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    • sdgrtryre4566 has written a new blog article "Aion 6.1 Blue push followers master assassin will" 02.22.2016

      not be washed off Abstract: Finishing from Aion PVP designer Holinka, senior game designer and developer Muffinus official Twitter account RunescapeDevs 6.1 patch notes Blackrock foundry fortress Guide Reputation leveling map presentation skills PVP Q: I'm not sure whether seen such arrogant people, do not know why the snow that he (Holinka) adapted to interact with the community. A: That is really unfortunate. I said or done anything to make you think I'm arrogant? Q: feeling to answer many questions are very insincere. As a classic old world PVP players, I do not think this is a very good performance. A: really sorry. I sincerely hope that as much as possible to answer the question asked. Pet Battle Q: Tana An jungle legends class pet and their location will change every day it? (Click for details) A: We have considered doing so, but still decided to impress them together, some will be difficult to fight / get. Q: Does this mean that 15 'strong' pet are legendary stage? Because there are so many! A: Enjoy! Q: I rely on! It's like there is a new evil can contest the General Assembly the same day. Thanks instructions. A: We are not a mention of their companions random and given the evil energy? So this really is a new adventure every day. Fortress Q: If I wash the Garona expertise, only that the two standards of expertise will be washed away. Is it? A: Yes. Master Assassin can not be replaced.Aion 6.0DK blood Specialization Raiders: Feel the power of death http://www.vipaionkinah.com/

    • sdgrtryre4566 has written a new blog article "Finals four years ago about! Spain coming! Brazil did not win the hot topic're just a" 02.22.2016

      AP four years ago, Bloemfontein Free State Stadium, the weather is cold, but colder is the FIFA Confederations Cup semi-finals, Spain upset 2-0 loss to the United States, Matador Legion missed the final. The final outcome we all know, the United States could not continue to face Brazil staged a miracle, let the Selecao won the FIFA Confederations Cup in South Africa. After a lapse of four years, Spain comeback, but this time their identity more special. They are the world champions and European champions, and they swept the former two-time European Cup champion, ultimate team tactics richer, more mature mentality. Semifinals to face Italy, all the Italian people bad-mouthing, but Del Bosque and the Spanish ultimate team are matter spirit of twelve. Football world what is possible, let alone a traditional powerhouse like Italy. Spain does not fall into the trap of complacency, well-prepared Italian people so that they are very embarrassed, though not the whole staff, but tactically very well limit the offensive line to play in Spain, Prandelli clever use of two wingers impact fragile Spain wings, especially the wing cut inside pass behind the ball repeatedly successful. If it were not too positive Marjorie shot, and Casey's outstanding play, the last laugh is Italian. Stick to 120 minutes, the Spaniards began to take the upper hand, standing on the sidelines strange smile Bosque, Spain coach shows confidence. Xavi, Iniesta, Pique, Ramos, Mata and Busquets, Spain first six penalty taker eyesight, Italy panic, circle Giovinco anxiety around, not even dare look at the penalty shootout, Bonucci an emergency, the ball fired into the sky, and finally hit the winning penalty helplessly witnessed Navas. Spain just wanted to fulfill the agreed four years ago. Four years ago in South Africa, everyone guessed the final script is Spain against Brazil, two countries in football to create their own era, Matador Legion against the samba football, but unfortunately the way out of the American soldiers stir this play . After a lapse of four years, Spain came back to win with confidence, as Casey said after the FIFA 16 game, 'Brazil of course is that we can think in this tournament the best ultimate opponent. If you can beat the field in the final They would be a very good thing. Our FIFA 16 players and fans will like and enjoy this duel. 'Since 2008, Spain has won two consecutive European Cup and FIFA World Cup champion, won almost all The champion, except he sent a FIFA Confederations Cup, overwhelmed comeback, Spain how willing the opportunity wasted. Brazil, France, had swept the FIFA World Cup, European Cup and the FIFA Confederations Cup Grand Slam, Spain sent this one trophy. In Spain, several times to recall the way to win the contest, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, France and other world despots have been eleven defeated, not with the exception of Brazil played against Spain in the official competition. Turn over the pages of history, Spain with Brazil on the first encounter dates back to the 1986 FIFA World Cup in the contest, that once Spain ended in defeat. The last time the two ultimate teams battle dates back to 1999, the two ultimate teams 0-0 draw. Finally a threshold Brazil, Spain became the monarchs of the sky. Brazil array elements there are many people with Spain, Marcelo Alves Neymar, they are giants Real Madrid in La Liga campaign with Barcelona, they also told the Spanish FIFA 16 players array Ramos, Harvey et al. know too much, the FIFA 16 players kicking each other is no secret at all. Spain beat Brazil can do so, let us wait and see. http://www.fifaga.com/

    • sdgrtryre4566 has written a new blog article "Barcelona 18-man squad: Little Marco Alba led missing Ximei Xi" 12.03.2015

      Mascherano due to technical reasons not selected list of 18 people. Alba and Weiermalun injury absence. Louis - Enrique announced the first list of 29 La Liga Barcelona, 18 were selected. Alba and Weiermalun injury absence, Javier Mascherano unsuccessful due to technical reasons. A complete list is as follows: Teershite roots, Bravo, Alves, Montoya, Pique, Adriano, Mathieu, Batra, Busquets, Sergio - Roberto, Kazakhstan Victoria, Iniesta, Rafinha, Rakitic, Pedro, Neymar, Messi and Suarez. Barcelona first ultimate team has arrived in Vigo, completed the site habilitation. Before departure, the first ultimate team in Gamber Sports City completed before the last technical and tactical training courses, all available FIFA 16 players to participate, Weiermalun injury absence, Barca B ultimate team no one to attend. Alba also appeared in the training ground, he trained individually. http://www.uufifa.com/

    • sdgrtryre4566 has written a new blog article "Fontas: Battle Barcelona mixed feelings Lamaxiya help me transition" 12.03.2015

      fontas said that although it is expected against Barcelona, but his mood is very complex. Fontas revealed that he was originally a midfielder, during the Barcelona B ultimate team desperately short of staff due to the defense ultimate team, his temporary guest defender and success. Beijing at 3:00 on April 6, Barcelona will play against Celta Vigo in the Balai Fernandez Stadium. Celta array has more than former Barcelona youth academy FIFA 16 players, including 25-year-old central defender Andrew - fontas. During training at La Masia, fontas ever get over Louis - Enrique guidance, he was also a group of youth that one of the best FIFA 16 players among the back four. Before the FIFA 16 game began, fontas accepted Barcelona's official website interview. Barcelona's official website: the first 10 this season, beat Celta Vigo 1-0 at the Nou Camp Barcelona. Do you think Celta Barcelona can once again make trouble it? Fontas: Yes, we are making progress, and gradually perfect. But we know that, although we played well, but Barcelona is more powerful, we can not guarantee to beat Barcelona. Of course, we will strive, we hope the FIFA 16 game according to our rhythm. Barcelona's official website: You mean Celta can surprise again? Fontas: In football, anything can happen. We know it is difficult to beat Barcelona, but we is not no chance, as long as we play like the first half as well. Moreover, in their own home, we can get the fans for their support. Our coach said, this is a great FIFA 16 game, as long as we put ourselves at the Nou Camp, have a chance. Barcelona's official website: half of the season gone, people will always talk about you beat Barcelona in the Nou Camp. That victory on what role you played? Fontas: That was the best victory we have achieved this season, but then 10 FIFA 16 games without a win us. We have gone from the best to the worst. Later we summed up our own state is very unstable. Now our state is back, better in all aspects. Barcelona's official website: You are now ranked tenth in the standings, 10 points higher than the relegation zone, 14 points lower than the European war zone, you look forward to it this season, there's more? Fontas: We are trying to improve ranking. In fact, our initial goal is to avoid relegation this season, got 40 points is safe. The idea is to avoid relegation, then consider cup-tied. Barcelona's official website: you are in the Barcelona B ultimate team, Louis - Enrique is your coach, will talk about how to convince you then shift from the midfield to the back it? Fontas: how should I say, not that he persuaded me to change kicked back. I was usually the lower back, but I do not have much opportunity to play. One day the opportunity came, we lack people after the defense, the ultimate team needed someone to play halfback, I think I should try it, so I seized the opportunity. Now look, my choice is right, I feel good. In fact, I can play a lot of positions. Barcelona's official website: As a FIFA 16 player against Barcelona when you feel like? Fontas: This is a very special feeling, I can meet a lot of former ultimate teammates and good friends. Barcelona's life is the most precious of my life experience. I am looking forward to this FIFA 16 game, but in my mind, there are some really indescribable feeling. Barcelona's official website: 2011/12 season, you encountered a serious knee injury, now situation? Fontas: That injury made me stronger, so I know the difficulty of football. Barcelona's official website: injury setbacks make you self-confidence? Fontas: no. On the playing time, injury is indeed a barrier. Injury is also a great influence on me, most of the FIFA 16 players suffered serious injuries in the past do not want to mention, of course, was an exception. There are a few months, I can only be done with the help of walking aids under, but then I was finally able to work and return to the FIFA 16 game. For me personally, I become stronger, and the injury made me realize that he is actually very small in the face of football. Since then, I was lucky enough to not longer seriously injured. That experience helped me grow. Barcelona's official website: you day in Vigo flies what? Fontas: I came here very heart of the city is very beautiful, very nice to me the club, the fans liked me. From the beginning to join the coach is very trust me, it makes me feel good, it is very critical, because being on loan to Mallorca during my hurt. In Vigo, I found confidence. http://www.fifaga.com/

    • Phoenix Ticker ended August 27 Premier League the focus of war, Chelsea 0-0 draw with Manchester United, although not win, but Mourinho is concerned, a draw is enough to make the ultimate team sit tight integration top position, while Chelsea in the last two seasons at Old Trafford guest unbeaten record, the record is 1 win 1 level, of course, I must mention also Cech, making several quality saves, he Chelsea completed 200 FIFA 16 games zero closure Albert. While the focus in this war ended 0-0, but Chelsea and Mourinho personally, have maintained a good record. It is no exaggeration to say that Chelsea is the history of the Premier League for Manchester United headache most of the ultimate team, no one, the Red Devils in the Premier League the Blues have already lost 14 FIFA 16 games, and win rate of only 31%, these data are Manchester United in the face of the other Premier League ultimate team does not have before, after the FIFA 16 game, the two sides in nearly seven times clash in the race, the Red Devils have made only a pitiful 1 win, war is nearly 5 2 draws and three losses without victory. It is worth mentioning that guest at Old Trafford in last season's FIFA 16 game, Chelsea 1-0 victory over Manchester United, after a lapse of more than three months, once again came to the Theatre of Dreams, Manchester United against Chelsea still maintained a strong, get 1 point away to Chelsea in the future will be more psychological advantage of the journey, to Stamford Bridge, Chelsea will probably win. Mourinho also continued personal good record against Manchester United, although this field draw, but as a coach at Manchester United in 17 encounters, the madman made 7 wins, 8 draws and 2 losses impressive record, which guests Dream Theater Mu Mourinho 8th race 3 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses is slightly upper hand, as the face of David Moyes, Jose Mourinho is 9 war 5 wins, four draws unbeaten. The FIFA 16 game, Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney three, Robin van Persie, Welbeck while starting battle, but in front of Cech heroics of Manchester United waves offensive has not harvest goals, Van Persie volley, Wayne Rooney's long-range and Welbeck Qiangdian have all failed, especially Rooney 76 minutes of long-range but Cech brave resolve, eventually Cech zero seal the Manchester United ultimate team's attack, Chelsea became a major contributor on the road to get out of. Since 2004 landed the Blue Bridge, London Blue Lion Cech became the best goalkeeper, now the Czech Republic for the Chelsea goalkeeper has played more than 400 FIFA 16 games, a FIFA 16 game at Old Trafford after United scored zero letters, the Czech goalkeeper usher his first 200 FIFA 16 games zero closure FIFA 16 game at Chelsea, and the current zero seal Chelsea's record by Peter - Bonetti held 208 courses, according to Cech play, this season became the first in ultimate team history only a matter of time. http://www.uufifa.com/

    • sdgrtryre4566 has written a new blog article "Arsenal VS Monaco Starts: Sanchez starting debut single arrow Giroux" 10.30.2015

      Phoenix Ticker evening of August 3 23:20 (UK local time on August 3 16:20 pm), the second round of the 2014 Emirates Cup, Arsenal sits Emirates Stadium against the French runners-up Monaco. Before the FIFA 16 game, the two sides announced the list of starters and bench. In the first round clash, Arsenal 5 to 1 victory over Benfica, while Monaco places a 2-2 draw in Valencia, due to the Emirates Cup wins and 1 field three points, scoring 1 goals can get 1 point, so Assen Carolina lead to eight points, it is likely to end up the Emirates Cup. Arsenal this field discharge 4231 formation, Giroux as a single arrow, Sanchez, Wilshere and Cazorla constitute a second attack echelon, Ramsey and Mikel Arteta double waist. Back online, Koscielny and Chambers halfback partner, Monreal and Debussy either side, goalkeeper Szczesny. The following is a list of both starting and substitute this field: Arsenal (4-2-3-1): Goalkeepers: Guard : Debussy, Koscielny, Chambers, Monreal midfielder: Ramsey, Arteta Midfielders: Sanchez, Wilshere, Cazorla Forwards: Giroux Subs: Martinez, Miquel, Hayden, Beilai Lin, Kekui Lin, Flamini, Chamberlain, Zela Durham, Aker Bohm http://www.fifaga.com/



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