold winds in the fall and plunged into the air and were brought on the journey of neighboring countries! Leaves are flying, has been flying, a certain moment of a year, leaves falling in the sky, in the dimly lit city, I picked up the piece covered with gold leaves, stroked the golden warrior without wings, I think We have no distance, seven days and nights floating from neighboring countries, this feeling, we do not know, this story, butterfly beauty, the rest of the strange, we are after all a golden armor, no wings Warrior. The heavy rain in neighboring countries, the fall of that season, is a nostalgia that we can never match on the other side. In this sad rain, we dived sculls, desperate to forget the happiness we can not! I begged hard, if there is no storm of neighboring countries, I will always keep you, choose that rural nest! If God give me a piece of armor,PARAJUMPERS DAME I will be side by side with the sun in parallel, together with the Wukong a low profile!
      Leaves, Spring girl came, you spent together, those years, those friendship, fell in love with the leaves, leaves fall in love with the branches! On the waves of the seaside, I picked up the leaves of you. Many days ago, with your little corner, the branches still fell in love with the land. You were taken to the sea by the autumn! I touch DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK your wet skin, deep in my heart you! I want to ask this piece of paper aloud, why do we eventually? Day or night, why just monotonous side of the PARAJUMPERS Jakke sea? I want to cross my life's nothingness, take me over this sea, under your white clouds, under your blue sky, I want to fall through the four seasons with your changes! On the other side, I smile to see you happy! Leaves, you are on the other side of this monolith, we walk in the sunshine, you run, I chase. We sleep pillow together dreaming, we miss the river, miss the spring fairy tale, miss roaring every street in life! Smoke City PARAJUMPERS DAME filled with waves surging. We rely on this monotonous, fell in love with a person to write a diary, a reading of his favorite poetry, a person shouting town figures!
      Leaves, you come from the fall of that neighboring country, a leaf nostalgia, a leaf monolith. I am with you in the neighboring country on the other side, the sun sprinkled our windowsill, we open our hearts, lonely in this night, nostalgic and monotonous. Maybe we are too unfair, leaves, blooming in the spring, autumn fall, turn in the romantic night, shouting yellow youth! Leaves,DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK yesterday's dream, dressed in armor, in the time of the story, to be my young bookmarks, folder in my direction, to be my one leaf nostalgia, a leaf single thinking. .

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      At that time slowly sounded, soak a souvenir,Nike sko Dame meditation before the wind. Jumping notes, gentle and gentle melodies, open and pure. About the Nike sko Dame past and lost, it is romantic. Because of pain and leave you, but can not remember the warmth of your palm in full bloom. Wind sent the memory of the pen Yin, blowing fleeting petals. Petals hid in the past, in the youth of the drop stone wrote live nostalgia. Rain ink, won the Jiangnan, or Palestinian night rain, or yellow flowers. I always think of you in every familiar pink during the years. Endless think of you. I know you sad face has rippled others smile.
      Twist a forgotten, I have tried to blindfolded memory, but then I learned that the darkness to meet more time you captivated. I always thought that sheltering and blessing is the life of love, that the heart can spread into eternity.Køb Nike sko But moments and eternity have always been only two fulcrum of emotion. Love again plump, but also can not long horizon. Who are willing to insist on waiting for me to Nike sko Herre connect these two hearts in the distance. Time reversal of the city, I marvel at the glimmer of heart, in the chaotic chapters of displaced, only to find the wrong link. But I do not know Cage to my dark existence, is not young and young? Or the bustling hubbub of the Red? If the fog cohesion, the link in the dark.
      Light autumn, holding up the words of the heart Køb Nike sko of the staggering, tease the youth slowly pan-charming heart Gallery. Walk through the spring and summer, smiling into the autumn leaves, a yellow, reveals desolation. It turned out that a long time never looked back, but can not eventually forgotten. Happy, showing the wind and gray tide over the eaves; sad, broad-sleeved wind with a love of taste.Nike sko Herre Xian Yao Yao Bi notes year after year, more words, has not described the years of heartache; more clouds, has not spread the beauty of love lost; fingertips and keyboard warmer, has not warm soul song.

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      The situation should be as silent as the water,DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK quietly, alone taste, enjoy the taste of love; love should be as long as the water flow, gently, alone guarding, counting the passing bit by bit; , Quietly, PARAJUMPERS Jakke waiting alone, looking forward to the long end; love should be like water generally silent, secretly, alone thinking, reading the distant shadow soliloquy. Gentle and gentlemen, lingering like servant, any Wangjiangshuidongliu, but also endless flow of this situation. Dongpeng pen under the mighty river, endless river outflow of whether the unparalleled love, only envy its infinity? The river flows to the unknown do away, with this sadness. Silently, as it silently comes, is there silence in the silence? If we tear the river into tears, it should be endless. However,PARAJUMPERS Jakke the word love, if paid, is a long, long time, even in the end did not see the slightest trace. After the tidal wave and then fall, between the ups and downs, thousands of love, endless. The man who stayed on the waterfront was asleep in the river, waiting for that late belated figure. He looked forward to her arrival, one after another for her piano Fuqin song. The tide, he is still not left, just looked at the distance, looking at a man who did not arrive. Ebb and flow, DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK all at peace, and then he did not see him on the waterfront, not to see those tears with tears deep eyes. He was tide into the PARAJUMPERS DAME river. Really good, he did not lose the letter, should have waited for her life promise in the river. Starting from the calm, at peace, the river is still eastward, as his love in general, endless. Worry how many? Contact like a river, endless. The word Emperor will pay for love in the river, let it flow endless stream that hate country. Is there any worry about the unwillingness of a divorced wife to die, whether or not there is a perpetual omnipresence in the weeks, whether there is a good scold of the elder brother, In this situation, heaven and earth are hard to gather. It is already gone, then add new marks. The old old new new, repeatedly, this will have no end. A glass of toxins, the end of his life, but failed to do this. Love if the river long, even if the love to pay in the river,PARAJUMPERS DAME but also hope that look back. Year after year, the river flows through the old stream of new people, and finally hate the new love accompanied by unparalleled worry, only the fragrance muscle to make thin.

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      One day two good friends to go to the same place Nike sko Herre on the way one day on the river flowing fast one person did not hesitate to jump down the river to swim to the other side to the side of the mountain road detour the other side of the river after the two detour to meet that People say to friends: Why do you take risks why not detour it? The man replies: Life
      Køb Nike sko is much to encounter the river many if I do not learn to swim through it I will always only exercise in the twists Nike sko Dame and turns on the road from There is always Køb Nike sko a distance between the other side.
      There are so many frustrations that people face in their lives that they stand in the way of success, just as stumbling blocks. Then what would you do? To overthrow the stumbling block, or choose another safe way, bypass it? If every encounter setbacks to bypass, then there may be life can not reach the other side of success. So you have to fight against it and beat him down. Then continue, stride forward toward the distance.
      Take one of the four famous works of our country,Nike sko Dame Journey to the West, the monk is a reincarnation of gold cicadas, but because of the rules, can only get the gold body by taking the scriptures, into a positive result. 81 experience all the way to the West, met the Buddha made the Scriptures. Can the Tang monks and mentors experience the hardships they have been able to avoid? The answer is no. Only through those hardships can they reach the distance and reach the Western paradise. So, frustration, you may be lucky enough to escape one or two, but your future setbacks may be more, so only you to defeat setbacks, in order to face difficulties in the days to come, know how to deal with, will establish A strong, indestructible heart.
      Confucius, the founder of the famous ancient educator Confucianism in China, also suffered a setback when he first started Confucianism. At first, Confucius Confucianism was not convinced, but Confucius did not give up, knowing the reason to move slowly, persuaded the people slowly. In the end, he became a disciple of the disciple 3000, achieving the prosperity of Confucianism and Confucianism.Nike sko Herre His thoughts also influenced generations of generations to come.

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      As soon as the television was over,PARAJUMPERS Jakke the family would have to clean up the sanitation. Some of the children had been urinated, and some of the children had to shit DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK off the yard and always lead to mum nagging. But nagging nagging TV still have to open every day, because good people come to say good to hear, the mother will be grinning to say it, I put this as my stage, often inverted antenna, the election Taiwan, try to choose more Taiwan, but also clearly, there is no snow on television. Over time, I did the antenna actually received 4 Taiwan.
      This black-and-white television has both enriched my childhood nightlife and brought laughter and laughter to people in the village. The village, where every night sleeps with people, also has entertainment during the night.
      My TV set is black and white PARAJUMPERS DAME TV,DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK red plastic case, now quietly sleeping in the corner of my new home. It brings joy to our house and the whole village. It looks particularly seductive and adorable, and now every household in the village is already a television with large color screen. During the day and night, programs are refurbished, advertisements and films are repeatedly circulated, as it is now Busy and urgent people, turned on television watching television has become the occasional glance of the decoration.
      Back last year, accidentally saw this black and white TV, plug in the power connected to the antenna, actually still can see, the quality is really good. At that time the PARAJUMPERS Jakke time has gradually blurred in the process of memory,PARAJUMPERS DAME but the memory has been beautiful and beautiful.

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      The Spring Festival festival is almost a religion Nike sko Herre in the hearts of Chinese people.Køb Nike sko Hundreds of millions of people flock to the road with their faith in mind. Weekday average savings of nearly harsh migrant workers, homecoming New Year are fanatically spending. Now the New Year has bid farewell to the red lanterns red candles, chicken feather change grass, cut sugar sugar tofu, these traditional rural customs. Zhaoxing rebuild the ancestral village, please Taoist do peace, dragon dance, Zhalong ship, put the river lantern. Do these while inevitably drinking, gambling, squandered so that landscapes and houses are shaking in passion. They do not seem to be sorry for the hard-won sweat of a year or so sorry for the year-old father and mother and the year-old boy who left for a year, so sorry for the silence and silence for a year.
      Chinese New Year has come to an end, his son has set off to go to work. A large number of rural migrant workers are also beginning to return to the city, they face the elderly and his wife and children,Nike sko Dame in the face of bleak desolate good farmland, quietly swallow that bitter Nike sko Dame tears, what can they say? Farewell seems to be a fate, is a state of life. The original hilarious that year after the silence is a short boom behind the endless desolation. Thank the ancients invented such a festival, this year has just been looking forward to the coming year, without the Spring Festival such a holiday, there is no longing for people's hearts, there is no sense of belonging, there is no spiritual support. This is the essence of the exhaustion of hundreds of millions of people. Exhaustion is another kind of rest.
      This year's Spring Festival there are two sad news. A friend of my childhood passed away. In addition, my uncle and uncle were seriously ill. Yesterday I operated in a provincial hospital. Childhood friends and I grew up in a village, grew up with cattle, down the river to touch the shrimp, she has a tall figure and the same golden trunks Lark voice, her melodious singing from her sensible to ten married A few years has been echoed in the mountains in the mountains, if the god of destiny to her otherwise blessing, if she was fortunate enough to enter the music, will not be inferior to Køb Nike sko any contemporary red singer. Unfortunately, her humble origins in the age of Hanbaoyu marry and have children, was dragged down to life just got to middle-aged lie down, she lay in the earth can round the dream of a juvenile?Nike sko Herre Will those melodious songs sounded on the other side of the world?

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      Who is located under the Bodhi tree,PARAJUMPERS Jakke count the reincarnation season after quarter curtains, soft whisper, sigh DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK sigh, gurgling acacia, charming flirtatious Fanghua? Who, indulge in the misty rain, the ink curl of the romantic writing world, a Tang poem, a Que Song Ci, a song of Xiao sound, rippling past life attachment?
      Wings, light vibration, draw a beautiful arc, jitter intoxicating gentle. Deadly encounter, are contained in the alcohol-based wind, you breathe out, such as blue,PARAJUMPERS DAME Tease Tease the jade butterfly. Pale eye, such as a ray of smoke, through the Yiyi willow, contaminated with the flying flower red. Refers to the light buckle, playing a song of flute Xiao, and the era of the Qing Yun, leap in time and space between.
      Watery thoughts, waves in the Hua Ying, Yueqing thinking, such as the PARAJUMPERS DAME fragrance of the quiet. Who is dancing in the evening twilight? Is not it, has forgotten that period of love from the millennium? Can not tell,DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK is the dream is illusion, all indulge in the memory of PARAJUMPERS Jakke the past, so, those stories of spring, dreamed of flying in the dream.

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      New Year's Day, the year is really considered.Nike sko Dame On this day, but Nike sko Herre lost the New Year's Eve busy, the whole family waiting together, almost without leaving home, tired sleep, nothing Nao melon Nike sko Dame seeds, watching TV, meat dishes, handmade noodles are prepared in advance, eat only Need to mix a dish, cooked noodles can be. On this day, nothing can be done, unknowingly, the New Year's Day is over. To the first two days, began to get busy. Married, bring the wife to bring their children to the New Year's Eve, did not get married to go to my uncle's home, aunt, aunt,Nike sko Herre every family to worship. Some perennial work outside the New Year did not come back, meet a great joy, sitting on his knees, Køb Nike sko have endless words. The first day of the seventh month, commonly known as the period, according to the deceased, at night to sleep in their own home, visiting relatives and friends boarding the same day, that is not auspicious. Therefore, guests want to resign, the main house does not retain.
      The first lunar month is the Lantern Festival, with colorful lanterns everywhere in the country and in the city. This day is the day when the club fire debut performance, dance Yangge, running a dry boat, playing lion, dancing dragon, stepping on tall, everything, it is really good-looking. Most acclaimed to count the country's high platform core, the core is the character modeling, according to the ancient drama or myths and legends, five to ten-year-old men and girls dressed as Zhuge Liang, Mu Guiying, White Snake, Monkey King, Pig Ba Jie So well-known characters, and then these children fixed in the steel frame, carrying agricultural vehicles, performing along the street.
      Some high-core core can be as high as six or seven meters, the idea of ??exquisite, dress up the meticulous, people forget the return, breathtaking. The most funny part of the fire is a victim of harm, by a lively, playful man dressed as a ugly woman, painted lipstick, rub the thick powder, point the mole, holding a small broom, slung a bamboo basket , Every person will move forward swept from head to toe, see this scene, some children were scared wow straight cry, most adults do not dodge, grinning look at the victimized woman swept through times, and then willingly from the pocket In the change took out into the basket. Let the victim lady swept away, there is bad luck, pray for the new year everything goes well, the good luck of the custom. Therefore, some adults also intend to hold their children, take the initiative to harm the victim to step forward, swept the whole body over and over again.
      The first lunar month twenty-three, from the twelfth lunar month twenty-three, a whole month. To this day, busy and happy year is considered over. Every household torn off the couplets and gods on the door,Køb Nike skoa put them into the stove, and turned them into ashes, showing everything from start to finish, awaiting the coming of the next year.

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      Floating life,PARAJUMPERS DAME a few pots of idle sorrow? Love flowers, grass, love affair, love red ten feet, as a pot of plum wine hi meet. Trying to be warmhearted, drunk in years, still cold so. If the ice spit out in July, the slightest gas, the biting cool. March of the peach, can not open a garden outside, there is nothing to boast, but not to see the son of the return.
      Discrete world, turned empty. March Nalan Rongruo, Nalan Rongruo March, March seems to belong to him alone. That March, one after another turned around, there is no Nalan Rongruo,DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK only looking at us in March. Apricot Heaven in March in the shadow of obsession, crying in the DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK cold east wind, falling in the crimson, but I do not know the green trees covered with verdant shades. How many bleak desolate this cup of wine, greedy, sleep soundly.
      Who say I wish long drunk no longer awake? Who is also a bottle of �� River month? Those PARAJUMPERS DAME ambitious, bypassing the body, only the remnants of Whispers? Vaguely a cup of green wine again, who is willing to Chen? Chitose, Chang Jian, also only have this lifetime. There are earthly March, the other side of the Yellow PARAJUMPERS Jakke Spring blooming a thousand years,PARAJUMPERS Jakke those peach floating Li Fei no longer see!

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      Everyone's life will encounter this or that thing is not satisfactory,Køb Nike sko we may inevitably always complain a few, think God is so unfair to ourselves. Why does she have a beautiful face? Why his family will be so superior? Why is her personality so good? Why does he have a chance to go abroad? Why he always met a good boss? Why do I always feel bad about myself?
      The United States Will Bowen wrote a book called 'Do not complain about the world.' The author reminds us of how many complaints we have in our daily life through the exchange of the right hand and the left hand of a purple bracelet. When each complain, put the purple bracelet to another hand. at the very beginning. The replacement frequency may be relatively large, but then gradually reduce, until 21 days after the purple bracelet no longer have any change. 21 days is a time when human beings can form a behavioral awareness, so a bracelet 21 days has changed the lives of many people. Complain less, the mood is comfortable,Nike sko Herre then the work efficiency .Human interaction and so on will change. Most of our complaints come from the negative emotions inside, and this negative emotion unknowingly affects others. Imagine, when you go to work gloomy face in the morning, colleagues in the unit to see you will feel comfortable? If he is in a bad mood, will he treat others with a smile? But we are habitual in the face of problems or errors, are the first to blame others, never thought it is not their own reasons. There are many complaints every day in our lives. And when we complain, it is an indefinite enlargement of the shortcomings of others, thus ignoring their own factors. Sometimes the more we do not want to happen, the more we all come to us. Then we will complain more and more, the result is less and less satisfactory.
      In fact, life is as good as ten in the end, and who can do everything in order? Everyone will have their own difficulties or grievances. You may have read both the story of a donkey and a donkey. When his father donkey, someone said: his father did not Nike sko Dame feel bad son. Son donkey time, someone said: son does not obey his father. Well, okay. When both father and son rode to the donkey, someone said: they said they mistreated donkeys and did not know how to love animals. So, no matter what you do, it will not be possible for everyone else to be satisfied. You say less, say you deep, say more when you do not fly; you care about that you are too serious, you do not care and say you do not mind; you are serious, that you find trouble, you are free and easy, and say You are not human. If so, then why should too concerned about the attitude of others? It's all right for yourself. Seriously do a good job, do not care about others' fingertips. Well, there may be a lot less complaining. Believe that people complain about themselves will be less than those who complain about it a lot less it.
      A good upgrade themselves, give yourself a superior environment. Believe in Nike sko Herre yourself is a blessing. If you spend your limited time Køb Nike sko filling yourself, then your attention shifts and you will not have too much time to complain about others. A good environment, motivated attitude may be able to change your life. Maybe you do not have the same 21-day purple bracelet can also have a do not complain about the world. In this loving society, your complaints will eventually become less and less, life will be more full and beautiful.
      Nike sko Dame

    • vinterjakkerno.com has written a new blog article "Flows, flooding dreams PARAJUMPERS Jakke" 03.20.2018

      Flows, flooding dreams, tired lie red,PARAJUMPERS DAME think your feelings never quiet. Stranded in the past, poignant and hurt. Personnel gathered, sleepless nights, always in mind. Rippling inner time, Lushan string heart, all the way down the colorful, beautiful memories of the past, pen nibbling sentimental, cold tears finally burned eyes. You can know the taste of leaving, how much you know how much frost frost how much heart helpless,PARAJUMPERS Jakke I have slowly realized. Fluttering falling flowers such as water flew in front of you, you know the precious flowering, how much looking how much negative tired how many landscapes, in my heart you are the only perfect. You can understand that a true feeling of no regrets; you can understand that a bitter and heartbroken joys and sorrows; you know, that is a kind DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK of love, that is what kind of love.
      Past smoke, falling always the deepest thoughts; a touch of rubbing, chaos is always my inch. No matter what time to walk in the position, but also indistinct in the heart of the dust seal! Broken heart of the infamy dyed red, but I do not know the red wounds multiple, a number of PARAJUMPERS DAME stubborn, wasting Shaohua loss of appearance.
      This life, I look at the corner of the earth you, twist a heart string, kiss the sweet a, expel the red dust, every piece of falling flowers have my prayers; petals and stamens are my crazy,DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK I hope you warm in the world To see all PARAJUMPERS Jakke through the bustling, and then the long days of autumn and day for each other's life attachment.

    • vinterjakkerno.com has written a new blog article "music symbols Nike sko Dame" 03.19.2018

      Symbol symbols of the age are indispensable components of people's journey in life. Without punctuation marks, number symbols, arrow symbols, music symbols, emoji symbols,Nike sko Herre special nickname symbols, personality symbols, and common symbols, you can do nothing. Leave the punctuation, you will be brave, indecisive priorities can not tell the primary and secondary blind and engaged in leaving the number symbol, you will only know one of the two, in the commodity transactions in the muddleheaded Countless hearts left the arrow symbol, you are walking, can not tell the direction of the lost,Køb Nike sko the delay time in short, symbols, is an important part of human life. Nike sko Herre In particular, the era of scientific development is even more important. A person, maybe life is an exclamation point, or a comma, maybe a helpless ellipsis, there is always a symbol that can represent a person, a life, an attitude. I think life symbols, exclamation points, commas, ellipses Køb Nike sko are indispensable in a person's life, can not be represented by a symbol. To be a successful person, a useful person, a funny person. Have to learn to taste the taste of various symbols, to withstand the test of each symbol.
      Such as: Take their own growth, as a son, with a comma to express the time to be a son, grow up year after year, when you grow up, married, have a son, can only say that you do a father You do not have to use a period to represent, you have to use a comma to represent you. Father and son's son. Therefore, to replace the relationship between father and mother to consider the relationship between the son, can handle the relationship between the family, will not appear to discuss his wife forgot the mother. Therefore, on the symbol of life, there is room for exchange to be carried out alternately and there is no room for pick and choose, and only the passion of life can be burned with the progress of time and the changes of the times in response to the cultural symbols of historical trends. life. I was born in the 1950s in the 1940s, when the symbol of passion was divided among the fields. My Nike sko Dame father told me that I had my own field and I had food to eat. At that time, the poor and middle peasants, At the time, the population of the whole country was less than 500 million. In terms of population growth, it also came a long way. It also put forward three years of super-English, five years of driving the United States and the Soviet Union today. Our tomorrow's slogan is: Under the passion and ideals of this situation, the people of the whole country demonstrated their talents through selfless actions, tightened their trousers and built large steel mines in the earth and blast furnace. In the 1960s, the Great City Hall waved and the whole country was so overwhelmed. It sooner or later put the quotations and diligence to repair and promote production, and gave birth to a child called Wei Jun. I studied the embroidery table loyally. In the 1970s, under the symbol of great power and great encouragement, the People's Republic of China has created as many as 10 fertility peaks in history.
      In the 1980s, another great man waved his hand and under the passion symbol of reform and opening up for some people to get rich first. Ten thousand households mushroomed all over the country. In the 1990s, with billions of people and 900 million merchants, the symbol of passion for the times was revealed. Materials hot stock hot real estate hot, hot all over China. In the 21st century, the central government proposed scientific development. The symbol of passion stimulated the great development of science and technology and the spacecraft went to the sky many times. Symbol is an expression, a symbol is a symbol, a symbol is a pleasure, symbol is a long and loose coat, a symbol, a symbol is not to express all of your life. In the new era, with continuous improvement, constantly innovative thinking ability, to create more, newer, better, realistic, full of symbol of passion, to inspire themselves, used in practice, used in our lives!
      Nike sko Dame

    • vinterjakkerno.com has written a new blog article "Breeze Curtains PARAJUMPERS Jakke" 03.19.2018

      Breeze Curtains, shake the downtown.PARAJUMPERS Jakke Blurred light and shadow, wandering the edge of the dream and reality, the woman's frivolity and calm gradually fade the PARAJUMPERS DAME color of the flower, still hanging with clear water rippling. Flourishing quiet quietly, only occasionally hear the sound of the book was flipped. Moon is such as open in the bamboo curtain, she actually totally unknown. Scattered by the wind scattered mess paper, as if in the shadow of swaying shadow, suddenly far away, blurred Mouguang suddenly filled with broken trance.
      Solitary lights still,DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK guarding the initial encounter of the sprouting, caught in a fleeting light and shadow. Can not remember where to read such a passage: left hand study ink, right hand roll a Hanzhong to read. Read heart, ink thick, dipped pen, then faced with the feeling of white paper, really like going to the vast universe of reincarnation. What a taste of this day! In meditation, a certain kind PARAJUMPERS Jakke of DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK fit in life is like an undercurrent. Read you, in long and short poem. To mention pen, in the rustling autumn. Your shadow, swaying from the depths of poetry, cast in white plain paper, if the petals gently kiss. In the time of the other side, pin-up heart, Adagio slapstick, swirling room, full of warm filled with, only with you blooming, dependency, blossoms, Xiangxi. Reach, aqua time flies from fingertips, like a enchanting and decisive butterfly, pale light marks.
      Early harvest, thin cold still, deserted lonely flowers. A tranquil atmosphere, the enrichment is not open, like a crystal clear ice, condensed into thin fingertips. Muddy under the Iraqis, like a haggard peach cover the flowers under the confusing spring careless waiting for you, waiting for you in the misty rain, within the heavy curtain. For you to build a spiritual space, in the autumn season has not yellowed

    • vinterjakkerno.com has written a new blog article "In the morning Nike sko Herre" 03.16.2018

      In the morning, a burst of torn pain pulled me back from my dreams.Nike sko Dame I get up and clean, micro closed eyes, like yesterday what happened. Oh ! New Year is up, playing yesterday, too much joy. I am covered in sour and lying in bed, looking at the white ceiling, I do not know where to.
      I walked in the deserted streets of year after year,Nike sko Herre with a razor-sharp wind blowing over to the exposed skin. Trees near the street, fresh vitality, mostly kept a few pictures under the tree, and wanton in the air stretched his bald torso. On the street, occasionally a few cars coming and going, whistling cold wind away. Foot on the remaining fireworks, riding on yesterday's indulgence, walked to the small restaurant. I said: boss, you are back today. The boss said: After the end of the year, most of the young people leave their homes again. They will come back as early as they can and will earn more money. I said: Oh ! I ate the noodles and felt the sensation of hotness brought in front of my face, as if immersed in warm water.
      I am going to find friends to play, but I do Nike sko Herre not know if he is at home. Tighten the hat, walking in the wind, Køb Nike sko the nature of the gloomy, but the sweeping wind swept the dust for this gloomy, and added a few more. The joy of the Chinese New Year seems to have not faded, even the bus in the town gone. Stand in the empty crossroads, recalling the past left and right Gu Gu, and now walk in the road are so peaceful. I went to the door of my friend's house and knocked at the door by hand, first two short and one short, then three short, sure no one, and instead walked away. Do not know why this year after the deserted. I doubt that this town, whether or not I only left alone wandering. I began to look forward to the day where people often gathered to walk around, restaurants, game halls, supermarkets, but it is closed doors and windows, it seems to be isolated. I gradually went to peacetime, several friends often talked about the Internet cafes, from time to time, just walked near the ear came a human voice. I'm trotting, this is a few minutes of the road, about to go. Suddenly I am very fortunate, even though usually usually very lonely here, the ground flowing sewage, and there are always moving people flow. But now I am very fortunate, I am glad I have not been abandoned, grateful for these popular. I walked into the cafe, like the noise and mess did not appear, only a few computers lit the screen, while the network management half-sleepy and recumbent counter. Inside the dim space there were a few small lights that shimmered, and when I paid the money, I sat down next to a computer at the webmaster, and there was only Nike sko Dame a brighter light there, giving me a sense of being. .
      Afternoon, the gloomy sky, become more gloomy, like a layer of black veil overlap, giving a desire to see through, but unable to see through the feeling of powerlessness. While a few drops of rain fell, the rain curtain also drooping, I hurried through the rain curtain, back to the door, only to feel fat. Heart: Why after the New Year, was the first year of New Year's rootless rain, to wash. This is just a wish of God. When I entered the house, I took off my clothes and went straight to the bathroom to start a bath. The window is stirring rain, with a chill, even the walls are unable to stop, and the interior is slowly flowing warm, resistance to chill.
      I sat in front of the window, watching the drift of the rain. Rain gradually disappeared, thick shady was punctured by the sun. A gleaming shimmering light beam, in the black background, it is particularly beautiful and tranquil. Thick shady, where the light pierced, began to subside. Until the sun once again cast a brilliant, bright sun, fresh air, smooth flowing river, everything has become bright and comfortable.
      The next day, I was awakened by a loud noise, quietly waiting for consciousness and memory to return. I stood by the window, looked carefully at the world, knocking my head with my hand. The noise outside the window made me suspect yesterday is a dream, but it is so clear. I looked at yesterday, replaced wet clothes, understand that one is a reality.
      Yesterday I was looking for popularity in loneliness, but now I am somewhat afraid of this overly complicated world. Years later, relatives went their separate ways, friends meet again, but feel less what. Loneliness made me look for sustenance, and noise made me start to evade.
      A man listens to the noise, or joy, or worry, or anger, or sadness, but I know this loneliness now, just for me. Someone once said that people do not realize the joy of living in groups and why they feel the loneliness of being alone. What years have I left behind?
      I watched the cleanliness of the world washed by the first rain of the new year. Walking on the roof, walking in the street, walking in all corners, looking for the year after the different. Years later, I should do things before a year, eat my own meal. Some years later different.

    • vinterjakkerno.com has written a new blog article "A read pen PARAJUMPERS DAME" 03.16.2018

      A review, the old days of brush willow fall to now the city of Amorpha.PARAJUMPERS DAME At that time, grass DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK grasses,DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK willow embankment, PARAJUMPERS DAME I stood in the spring breeze, listening to the wind singing, listening to the flowers blossom. Willow riverside Yiyi, flicking how many silver bell-like laughter. Looking back, Qiao Xiao sweet, I watch over the years into a poem: I do not know where people go, peach blossoms still laughing.
      A sigh, the heart of the flowery smile melted into a ray of the eyebrows on the recall. Meimei Qing worry, speechless teardrop. This can be a reminder of memories, but it was already sudden. Smile �� flower, in the heart full of fantasy.
      About turn around, once each other with profound feelings has collapsed into an eternity. You are there, and I am here. PARAJUMPERS Jakke Long steps, take to the end of life. You are inside, and I'm outside. Life and death two boundless, not thinking, since memorable. Solitary rain, no place to speak desolate.
      A read pen, the sadness of the text has fallen into a sad line of poetry. I am innocent, the text is too beautiful, a sentence in my heart. In your poignant in the sink, gradually brooding regret, for Iraq people haggard!



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