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    • anlaoam has written a new blog article "It use multiple portable mobile phone wireless jammers" 07.21.2018

      Here you can see many different types of complaints. wireless signal jammer are different for different situations that you need. Some people need to be portable, some people need a desktop, some people need remote control, they can easily control the device.

      For personal use, the range of interference is not too far and must be portable. A Portable Jammers is a good choice. As you can see, there are many types of portable jammers in our store with different functions and appearances. Here we introduce a six - line camouflage handheld jammer.

      Handheld Jammer GSM 3G 4G LTE Blocker Jamming WiFi GPS Lojack

      Mobile cell jammer, also known as cellular phone jammers or jammers, are devices that interfere with radio communications such as cellular networks, WLAN, or GPS by sending radio waves. The range is between 10 and 40 meters. The military and the government even have models that can destroy radio signals for miles.
      What can I use a cell phone jammer?
      Retailers can use jammers to prevent you from comparing store prices. This may allow retailers to increase sales.
      Jammers are also useful in certain rooms that require quiet or avoid distractions. For example, it can prevent people from ringing their mobile phones or chatting with teenagers in school during the movie screening.
      Criminals may use jammers to interfere with wireless alarms and other wireless connections and prevent emergency calls from being deployed over wireless networks.

      This 20m portable mobile gsm jammer with radius interference is camouflaged and has a distinctive appearance. It looks cool.

      Of course, in addition to its delicate appearance, it is also very distinctive from a technical point of view, that is, it is a different display from other wrists. This display can display working status, power, temperature, etc., so that you can use it easily. The supported frequencies include GSM, 3G, 4G, 4GLTE, GPS, WiFi and Lojack, with a variety of options. In addition, it can control each frequency band separately.

      If you use a GPS jammer, you won't be interrupted during important meetings or other personal calls, or if you don't want to be interrupted by a phone call, you can get a good night's sleep. This interference product is easy to install and environmental protection, and will not harm people's health.

      This product is available and we guarantee delivery within 24 hours and a one-year warranty for all our products.




    • anlaoam has written a new blog article "jammer have a huge role in life" 02.13.2018

      For those who want to talk to the audience, there is always a chance that they will be shut down, and who will interrupt the phone. When the mass landing moves the dramatic actors in the hands of the actors, the phone begins to reveal the story of the critical moment in the process.

      It is not surprising, in this context, that it is time-consuming to learn from church time ministers. His father, Michael minaj, was so angry at the church in Naples that he finally joined the cell phone jammer to shut it down.

      "Really bothers me is that when it first started, the somebody else also embarrassed to shut down their mobile phone, now they are set to continue with his mobile phone hands to speak," Madonna's father said.

      Although the services were quiet these days, the pastor's actions inadvertently found other members of society.
      After the news broke, complaints about local businesses were so serious that they prevented their card payments from being traded.

      First, we need to know Bluetooth. ) is a wireless technology standard that enables short-range data exchange between fixed devices, mobile devices and building personal domain networks (UHF radio waves using the ISM band 2.4 to 2.485GHz). And bluetooth is a short-distance communication support equipment (maximum transmission distance of 100 metres) of radio technology, can effectively simplify the communication between the mobile communication terminal equipment, so that the data transmission become more efficiently; It adopts distributed network structure, fast frequency hopping and short packet technology, and supports point-to-point and point-to-point communication.The weakness of the wireless bluetooth signal is likely to be interfered by the wireless wifi jammer.

      Bluetooth wireless communication technology as an open global standard for wireless data and voice communication, the first application is to replace the headphone line in the field of voice communication. Until version 4.0 of low-power bluetooth technology in intelligent wearable devices and intelligent household equipment and widely applied, these are upgraded gradually from the original bluetooth headset era of innovation, bluetooth technology application of smart devices is now almost as the symbol of the white-collars pursue fashion.

      Bluetooth and wi-fi signal jammer problem may met, you both are mainly using the 2.4 GHz frequency band, lead to open at the same time, the data throughput of bluetooth will fell sharply, paired device is difficult, wi-fi pulsations, network is limited. There is no way to cure this problem at the moment, but you can solve some of the problems temporarily.

      You'll see why the signal-phone jammer is so useful. For privacy and quiet and safe conditions, rather than tracking a lot of people, the ideal condition is to have, but now this type of goal is not easy to implement, because it is tracking equipment and sound such as the destruction of the normal life of people, to make their life disorder, cell phone gsm jammer LoJack 3 g in this state, have the ability to the noise of the mobile phone and in addition, the GPS signal tracking may be a good choice, stop and understand this type of handheld multifunctional signal blocking device for more information.

      At the same time. Here, you will get the best access to the American jammer, and then have the chance to win the 3G GPS signal jammer at the best possible price. Different types of signal jammer is now due to the different types of design to design, for some signal jammer is suitable for use in the United States, some designed to eu countries, there are all can use of the world and "the eu" adjustable power mobile WiFi GPS jammers. There is a high performance multi-function signal jammer that is available to your country, and can also be used to cut off 3G cellular phones, GPS and even WiFi bluetooth.

      Monitoring personnel in the first place in the region of the interference testing unicom uplink frequency band 909-915 MHZ, but found no noise has the obvious rise, hence enlarge test area, when travel to a distant village found background noise gradually raised, determine the area exists interference signal. Monitoring personnel and then chose several open field test, near by cross direction positioning, the interference signal locking in a rural household, found on the third floor balcony farmers mobile phone antenna signal amplifier. The interference from the cell phone signal amplifier was determined by the on-site power failure test of the mobile signal amplifier.

      Portable Multi-functional Jammers for Phone GPS WIFI or Video

      Set gps jammer is mainly used for shielding mobile communication signal and GPS positioning system, the purpose is to prevent the warehouse where collateral position exposure, the seizure of radio interference as a company in shenzhen to produce, without radio transmitting equipment type approval, in the public mobile communication 2 g, 3 g, 4 g each frequency band and GPS and radio frequencies are radio signal emission. Such radio jammer most radio transmitting equipment type approval has been obtained, the product quality is uneven, especially in the event of failure or its bandwidth of transmission power is too wide is too high, will cause serious interference to surrounding communication stations, some even to aviation safety.



    • anlaoam has written a new blog article "high power desktop cell phone gps jammer" 01.29.2018

      The included antennas are highly directional, which means that you can disable their cell phones for specific people and may give them 10 different types of cancer while using the phone.
      The super cellular scrambler GSM weighs about 27 pounds, including four cooling fans to keep it running 24/7. When I was on public transport, I was almost ready to put some batteries in the car to keep the bad boy's body.

      Basically, super 3G 4G WIFI GSM DCS signal jammer can be tuned - 4G 4G 2600 800 2100 3G GSM 900 DCS 1800 wireless 2.4G (us version) you must be attracted to the title. YES! This is the latest high power signal scrambler. This not only stops the GSM DCS signal, but also blocks 3G 4G wireless signals, including the 4G 2100MHz wireless 4G 4G 2600MHz. Before, you can simply block one of the signals, which is the best option for you.

      About a month ago, I ordered a cell phone jammer on the scene. 1001 secret service; Fifteen days later, I was told that my bag had been delivered by DHL from China. I have to pay 22 euros more. Already paid $99.80, of course I forgot to tell me. For me, the main problem is that the jammer should disrupt all the launches (DCS, 3G) to 10 meters, or even blur the phone to 1 meter! I contacted the company via email; In return, I was told to follow the editing protocol (very simple), but it didn't work: it didn't work! Then I sent a second email asking if the company had a branch in France and what measures had been taken to solve the problem. This is a week, no answer. On your BBS, I realized (late, I regret), I wasn't the only one complaining about the seller, and the last one wasn't sure to come back to me.
      What should I do to replace this jamming radio price, or I haven't paid for it in my pocket?

      In transactions, these jammers are easy to approach, and few cars can withstand the system. Some manufacturers are committed to protecting their cars. But it is still possible to block the closing of current vehicles.
      The wave jammer prevents the remote shutdown, but does not open the vehicle. The advice is simple: check if the vehicle is properly turned off and remove valuables and paper.
      Since there is no intrusion, you will find it difficult to get a refund for the theft with your insurance.
      School life more and more young people have can influence of mobile phones, sometimes used in class, damage to learn and respect education personnel to listen and focus.
      He asked if the government could introduce a radio wave jammer at school. "
      Before Christmas, senator ChristopheBechu put forward this problem.
      These intruders will need to practice at chernobyl to learn to avoid adult mobile phones! It will also be forced to ignore experiments with smart phone students, like the Swiss education server, which is open to the Internet and to use cell phones in other places to use cell phones in the teaching environment.

      I suddenly remembered a report showing curious little machines hiding in raincoats and talking on the phone. Dream! Ah, see no gene generator in the head, think of their communication was tunnel cut off, and finger slight pressure, I'm in the car the reintroduction of calm and peace. This is not the time to betray yourself with suspicious laughter.
      My happiness is short. Two less than fifty years old housewife, from a good family, loudly into discussion, until I stop. No black eyes, no obvious angry eyes rising heaven, will do.
      When a car GPS jammer controls appalling conversations? ! During this time only the earplugs or the apple iPod. Hello autistic
      There is a small piece of technical know-how on your fingertips. What have we forgotten? Like to watch movies quietly in the cinema. Do you remember when you loved not to interrupt a great game? Even devout shrines are not available. Whether the church, temple or meditation area, everyone pay attention to it and those who don't for those who suffer. The charm of a romantic evening is constantly broken by the ringing of a cell phone. In some places it is also a breach of time and money, precious and basic waste of disease. As we all know, a lot of our time's office hours have been actively calling the ringtone. Critical discussion of mobile phones can be a distraction at important meetings.
      It is a good that that family automation is breaking through more and more.

      However, there are a lot of people about the available around and volume detection module, ensure that turn them into the main bluetooth alarm jamming system, and add the word "security" in home automation.
      I'm not saying that I'm an expert on property security, but I still have some experience with this, and every time we emphasize that we shouldn't have "tea towels and towels", and home automation and alerts are two very different areas.
      I'm not the only one who feels panic (humor), and provides a debate on a growing number of such discussions on BBS.
      Just send enough strong signals (" white noise ") to hide useful signals by saturating them. The disturbed radar operator will receive an unusable signal. This type of 4 g jammers do not want to interfere with the preset people good knowledge of the launch, but it is still necessary to launch frequency wedge in the hope that blind receiver on the desired frequency.
      This is more subtle than a noise signal jammer. Instead of blindly receiving an enemy receiver, it inserts undetectable false information into the electromagnetic signal. It clearly requires a precise understanding of the emissions of a man's attack to introduce small changes. It's possible, because it's known in advance, like, after listening to the operation, or by using the assembly to use a receiver that receives a signal and to change the jammer that is sent back after the signal has been signaled.

      This is your choice to choose which company, but if you need a jam, you won't find a similar G5 4 g LTE interference, this also is able to prevent all other any 4 g wireless networks of mobile phone frequencies a 2 g and 3 g notebook computer. One of the main advantages of LTE wireless networks is that it can provide mobile users with a fixed speed of up to 1 Gbps and a very fast wireless Internet.

      Then marcel Marion (MarcelMarien) made a lot of, writing, editing, publishing, his text and other texts, pamphlets and news (*), flyers and corpus collection and text. In 1941, the first known as the magnetic needle and the most famous was the naked lips: a series of publications released after 1954 (excluding the grants), which were delivered to the international Lettrist and DE bo and Jill's first book, warman. And there is also a high power wifi jammer called the Scutenaire or Magritte text file.
      It didn't stop Marien from revealing their underwear, the CARDS (including the surrealists, of course) and her hostility to her friendship. He also attacked the Sartre, Dali or bill's "national" surrealist delvaux, he accused "surrealism", magritte is one of his closest friends. In 1962, when he was on display at the knokke-le Zoute casino, Marien published a pamphlet called La Grande Baisse, which described Magritte in a hundred Swiss francs, and offered his paintings "the dirtiest of speculation" and ended the 25 years of friendship between the two of them, and that he had won a blessing of Andre bretton, who he didn't like.






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