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      In the morning, a burst of torn pain pulled me back from my dreams.Nike sko Dame I get up and clean, micro closed eyes, like yesterday what happened. Oh ! New Year is up, playing yesterday, too much joy. I am covered in sour and lying in bed, looking at the white ceiling, I do not know where to.
      I walked in the deserted streets of year after year,Nike sko Herre with a razor-sharp wind blowing over to the exposed skin. Trees near the street, fresh vitality, mostly kept a few pictures under the tree, and wanton in the air stretched his bald torso. On the street, occasionally a few cars coming and going, whistling cold wind away. Foot on the remaining fireworks, riding on yesterday's indulgence, walked to the small restaurant. I said: boss, you are back today. The boss said: After the end of the year, most of the young people leave their homes again. They will come back as early as they can and will earn more money. I said: Oh ! I ate the noodles and felt the sensation of hotness brought in front of my face, as if immersed in warm water.
      I am going to find friends to play, but I do Nike sko Herre not know if he is at home. Tighten the hat, walking in the wind, Køb Nike sko the nature of the gloomy, but the sweeping wind swept the dust for this gloomy, and added a few more. The joy of the Chinese New Year seems to have not faded, even the bus in the town gone. Stand in the empty crossroads, recalling the past left and right Gu Gu, and now walk in the road are so peaceful. I went to the door of my friend's house and knocked at the door by hand, first two short and one short, then three short, sure no one, and instead walked away. Do not know why this year after the deserted. I doubt that this town, whether or not I only left alone wandering. I began to look forward to the day where people often gathered to walk around, restaurants, game halls, supermarkets, but it is closed doors and windows, it seems to be isolated. I gradually went to peacetime, several friends often talked about the Internet cafes, from time to time, just walked near the ear came a human voice. I'm trotting, this is a few minutes of the road, about to go. Suddenly I am very fortunate, even though usually usually very lonely here, the ground flowing sewage, and there are always moving people flow. But now I am very fortunate, I am glad I have not been abandoned, grateful for these popular. I walked into the cafe, like the noise and mess did not appear, only a few computers lit the screen, while the network management half-sleepy and recumbent counter. Inside the dim space there were a few small lights that shimmered, and when I paid the money, I sat down next to a computer at the webmaster, and there was only Nike sko Dame a brighter light there, giving me a sense of being. .
      Afternoon, the gloomy sky, become more gloomy, like a layer of black veil overlap, giving a desire to see through, but unable to see through the feeling of powerlessness. While a few drops of rain fell, the rain curtain also drooping, I hurried through the rain curtain, back to the door, only to feel fat. Heart: Why after the New Year, was the first year of New Year's rootless rain, to wash. This is just a wish of God. When I entered the house, I took off my clothes and went straight to the bathroom to start a bath. The window is stirring rain, with a chill, even the walls are unable to stop, and the interior is slowly flowing warm, resistance to chill.
      I sat in front of the window, watching the drift of the rain. Rain gradually disappeared, thick shady was punctured by the sun. A gleaming shimmering light beam, in the black background, it is particularly beautiful and tranquil. Thick shady, where the light pierced, began to subside. Until the sun once again cast a brilliant, bright sun, fresh air, smooth flowing river, everything has become bright and comfortable.
      The next day, I was awakened by a loud noise, quietly waiting for consciousness and memory to return. I stood by the window, looked carefully at the world, knocking my head with my hand. The noise outside the window made me suspect yesterday is a dream, but it is so clear. I looked at yesterday, replaced wet clothes, understand that one is a reality.
      Yesterday I was looking for popularity in loneliness, but now I am somewhat afraid of this overly complicated world. Years later, relatives went their separate ways, friends meet again, but feel less what. Loneliness made me look for sustenance, and noise made me start to evade.
      A man listens to the noise, or joy, or worry, or anger, or sadness, but I know this loneliness now, just for me. Someone once said that people do not realize the joy of living in groups and why they feel the loneliness of being alone. What years have I left behind?
      I watched the cleanliness of the world washed by the first rain of the new year. Walking on the roof, walking in the street, walking in all corners, looking for the year after the different. Years later, I should do things before a year, eat my own meal. Some years later different.

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      A review, the old days of brush willow fall to now the city of Amorpha.PARAJUMPERS DAME At that time, grass DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK grasses,DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK willow embankment, PARAJUMPERS DAME I stood in the spring breeze, listening to the wind singing, listening to the flowers blossom. Willow riverside Yiyi, flicking how many silver bell-like laughter. Looking back, Qiao Xiao sweet, I watch over the years into a poem: I do not know where people go, peach blossoms still laughing.
      A sigh, the heart of the flowery smile melted into a ray of the eyebrows on the recall. Meimei Qing worry, speechless teardrop. This can be a reminder of memories, but it was already sudden. Smile �� flower, in the heart full of fantasy.
      About turn around, once each other with profound feelings has collapsed into an eternity. You are there, and I am here. PARAJUMPERS Jakke Long steps, take to the end of life. You are inside, and I'm outside. Life and death two boundless, not thinking, since memorable. Solitary rain, no place to speak desolate.
      A read pen, the sadness of the text has fallen into a sad line of poetry. I am innocent, the text is too beautiful, a sentence in my heart. In your poignant in the sink, gradually brooding regret, for Iraq people haggard!

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      I was a little known in college because I was working at a mental health center because I did research. However, my failure experience far more than the successful experience. Freshman,Køb Nike sko I submitted a total of 20 articles, each time draft, I wrote, but not once Køb Nike sko awarded. Therefore,Nike sko Dame I also find that I am not suitable for these official theme writing, natural pathfinder.
      I test mental health centers, as long as the first year of three, I did not test, the second year to recruit people, I continue to take the exam, the result was over. Freshman, I participated in the Department and the student union, have lost. Then I went to join the club, but I did not have any position. Later, the Psychological Association engage in activities, I ran for three days, pulled a sponsor, be regarded as a place.
      Why do I go to college for research? Because freshman, sophomore have a rich life, and I lost in all the activities, so I find a more difficult to go, we do not care about the road. When I was a junior, I realized that it was particularly beneficial for us to engage in research in the Kaoyan. I had already taken part in the China Psychological Conference with my own essay. My junior finished my dissertation.
      Later, I do sales, my performance is the best department, known as the big single killer. But I sometimes receive five clients a day, only one Nike sko Dame customer turnover. But I Nike sko Herre never give up, because enough hard work, base large enough, gradually summed up a set of one's own way to talk about a single. Later, I only one case will fail, that is, this client has no money.

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      Along the way, from kindergarten to university graduation,PARAJUMPERS DAME along the way, encountered numerous mentors, until now, often can see the kindergarten teacher, PARAJUMPERS DAME often recalled the primary school graduating class teacher, the teacher taught us to recite the ancient poetry also Still remembered; junior high school,PARAJUMPERS Jakke because of a teacher's love, I began to like this one discipline, the teacher affable face is still deeply engraved mind, the same because of the teacher's words, I am crazy like crying, let Tears dripping; high school, a mentor into my life, like a big sister, like a teacher, always with us, every day, early to school, late to go home, the podium, the total Have your shadow, when tired can only lie on the table to rest, young children can only be handed over to elderly parents, often sick, never complain about the pain, will give us a delicious, Will also send us a New Year's greeting card, but also for our PARAJUMPERS Jakke classmates 18-year-old collective birthday; college, confused, I stepped into the ideal campus, DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK because of some things, I become Impatient, embarrassed, overwhelmed, groping in the dark world, your appearance, let me see the sun, let me feel the warmth, this is an elder's love for younger generations, you give me a hope of life, You stay with me through confusion, through the dark, my heart full of gratitude, thank you for looking for the sun with me; a hug, let me never forget, I like a lonely bird, hiding in your arms, is You let me learn how to accept love. Along the way, countless teachers engraved in my mind, you teach me knowledge, teach me to do the truth, is you all the way to accompany me to grow, because you will accomplish today I, endless gratitude, full of all In my heart, thank you, my dear teacher

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      Come and talk about a journey,PARAJUMPERS Jakke just to get the spirit and reality closer to the one who makes you ecstatic. Do you dare to do so? Bring a mind full of historical knowledge; bring a heart that wants to be closer to the truth; bring those questions and carry on your backpack.DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK The author of this book resolutely embarks on his idol - mbash; Shu prime minister Zhu Geliang Opened a cultural journey of seeking. He traveled all the way from Chengdu to Xi'an. However, he does not resemble the meticulous exploration of archeology, nor is it as sad as the memory of history. He was happy, humorous, relaxing journey atmosphere. The pilgrimage trip, he used his feet to measure, so that they placed themselves in history, just to find the real feeling. He imagined that he was walking on the land where idols had stopped before the millennium, smelling the taste of mountains and forests and feeling surrounded by the distant winds of history that had never before changed. Because of these experiences, he had solved all kinds of analyzes and doubts about the Northern Expedition of the prime minister. The trip to the Northern Expedition not only made him realize the idol's mentality but also deepened his understanding of idols and made the person who is indifferently described in his history books become vivid and lively. Also because of this trip, let him more deeply appreciate the paper finally feel shallow, absolutely understand the truth to be practiced - as he said in the book is not in Mian County, I do not know spared no efforts, after death Has the essence of; do not wear Lueyang, I do not know the arduous army march Jun; Halogen, I do not know Kongming QI on the intention of what; do not visit the street kiosks, how can we feel the feelings behind the decision Maji. Perhaps this is the power of idols. He gives you enough courage to do things that you have never imagined before. He lets you see a wider world. While you know him more and respect him, you have also enriched your knowledge and seen your own inadequacies. So I think, to pursue one person, one's favorite, even if you never met, even if you are only a humble existence in his life. But he brings you positive energy, warmth to you, growth in the midst of it, and making yourself better. Even then, perhaps you unconsciously lost something, walking away from him on the way forward, but you should still be grateful when you look back. Because he let you at that age, at that stage to find the spiritual sustenance and rely on. He has been with you so far, so that no matter how dark the night is still a light in your heart, make you feel that they are actually not alone. The power of idols can push you forward. A journey to chase his pace, feel his journey, feel his world. Do you dare?

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      Clover of the south, endure the winter.Nike sko Dame Even if it is green, but still add a bitter winter life. Early spring, a bunch of Clover flowers suddenly bloomed, a grated little purple, less than rice children big, thin and distressing. Look again, in fact, it is not a flower of lucky grass, weeds are unknown grass into the arms, shy and shy reveal a superficial smile. In a few days, shepherd's purse flowers are also open, white flowers are also side by side in the lucky grass. Small purple flowers,Køb Nike sko small flowers, like a silver baby bell-like laughter, sprinkled in the lucky grass. More like a girl in the rainy season, crimson face, glutinous rice teeth.
      In fact, a small purple, white flowers more like girls shallow tears, deep heart. The little girl comes looking for me to leave, she says, grandma came back from the field, wanted to go home to see grandma. I naturally allow the little girl to leave bounced. School, cloud rain suddenly, the little girl came again, said low, can not go home, the weather will rain. I understand that too far from home, the road is not good to go. Little girl begging, can call Grandma.
      I called for her, and the 13-year-old girl burst into tears without hesitation. I took the phone, my grandmother's voice is very anxious, I comforted the elderly some, hung up the phone, then the little girl has been crying crying. When she was young, her grandmother raised her and she grew up. The little girl grew up day by day. And her grandmother was getting old day by day. In order to make a living, her grandmother had to go out for work. The little girl lives in school, can not see grandma several times. Afraid of the little girl, grandmother went home again on the weekend. Flower beds, small purple cuddly snuggle nestled in the lucky grass, shepherd's purse flowers also crooked head.
      Even if the world is raining, we have a sky for you. In the hallway to the bathroom, the manager of the building wrote such a delicate and warm words, the more beautiful there are a few meters of illustration. Narrow corridor, the United States with the philosophical painting, Passers-by will always stop, knowing smile. A group of little girls stopped me, they wanted me to help take pictures, the background is this beautiful picture, beautiful language. When I press the shutter, I found that the most beautiful is their group of pink Dai not applied, dressed simple girls. Sensitive heart, delicate emotions, immature face, spend the age, really envy and envy. Watching them crooked together to see the camera, the most beautiful flowers in the world, is them.
      Zhang Ailing has such an anecdote in 'Apartment Life Quotes,' that children often skate on the rooftop garden, the noise is disturbing, a foreign gentleman rages and goes upstairs to interfere. But after a few minutes he died down. The children above are not young, but also women, but also beautiful. The playful young girls will always make the man impatient heart, love and affection. 'Dream of Red Mansions', a group of daughters Xian Yan bright, a group of men whom to dump. Autumn cool vegetarian settled Begonia Club, Wu Yuan Li and a group of girls competing to write chrysanthemum poetry, poetry strike, Daiyu Yongju Ju Ju Meng Yong won the first prize, gem praise. At that moment, the gem of Daiyu's heart more concentrated it.
      Although do not agree with the gem girl is not married, a priceless treasure, out of the marry, I do not know how to turn out a lot of bad things to children full sentence, but the daughter is treasured treasure. Seasonal rainy season, this is their exclusive time and space. Pure, romantic, beautiful, this is their exclusive quality. Spring rain poured earth, flower beds, small purple flowers have slowly disappeared, the real lucky flowers open, pink and pink. At this time, two little girls, holding hands, ran into the spring rain, silver bell-like laugh like pouring rain in the earth. If so, the most beautiful daughter, however.

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      I've always thought I was quite sober.PARAJUMPERS Jakke Until recently I saw the sentence: The simplest criterion for judging whether a person is awake is to know what is most important and put it into full implementation. Only realized that people want to be sober, really have a sober life,DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK and did not imagine so easy, you need to work tirelessly!
      If you look at yourself through this standard, you will often fail to be awake enough to do something important that you know you need to work hard to do Trivia firmly occupy.
      As a young man, just finished college, although the choice of further studies will be conducive to the growth of their own life, but eventually chose a more relaxed and comfortable life to escape.
      After marriage and childbirth, knowing that having children is important, you often miss the opportunity to get along with and communicate with children if you are tired after work and do not want to speak or simply choose to lie in bed to see insignificant novels.
      At this stage, although we know the progress of the times, we need to maintain lifelong learning. The difference between people is not a matter of learning and not learning, but rather the efficiency of learning. For myself, I also know that the most important thing about reading now is to read as much as you can on the one hand and to read as much as you can on the other. However, it is not easy to put it into practice and to do it. It is often not easy for people to read the television because of some daily routine or to leave their own hands on the TV. Just select some easy to read leisure books, as long as reading just like happy, the result is nothing to gain. Because without any purpose of reading, often just a waste of time only.
      And now with the development of the Internet, we also know that we need to cultivate ways to enhance our awareness because in the past we had to find information or materials that needed to run the bookstore or the library to read the books. Now simply open the phone or the computer and go online Just look for it, so you can see that it's more important now to learn to search for knowledge than to remember it. However, they are still more accustomed to using the previous cognitive model, lazy or even refuse to learn new cognitive skills, so that they have improved their cognitive ability in the road appeared stagnant.
      Short life, we need to use limited life to do important and meaningful things. Faced with the complex and rapid changes in the world, we still need to keep a clear head from time to time. For things that we think are important, we must find ways to put them into action so as not to fall into it. The situation.

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      The vast darkness, surrounded by silence can hear the whistling wind.Nike sko Dame I lean again in front of the window, looking out the red sky window, quietly feel the bleak night. Rain of the atmosphere, gradually filled the space, tonight, I stood in front of the window, quietly staring at the rain blowing in the sky. Rainy long lines swaying in the wind quietly, the soft-hearted secretly oblique intertwined, faint whisper shallow singing, such as the lawsuit!
      Transparent glass was exhaled by the heat I exhaled into a fog, stretched out his fingers slowly paddled in this fog, inadvertently filled your name. So simple a few words, but suddenly my heart filled. Tonight, I fly mood, so worried about the wings across thousands of miles, gently and gently arrived in front of you!
      For a long time, I always want to heart language with you. However, a multitude of things, hesitated, actually still do not know where to start. Tonight, across a thin window screen,Køb Nike sko I do not know that quiet night sky outside the window, is it like last night? Has a scattered stars, with a full moon. How is a sleepless night? How can toss and reverse? With gorgeous dreams, but in any case can not fall into a deep dream!
      Simply get out of bed, gazing at the cold screen, knocking out these messy words, my heart is endless thoughts; diffused around me, is the halo of yellow light and boundless silence! At the moment, I was thinking, what are you doing? Is also a short sigh? Blurred sleepy eyes, lingering, whether it is two never go to tears? As if I knew you shortly after, I always stubbornly believe that Yuet Wah water, you will often me gently remembered; Because, whenever the sky is bright, I always quietly think of you!
      Tonight, I would like to make it clear to you that it may be because of your fresh, innocent moods, or because of the gentleness I guessed from behind your sad name, or because I was infected with you Innocent text in the middle, revealing a natural innocence! Musical music box slowly remembered, like the gurgling stream, with a gentle and euphemistic memories, slowly flowing in my heart, gradually converging into a broad surface of the sky, it reflects the sky full of bright stars!
      I thought of you inadvertently, as if you are the starlight thousands of miles away, not by my side, but in my heart. Red rolling, big crowd, and you know each other a pity, can be considered fate. Although I can not accompany you and I can not shelter you, but at least I can miss every one of you on the Thousands of cranes, far to bless you. Deep night, open the window, a ray of moonlight Qinghui floating. Tonight, I am waiting for you in the moonlight, I want to turn the idea of ​​beautiful loneliness, decorate your dreams!
      Like to sit in front of the computer, do not chat nor typing, looked at the hand-written words, put yourself into the infinite memories! Silently listen to your heart song, enjoy your wonderful verse, so that your mood with your words like a butterfly flies in my mind, Ren Fate bring the two sentimentality, out of the small and exquisite flowers gorgeous, and then gradually be fascinated , Captured. In this way, we work together to build a sky of friendship, sliding into the dream of immersion. Your joy and manic moments invade my thoughts!
      Black night sky gave me black eyes, so I indulge in the night, hidden behind the stars, it seems the scenery coming and going. Quietly put his hand out, a bunch of streamer condensate at your fingertips, in the hustle and bustle of silence, a kind of bright miss. The depths of the earth, light dip pen and ink, copy a fleeting encounter, flash memories, awakened how many past smoke? Inadvertently, recalling the bit by bit you and I walked together!
      Tonight, miss the moonlight. Brightly sprinkled on my bed edge. Not stand up, afraid of crumpled flat moonlight. The heart of the lake is a wave of the ups and downs, any autumn cold wind wanton blow. Moonlight shrouded the quiet outside the window, cicadas are also deep in deep sleep. Do you know? At this point I do not have a trace of drowsiness, clearly woken up, my thoughts are all thousands of miles away from you!
      Starry, Haoyue Dangkong. Miss has begun tide surge, the heart agitated miss love, wave after wave of sadness and joy, rising, degenerate. Accidentally knocked care, in a flash hundred revolutions, from the deepest heart to the heart of the most peripheral. So let your heart, think of what we experienced bit by bit, appreciate the words and phrases in the song, let his thoughts slowly back to the years accompanied by you. Time and again my thoughts into the dark night of light and shadow, as if after the passage of time!
      All your articles, the vast majority of space are praised friendship or love. Text with a transparent, the truth will be placed in them, precipitated a fine and deep care, or deep or shallow, slightest infiltration of the warmth. Or love mesmerizing, you indulge them, do not want to wake up. Time and again, when I look down on those slowly spread words, as if watching the earth blossom, quiet, natural, clear. They are derived from a pure heart, wantonly passionate, from the depths of the most authentic life, but also filled with more life, so that the heart is no longer stuck with lonely, I have to move because of this Is so pure and beautiful you!
      It is such a beautiful encounter, let me quiet heart lake breezes soft wind. You're going to ripple into my world. You appear in my heart, like a string of colorful spectrum, my heart scattered into very beautiful color. Days, whether it is dark clouds; night, whether it is drizzle, will give me a good memory. Road, whether it is full of thorns; dust, whether it is complicated, will allow me to go regretless. Because you let me know how to cherish, is you firm my dedication! Really want to cross the vast sea of ​​people; across the extraordinary space-time; towards you!
      Light rolling curtains, time-flow, a tidy streamer, piece of red shattering, lingering dreams.掬 a ray of slender Yuet Wah, play Confucianism ink, diffuse volume sequins, as you drop into a flower, please allow me to the edge of the dream, as you light a heart light. Then through the dream of a dim misty rain, to describe this casual life in this encounter. When my writing is carved into a hope, the word for you dying, sentence for your passionate, let you in my writing in the light flying in the ink, the deduction season after season of treasure!
      I often with a quiet, indifferent heart, real and natural in the reality and the network shuttle, Gu Ying self-pompous, lonely admire the share from tranquility, indifferent more self-correcting self, never stay in front of a person . However, just in that moonlight silver night, you and I met in silence, meet in the same sky. Never mind you and I, but it is so deja vu, as if a spring, quietly flowing through my heart. In the boundless sea, you and I know each other, perhaps, this is the fate of the previous generation. Your warmth, your demeanor, your voice, at that moment gently opened my dusty window, knocking my hot heart, your name is deeply printed in my mind!
      Meet the same day, precipitation in the static Shou, Hyun ring. Wind and rain several times, you are still walking in the End of the World, the proposed water into strings, with a cavity affectionate, and breeze water rhyme, Qingyinhaodian, springing the dream of heart, interpretation of the tragicomedy of life. Flower flowering Xie, I like to stay in the Cape as a silent, Nianhua into a rhyme, with the reassuring heart, with a ray of love thinking, Mu wind and rain, with pure love, , Laugh at the noise of the red dust. End of the World wandering, cape grass, soul within easy reach, you can hear each other heart whisper, because the heart of the whisper, only for you!
      In the dead of night, the heart of the soul once again played the melody of writing a happy sky for you. You are far away, you know, clouds drifting in the blue sky, entrusted with my infinite thoughts; Moonlight bright stars, shining my best wishes. In every breeze drift morning; every sunset afterglow evening; I sincerely pray for you, you will have a good mood; a forever belongs to you I am beautiful romance

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      Cow, strong, country head, brass bell eyes, a pair of tortuous horns, powerful limbs. We can trust its faithfulness and proficiency. They will not speak, but at the same time they will not be pretentious, let alone take advantage of others.
      Cattle are average but great. Younger young cattle can plow,PARAJUMPERS DAME dairy cows can produce milk, leather can do shoes, beef can eat. In the country, its shadow can be seen everywhere. The cattle themselves are only human life 4/1, their life, dedicated to people,PARAJUMPERS Jakke but they quietly died in the corner of the bullpen, without seeking returns. No one cares about the death of a cow, and no one even remembers what it did for us after it died. This is the case with cattle, which was born in the world in obscurity and departed in an obscure manner, leaving many things to the people. And it does not require anything, as long as there is a pile of hay and a cow shed enough. Mr. Lu Xun once said: horizontal frown on the fingers of the cold, willing to bow mankind cattle. Cows eat grass, squeeze it is milk.
      The sun shines in June on the earth. In the fields, a cow struggles hard with heavy body and plow. The hot sun makes it breathless. With every step taken, a river of sweat and peasants' Under scolding, a reminder of the obscurantism that you have to move forward, the mountain of work half-life, ah! Cow, why is your holy body bearing the heavy secular heavy, why your high school flesh and blood to bear whips Toxic fight, why are you proud of the eyes flow of blood and tears yield?
      This annihilated cow reminded me of people like it in life. Farmers who plant, factory workers, and school teachers, like cow, work obscurely, without much reward. However, the society lacks them and how can they survive? Without the peasants, people have no food or vegetables to eat. Without the workers, there is no high-rise building. Without the teacher, the students can not learn the knowledge.
      There are many such people in the west. On July 1, 2006, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway opened. This reminds me of those volunteers who participated in the large-scale development of the western region. They endured cold weather, enduring drought and floods and brought prosperity to the western part of the motherland. So difficult, they all persevered. However, how many rewards have they got yet? Do we not have such a spirit? In fact, as long as we work harder, everyone can be obscure and selfless. I respect cattle, it is diligent, hard working, unselfish devotion to people unknown. It can be compared with pine and poplar; can sit together with the four gentlemen. I must learn this spirit of cow well.

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      Comrades are the dream, sleep also miss; comrades are the soul,Nike sko Dame embedded in the heart; comrades in arms, heavy; comrade is the edge, I phase; comrades is the road, the more the wider; father 87 years in the army, Ningxia, he Has the most memorable memories of this life indelible,Nike sko Herre has remembered his mouth unknowingly always rising, his comrades brother of his life, war of friendship is his hands and feet that he can never forget!
      Dad often talked about his days in the army and told him and his comrades good times, he told me that he must go back to Ningxia this life walk, where he had full memories, in fact, I know he would like to Or he and his brothers and sisters get along day and night get together; wind does not take his thoughts, rain is not light his memories.
      Dad said comrades and brothers, I also went to inspect the soldiers, but women are too strict requirements are always for a variety of reasons they did not realize their military life, would like to experience the life of my father soldier, to experience the kind of comrades in arms Feelings, and I can only listen to him tell, envy.
      Although the time is not weakening the war between their friendship, but change their own lives. For the past 20 years or so, their comrades-in-arms have gone their separate ways and have their own families, their own lives, and they have no access to such means of communication for 87 years. They are totally Strange, even the phone is also a luxury.
      Therefore, a lot of his comrades so lost contact, get together into a paranoia, get together and finally into memory, my father's pen named Cheung Yun Dear Comrades Uncle, you still remember? Your comrades looking forward to meet you, even if it is a phone call, dear comrades, you can be safe?
      Wind took my thoughts, with my father's deep thoughts, full of memories, it may have found you, my dear brother, you can remember the time in Ningxia, perhaps busy days to alienate each other, but comrades in arms Unforgettable love life. Do not let the time to dilute the friendship of the wine, let the distance opened the hand of thought, time-lapse for star, you will always be my ally!
      Brothers comrade father's life, if you are well, it is sunny! Please respect

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      The sky is dark, I want to sit quietly by the side of the road alone.
      Looked in front of a row of ginkgo trees,Køb Nike sko hanging countless small fan upside down. On the road, the car came to the car, coming and going, maybe I have the subway is passing by.
      A city, I am looking for deep sense of loss of belonging. Fat brother,Nike sko Dame small things, small security, often patronize the shop, we meet joking very interesting. Q fat brother said we are familiar strangers, you sometimes laugh is shallow, do not know what is in your mind, but obviously you are not happy. I have a kind of panic that people see through. I finally could not sit here quietly, aunt next to me.
      Witnessed a heartless betrayal, a messy mess of marriage, feeling that my beautiful vision is a day to die a little bit. Very stupid situation, and I can not withdraw from the moment. What time is it in the morning and in the evenings?
      See many faces every day, but most will not appear again.
      Wronged and annoyed in her heart oppressed her more than the dog days of the day also annoyed, Zhongnanhai one by one, I would like to discourage what to say, the few want to open the mouth or swallow the last.
      Someone teaches me not to believe in it, others teach me not to be kind, and I say my own way, not my side to learn. Sometimes I think do not think about people's hearts is the most sinister, money is the most sinful, so pure and pure, like the little boss, Zhang Moumou noisy, this pure water of happiness even sweet The long absence of happiness.
      Always think cooking is a wonderful thing, but now no interest. Every time she asked what she wanted to eat, she said casually, what do you eat what I do. This makes me very embarrassed and very frustrated, even more difficult to do three or two people in the end the meal, because he always decided to eat fast food do not eat. I hate waste, including food and energy!
      Uninteresting cooking is really boring. So I imagined going to cook for someone, everything became very excited and very affectionate. But the rice is done, and nobody is even more lost when he can not eat.
      Listen to the aunt next door when washing dishes call: where ah? I have a good meal, gave you two bottles of ice iced how long? Oh, then I'll wait for you. I laughed, although this is summer, I have a warm feeling.
      Do not tell me that happiness comes always simple, and I'm still cowardly afraid, because it's so easy to go.
      The fall of the north is early, this breeze breeze did not let me indulge, but a lot of sober. In front of the trunk is still dragging passers-by, and I also on the road, where to go next stop?

    • vinterjakkerno.com has written a new blog article "DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK Heart read" 03.09.2018

      If you are poor, I will be your last piece of luggage. I love apples, apples do not work, apples do not work. Like I love you long as you do not work. Temper like you do not, in short, not you can not,PARAJUMPERS DAME a blushing drink, but no one always put your wine into boiling water, the drink always cold let me take medicine but no one medicine to me, not how to eat , Someone told me to eat but no one to eat with me, if a person like you,DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK ask her to take care of you in all, I believe if he promised to marry you, waiting for him to buy a ring kneeling in front of you feeling good Is to talk about the age of ear to hear we have been forced to give you some time for something. My love is pretty rubbish My 狰 狞 lovely. But never thought of you. I just know that you do not want to know these never give others, people are more and more casual love Never drink to drink, this is not a fall in growth but no one took off my hands No one gave me a drink Warm home. No one stopped the wine for me always like to tell others I drink drunk but no one in a hurry furious. Just ask you to drink less, always like to find a doll in the middle of the night complaining. But always have a silly cry always want to have a person with me but no one stay with me stay up till dawn even if you can not speak. But just say do not be sad. In fact, to put it bluntly, in addition to loneliness and wine, I have nothing to smile every day in order to greet others really happy little, and even laugh and fake do not know how much to drink, I was not drunk. Is not no drunk no one knows that small home is not afraid of the night is too dark no one knows a small concept of a person afraid of loneliness no one knows a small man really tired I can not drink. Or try to be a brave drink do not love you, you still smile to foil their own harm, the little thoughts have not thought about it, really worth it, small read you just remember a word in feelings easily give up your, That is, do not love you, no matter how dishearten he realized, no more tangled pain, hard to say that as long as you give up easily he will not love you. Because the most important thing to think of like a little puppy is to keep giving up, because like the most important thing is to keep, even if I drank how much you go, how much do you do crazy things for how much do you say something touched Eyes moist people. I am not you, whether sick or old, poor and rich. I want to take your hand, but I think I need you, how do you not seen somewhere a flash. You will not suddenly think of me, maybe then I have lost I miss you, your phone number has been in my mind your name has been in my heart. I have used ten thousand kinds may forget you, but I always think of you ten thousand times

    • vinterjakkerno.com has written a new blog article "PARAJUMPERS Jakke Bird essence" 03.08.2018

      Because I needed a photograph of a scarecrow in my compilation,PARAJUMPERS DAME I had the opportunity to return to the town I had been known to myself as a land of fish and rice more than twenty years ago.
      It was a late autumn, under the fiery sun, the peasants lined up in a long queue,PARAJUMPERS Jakke harvesting mature paddy rice quickly in brushstrokes of endless paddy fields, but there seemed to be no longer any sound between heaven and earth Other sounds of nature, even if it is a bird's singing, a Kunqun insect or frog accompaniment So, lost in the eyes of this seemingly deja vu picture of the harvest, I began to look for that farmers have been called bird name Called red girl, looking for her singing those nice songs
      Twenty years ago there had been a time of academic, agricultural, military fashion movement, when I was arranged by the school came to study farming in this town, then impressed me deeply is the golden harvest , Want to come there is a picture of a very lively scene: there are flocks of birds flying in the sky, there are a variety of insects and frogs in the rice paddies those birds are looking for rice, so they tend to While the peasants paid no attention to how many paddy fields they flew into the rice fields, in order to catch up with the birds, the peasants shouted while harvesting the rice. At the same time, in the endless fields of rice fields, there are countless Sentinel-bound scarecrows dancing in the wind. At the same time, there are also young men and women in the park almost halfway up to take a long Long bamboo pole, dancing and shouting and shouting at the birds, I was at that time to know that the peasants have called the bird's name is the little red girl.
      It seemed to be an afternoon day when I picked up rice and walked across the curved stone bridge. I saw a teenage girl sitting on the handrail of the stone bridge and dancing the long Bamboo pole, while singing in the local Yi dialect I can not understand the lyrics but very beautiful songs, I am quite surprised, the other people are shouting, only she is singing a very good song. So I put the rice on the edge of the ridge, went up to ask her who taught her to sing those songs, she said her mother. I asked her why she did not go to school. She said that during the heavy autumn harvest season, all the teachers in the school were arranged to engage in autumn harvest in the commune, so the students returned to the village to help the production team catch a bird while making money for the family A little labor, here said, she sang another nice song. Strangely, her ballads are gods, and there seems to be a magical magic that she often sings of nice songs, flocks of flocks that previously flocked to foraging in the rice fields Listening to her nice songs on the wires over the rice paddies, so the peasants in the rice fields all came back and smiled and said to her: Little Red, you are really a bird! I told little red, I really like to listen to her sing these nice songs, she bright smile face me: then you listen to me every day to sing it!
      One day, Xiao Hong sang and suddenly stopped singing, she asked me to get married is to marry it? I say you're only in your teens and ask what you are doing. She said yesterday that her mother had engaged her and brought her to a big, two-year-old boy in a nearby fishing village. She said listening to people saying that engagement was about getting married, and if so, was she married to that After the fishing village, I could no longer hear these songs she sing, and here she sobbed softly, and I noticed that her cry was very poignant: a long hair in the wind Helpless gently dancing, and those long hair flying in the wind, as if a thin whip in the silk my heart children, so I could not help but choked up in the wind
      It was not long afterwards that I returned to the city due to the expiry of my schooling date, and from then on I was out of touch with Little Red, except that the person who later came back from that town told me that many places were busy The food shortage, and the local autumn harvest time, I do not know where to fly from time to time to fly hundreds of thousands of birds to seek food, so, in order to ensure the index of food increase, local people often use shotguns or net kill groups Flying birds, I think, if that is the case, Xiaohong would no longer sit on the curved stone bridge to sing those nice songs
      I finally found the curving little stone bridge where old Red sat singing on the handrail. When I asked an old woman who came from the paddy field about to like to sit on this small stone bridge 20 years ago Singing and being peasants called bird essence of red, the old woman seems to recall a very old, very old story, a long while, she told me slowly, the second year after I left Xiao Hong die It is hit by shotgun shotgun fire
      I silently walked past the boundless paddy fields that I had walked past when no bird flew from the sky, there was no other scarecrow in the paddy field, and I could not hear the crying of young men and women albeit not Autumn Harvest, but the world was so quiet, quiet suffocating, and that kind of silence as if it is for the peasants called bird essence of the red grievances, when there is a burst of tears from my eyes Mouli slowly slipping down, and late autumn brilliant golden seems to become a vast expanse of white, and I was deeply felt: in this world, without the birds singing, as if there is no gorgeous color The same, what a desolate scene it will be!
      When I walked past the village and asked a group of teenagers who had just returned home from school, where they could find the scarecrow, they were still baffled. For a long while, they asked me: What scarecrow did you say? Looking at both of them dazed eyes, I suddenly long it sad but tears, I really do not know for their grief or to cheer for them, although they were born in rural areas, but originally only belong to Their own stories have little to know, seldom
      That night I finally saw the Scarecrow again in my dreams. I saw the little red like a bird who sits on a small stone bridge singing by peasants, and she really is surrounded by a bird. The angels are generally smiling happily and splendidly , Much like a picture of paradise mythology, and when I woke up, the picture of that dream was too far from me, too far

    • vinterjakkerno.com has written a new blog article "Nike sko Dame Old read" 03.08.2018

      Late at night was awakened by the rain outside the courtyard, abruptly rose and sat for a long time before sitting on the steps.Nike sko Herre Look back at the so-called perseverance, but so. Once struggled, but it is deeper and deeper. Until that day people slender fingers grabbed my neck.Nike sko Dame What I have learned so-called disappointment is that I only give up on myself when I am hurt. There is no so-called desperation in the world, because desperation always can not stop happening. Because reluctantly, because can not let go. Too much disappointment, hope. Misty, nothingness, suspended things look absurd in this earthly world. The moment when you fall down, it is the friend or foe who sees it. Reminiscent end of the winter in the swirling chair unexamined day lying on the computer desk for no reason in a daze, until occasionally thoughts touch what, suddenly it suddenly tears. There is no unprovoked good in this world, there is no hate for no reason. There are beginning and end, downright wishful thinking of their own choice. The right path is often not good to go. Because people who have too much emotion say no good stories, what I need is a sound reason to tame excuses that have been unruly. Mo asked the source, Mo to go home. The film has just begun, the past is not an important episode.

    • vinterjakkerno.com has written a new blog article "Nike sko Herre halvdelen voksen" 03.05.2018

      Når alle guderne flyver væk,Nike sko Dame når Buddha almægtige, når vinden stoppede, stop, lever mit, når universet er stille. Når al kærlighed og had i denne verden er aldrende, falder fra hinanden
      Er du, er at du bruger den mest brutale ømhed, vil skubbe mig trin for trin denne storhed af privatliv uden kærlighed imperium. Når jeg følger dig trin for trin ind i imperiet, som behandler alle mennesker som defekte varer, åbnede denne fantastiske drømmeskrol virkelig sin storslåede prolog.
      Semi-voksen ensomhed? Da jeg var ung,Nike sko Herre så jeg en koreansk tegneserie, at børn ikke kunne smide ting ud, og hvis de blev spist ved at lede monstre, ville de blive dit udseende. Bliv den anden i verden, fortærer dit liv.
      Tid Pentium, som om voksen op natten over. Bag kulisserne skubbes til scenen, du skal gå alene for at møde denne kæmpe mærkelige verden. Allerede bestået tiden som barn, kan du ikke gøre noget for en hel sommer, allerede gået hele tiden døsighed, du kan overvejes uden scruples bare ikke panik. Vi forstår hvilken slags rolle vi er, og hvad vi kan gøre, men vi kan ikke klare os godt. Nogle gange forvirret, undertiden efterligning, og nogle gange længes efter andres kærlighed, er det nu den såkaldte semi-voksne mentalitet.
      Halvvoksen tænker vi lejlighedsvis på det monster, jeg var blevet, der kan være den anden i verden, det er ikke en dårlig ting. I hvert fald er hun det mest forståede mit folk.
      Semi-voksen vi gemmer os i et andet hjørne af verden. Vi laver alle mulige gode antagelser med ungdommen, og så finder vi det grå område overalt. Retribution kom for sent, gode mennesker kan ikke være sikre i hele livet. Denne verden opfylder ikke ideen for vores ungdom. Halvdelen af ​​vores voksne, skuffet igen og igen, som et barn til at være mindre end sukker, halvdelen af ​​den voksne os, når folk ønsker at finde en rigtig omsorgsfuld, altid har lyst til en lille fjols afvist overalt. Halv voksen glad? Semi-voksen ensomhed? Hvor længe vil det vare?
      Hvornår vil vi være semi-voksne i virkeligheden for at finde den tabte scepter, de tabte vinger? Semi-voksne os, hvornår kan vi være omgivet af en enorm varm forståelse, få et knus over fjerntiden? I lyset af talrige luksus over scenen vil publikum ikke være nervøs, selvom opgivet i de mest afsides hjørner ikke bange, selv om verden ikke er glemt forfjamsket, selv de mest beskidte fald i mudderet kan stå op med et smil Gnid en guess bukser, vil gå tabt for at leve som et get. Hvis vi ikke er afhængige af nogen følelsesmæssigt, vokser vi virkelig op. Halvvoksen vi, der vil være bange for at skade uafhængig modig dag.
      Lægge gardinet at stå tidligt op om morgenen, ansigtet af denne meget store verden, der strækker sig en strækning. Heart ekstra margen, rolig. Solen skinner uden for vinduet, vand spredes generelt

    • vinterjakkerno.com has written a new blog article "PARAJUMPERS Jakke Nordlige forsteder" 03.05.2018

      Så tidlig som et dusin år siden hadde jeg vært forelsket i denne sangen helt siden jeg lyttet til vennens 'North Suburb' som ble anbefalt av min venn. Nå, når jeg hører sangen igjen,PARAJUMPERS Jakke er mitt hjerte fortsatt det samme.
      'Northern Suburbs' Denne sangen er basert på tekster av fangene i fengsel, på den tiden kan beskrives som flettet elva nord og sør. Sangtekster skriver ikke bare veldig rørende,PARAJUMPERS DAME men den triste melodien høres også gjennom mitt hjerte. Da jeg først lyttet til sangen, handlet jeg om tenårene da det ikke var tv hjemme og ingen tapeopptaker. Så hver gang jeg lytter til denne sangen, måtte jeg gå til min venns hus. Når han snakker om denne vennen, er familiens familieforhold bedre, hjemmet tidlig med en båndopptaker, og mer enn det, for å berike livet på hverdager, er hjemme tapen enda mer.
      Av de forskjellige typer bånd i denne vennens hus er det to av mine favoritter. Tilsvarende, Chen Xing og Chih-Chihs album. De to har kanskje hørt om noen mennesker etter 80, og noen av dem sannsynligvis sånn også deres sang. En av dem synger en solo sang, en sang en sang, to unike stemmer, sang ferdigheter er også veldig solid, hvert album vil ikke føre til liten følelse. Folk sier ofte: 'Folk i ulike perioder, forskjellige aldre, vil oppleve forskjellige problemer'. Jeg er redd for at slike lover noen ganger ikke kan kontrolleres av seg selv, men heller det store miljøet og formen til det neste samfunnet. Imidlertid forstår jeg ikke før nå hvorfor jeg var besatt av disse triste sangene da jeg var litt eldre enn denne vennen. Er det virkelig disse to sangene som berørte hjerter på den tiden, eller er det noen annen grunn.
      'Northern Suburbs' Denne sangen var på en venns hus Zhi Zhiqiang album over. På den tiden da jeg hørte min venn sa han kjøpte et bånd, har båndet en veldig god sang, jeg var spesielt spent. Så hva? På den dagen tok jeg fordel av lunsjpause, da den voksne døren fortsatt sov på en varm sommerdag, kom jeg til min venns hus. Etterfulgt av et forspill til tristhet begynte 'Beijiao' å spille denne sangen. Da jeg først lyttet til sangen, hadde jeg ennå ikke nøye satirisert teksten, og jeg ble tiltrukket av det triste akkompagnementet. Jeg lyttet nøye til denne sangen med øret mitt, jo dypere jeg hørte, jo dypere fant jeg. Men dessverre, som lydopptakeren er for høy, vekket faktisk sovende voksne. Kort tid etter, den første gangen jeg hørte sangens erfaring, er over. Siden da, på middag den dagen, enten på vei til skolen eller på skolen, ble jeg rørt av sangen hele tiden, og hjertet mitt var fortsatt humming de fremdeles vage melodier. I lys av kjærligheten til denne sangen, så hadde min venn og jeg også en ide på samme tid, vil bare lære å synge denne sangen. Og for å lære å synge, må du først ha tekster, så etter noen få dager har vi intermittent kopiert, og til slutt brutte sangens sangtekster. Fra da av, uansett hvor jeg går, vil jeg kontakte vennene mine for en tidlig læring av sangen. Hardt arbeid lønner seg, tilbrakte to uker, vi lærte endelig sangen.
      Etter å ha lært denne sangen, hører vi ofte lyden av vår sang på campus eller i slugten. Og i vår infeksjon, vi synger snart flere og flere mennesker rundt denne sangen.
      En slik scene, denne melodien har vært avbrudd med meg å gå langt. Etter at jeg gikk til et fjernt sted, lærte jeg veldig lite tid og endret også et nytt miljø rundt. Derfor har jeg sjelden hørt sanger for en periode. Men etter en ting, sang jeg denne sangen ufrivillig. Det var en sommermorgen, da jeg ringte familien min, skulle jeg ha noe annet. Men da jeg ringte telefonen, hørte jeg at min mor sa at min venn var i en uventet situasjon. .
      Når jeg hørte en slik beskjed, vet ikke hjertet mitt litt om det, i tillegg til smerte, munn, hva jeg skal si bra. Om natten døde min venn om natten, jeg lå på sengen min, vendte seg og vendte meg, kunne ikke sove hele natten. Den kvelden gjorde jeg mange drømmer om den vennen, og da jeg våknet, hadde jeg fortsatt ører bak meg Er sangen kalt 'nordlig forstad' sang. Kanskje den typen scene på den tiden, kanskje hjertet på den tiden, virkelig og følelsene til sangen, vil være veldig lik, så jeg vil bli en lang stund uforglemmelig. Fordi på den tiden, min venns begravelse jeg ikke gikk for å delta, er dette en stor anger i mitt liv. Men i mitt sinn, min venns utseende, men også noen av hans fortid, men alltid gravert i mitt hjerte. Et par dager etter min venns død, sammenfaller med helgen, ga foreldrene meg balansen mellom levekostnader, gå alene i tretti eller førti kilometer for å kjøpe en båndopptaker. Og den dagen da jeg kom tilbake, hørte en uventet lyd-visuell butikk på vei å spille sangen til de nordlige forstedene. Sakte ned og se etter lyden, de bevegelige melodiene hørtes i ørene mine. For øyeblikket føler jeg at en slik sang ikke passer for en slik sang, og at den burde legge noen lykkelige og positive sanger. Men butikken eieren eller utgitt sangen, men også sette opp en loop, er å fremme denne sangen? Jeg vet ikke, men jeg vet tydelig at han fortsatt har den. Når vennen min, men man kan møte hverandre, har man blitt skilt av yin og yang.
      Hjerte med 'nordlige forsteder,' kjærligheten, kan ikke hjelpe, men kjøpte et bånd. Etter å ha kommet hjem, lyttet igjen og igjen, gjorde jeg meg igjen trist. Ikke lenge etter at jeg kjøpte det båndet, kom jeg igjen til vennens hus igjen, og min venns mor så meg og skyndte meg over. Først forstod jeg ikke hva som foregikk, og da lærte jeg at den opprinnelige tante ønsket å gi meg båndet til Zhi Zhiqiang. Tanten fortalte meg at hans sønn er borte og at hans familiemedlemmer ikke liker denne sangen. I det øyeblikket fant jeg min tante det da da øynene så litt på hans sønns statue på veggen, har øynene blinket tårer. Ikke bra å avvise tantenes gode hensikter, så jeg tok av båndet, kom hjem, jeg satte det og jeg kjøpte båndet sammen, godt bevart. I dag er det kanskje sjelden brukt opptakeren, og mine to bånd er fortsatt bevart. På dette tidspunktet, ut av nysgjerrighet, faktisk sette dem ut å spille. Sent på kvelden, med den kjente melodien 'Beijiao' igjen hørtes, selv om sangen fortsatt er, kan folk gå, men kan ikke komme tilbake. Sad melodi som flyr ut av vinduet ekko i natthimmelen, kan det ikke hjelpe, men igjen vekket mine tanker om vennene mine, men la meg også gå tilbake til de gamle sangene igjen for å finne den tidligere meg selv.

    • vinterjakkerno.com has written a new blog article "Køb Nike sko Sommer hundrede" 03.02.2018

      Ubevidst summende fan blev vores midlertidige tætte ven,Køb Nike sko solstrålerne rippede syvfarvede paraplyblomster, middag ingen ønskede at gå ud på ingen tid, men om natten er der mere sofa bænk, Po fan te.
      Sommer, så kom, bring det op, du kan tænke på grønt vand fjollet vandmelon, eller gaden giggle chatter ice crack - men uanset hvordan en fjerdedel af sindet, når en travl er vores fælles idé,Nike sko Dame uanset mere og mere Kortere shorts eller længere og længere slør, sidste sommer Tim for denne unikke touch på mærket, belagt med Jinhua.
      Åbn døren til sovesalen, læg ned uden paraplyer fortrydelsesstemning, jeg møder fuldt ud fansen under loftet, solen skinner, skyggen og lyset på en gang helt anderledes. Halv-lukkede øjne, der drikker limonade, klare gennem en kop gul citron er tydeligt synlig, ikke underligt, at der vil være en citron gul, så lys, når det er originaliteten af ​​det.
      Selv om den årlige sommer, en forår frem og tilbage, men en omhyggelig reminiscens af den sommer synes at smag anderledes, som et barn er sommeren metalbordet på den gamle fan, tungt men også køligt; ligger på måtten på jorden, stor Ser ud til at have ingen marginale, er parken dragonfly Lao, spiller jage, synes lykkeligt at glemme varmen; er vej ud af skolen en dollar popsicles, søde og klæbrig is i hånden kan ikke fortsætte; bevidst trådte efter regnen Pytter, tag en fod i det kølige sand; er en lang kort nederdel, bliv blomstrende blomster ud.
      Senere er sommeren den unikke brise på cyklen, blæser træt for at bringe tilfredshed; er gaderne i iskuglebørn, to og tre til at købe sammen smag; klasseværelset er meget lavt klimaanlæg, hvis du henter lige Blæst hinanden vil klemme ind i en bunke, men fundet sædet er en enkelt række alene --- sommeren synes nu at skrive, hvis du er villig til, ubegrænset udvidelse af blankt til venstre for alle.
      Et andet tilfælde af sommer, men også temperaturen i denne måned, er sæsonen faktisk livets knude, men splittet er kun festivalen, men er du klar?
      Bygets sommer, byg er du, bygets liv.

    • vinterjakkerno.com has written a new blog article "PARAJUMPERS DAME'Touching story' følelse" 03.02.2018

      Dette er en kjærlig verden, selv om den er forvirret, men også avstanden mellom kjærlighet og hjerte.PARAJUMPERS DAME Den vanlige gode moren, sønnen av en bilulykke drept i denne ulykken, ikke for mye til å klandre sjåføren. Hennes hjerte er så desperat, ingen kan forstå, kanskje bare hun forstod, første gang hun ikke hadde noe valg å skylde,DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK men for å forstå sjåførens familiesituasjon, da hun lærte at sjåførens familie har den gamle Et lite, levende sted er så dårlig og sjåføren mangler søvn- og neurastheniproblemer. Hun beveget seg ikke for å finne sjåførens kompensasjon, hevdet. Hun visste at hvis hun kunne finne erstatning for sjåføren, ville hans hjem trolig bli ødelagt. Moderen spurte også selskapets ledelse om ikke å kaste bort sjåføren og spurte lederen om å fortelle sjåføren å kurere problemet med søvnmangel. Sier noe 'Jeg beklager å gi deg noe'. Hun forlot, lederne av ikke-festning til pengene hennes ville heller ikke, sa hun: 'Disse pengene kan ikke bruke, gi sjåførens andel også ga ham, byen opptatt, enkel linje, kjøring er også Ikke lett '
      Hun forlot, med sønnens aske igjen, urnen i armene, ser ut som en skulptur.
      Etter å ha lest, renner tårer i øynene. Hvor stor mor, kan hennes egen fortvilelse piercing smerte en person tåle velger å forstå andres problemer, kanskje hun resten av mitt liv jeg vil leve i pine.
      Kan denne vanlige gode og enkle fredsmor, den opprinnelige hjerte og hjerte avstand er basert på kjærlighet, stille velsignelse.



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