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Cosplay is considered a subculture. And like all subcultures, it is easily influenced by current social trends. Successes of different sci-fi or fantasy movies greatly affect the choices of cosplayers as to what character they will take on. Browse wig-supplier.com to get the latest cosplay ideas.
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    • MarioStory has written a new blog article "How to cut wigs bang" 01.14.2019

      Last time, when I talked with my friend, she told me she is not satisfied with the bang of her new wig.

      Yeah, you may also have same trouble with my friend. The bangs are too long and doesn’t fit your face.

      Today, L-email wig store will teach you how to cut wigs bang.

      First, comb the wigs bang.

      Second, mark the length you want.

      Third, section the part that you want to cut.

      Fourth, pick up some hair to cut, use scissors to cut to the length you want. After finish this part, use similar way to cut other part.

      Fifth, you need to make the bangs thin, use scissors to cut it obliquely.

      Finally, complete the cut and comb your bangs again.

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    • MarioStory has written a new blog article "We're all about Nadia Nakai's fleeking wig game" 04.16.2018

      As an artist, there are many things that you have to invest in while building your brand, and apart from Nadia Nakai being a hitmaker, one thing that we know for sure is that she's managed to create an image for herself, and her wig game has always been on her budget as she is always rocking some good quality inches.

      If you follow the rapper on social media, you’d notice that high-quality edges have never been an issue since she signed to Family tree, and she rocks them well, from lace braided wigs, colourful wigs and even short ones too, she's got it and she slays in every one of them.

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    • MarioStory has written a new blog article "Gender Roles Are Outdated, Even If Just For Robots" 03.19.2018

      I was reading to my 6-year-old nephew while visiting home last weekend when we came across a page that troubled me.

      The book was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle book about robots. Each page described a different robot and its purpose. There were groups of small robots that worked together to complete a task, a robot that looked like a futuristic bus whose purpose was to transport the turtles and robots that played soccer, among others. Some robots were the turtles’ enemies, and others helped the turtles in fighting the enemy.

      As we turned the page I would read to my nephew what each robot’s purpose was. What troubled me was that on one of the pages, a robot had a metal wig and its body looked like a metal white dress. I’m almost certain the robot also had breasts.

      “That one looks like a girl,” my nephew said. “What does that one do?”

      The girl robot’s purpose was to complete household chores like cleaning and cooking, the book explained. Frustrated at the book and at Mirage Studios, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ parent company, I felt the need to explain to my nephew that household chores are not just a woman’s job.

      “Boys and men should also clean and cook right?” I asked him.

      He nodded yes.

      I had a few issues with this page. One problem with the book is that I found it unnecessary to gender robots. They’re not human, there’s no need to add wigs or metal breasts to a machine.

      But if the company is going to decide to gender its robots, why can’t a female-looking robot also play soccer, fight or even be an enemy? Assigning outdated gender roles to the woman robot in a children’s book teaches children that men and women have assigned gender roles.

      My brother-in-law often cooks for his family, so I’m not too worried that my nephew actually thinks cooking is a woman’s job. The idea that cleaning and cooking are women’s jobs has never made sense to me. Why would anyone think teaching only half of our population how to feed themselves makes sense? Or teaching half of our population that they are to rely on someone else in order to eat or live in a clean space makes sense?

      A book that tells my nephew the one woman robot in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ world is meant to cook and clean is not OK. I would be equally frustrated if my niece, or any young girl were reading the book. The message for a young girl is that she has a place in the world and that’s in the home. Telling girls they can and should be interested in sports, science or fighting crime would be cool.

      Children don’t just learn by their parents’ example and in school; they also learn from books, TV, movies and other forms of media. They learn from what they see at grocery stores, in their neighborhoods, at the park or other places they visit. Children are constantly learning from the world around them.

      We don’t have much control about what other people might say or how other people might act in public places, but media companies and book publishers need to be more thoughtful about the messages they’re giving children.

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