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    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "Application of crusher machine technology" Yesterday

      Briquette technology research in China has been put into production successfully and there are ten kinds of. Civil honeycomb briquette with lime sulfur fixing rate can reach more than 50%, industrial boiler briquette with lime sulfur, also has the important meaning to solve the pollution by sulfur of high sulfur coal area. Guiyang, Liuzhou, Changsha and other places there are small coal processing factory, the annual processing capacity of about 30000 tons per plant from lO million tonnes.

      After combustion crusher machine including high chimney diffusing dilution and kaoline processing crusher machine two. High chimney diffusing dilution method can only be the diffusion of S02 into the atmosphere for dilution, reduce S02 pollution around the area pollution sources. Although the method is the most convenient and most economical, but does not reduce the total amount of S02 emissions in the atmosphere from the root. Strictly speaking it is not effect of crusher machine.

      Flue gas crusher machine is refers to the removal of S02 from kaoline processing to be purified, mainly using absorbent or adsorbent for the removal of S02 in kaoline processing, and make it into a stable sulfur compounds or sulfur. It has become one of the crusher machine technology is relatively mature, the most widely used.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "characteristics of grinding mill" 12.13.2018

      Fly ash processing equipment has many kinds, such as grinding mill separator, grinding mill and other mill, my country is not specified, but stressed that shall determine the uniformity of grinding mill in coal ash production control.

      ASTM C - 618 of air entraining agent need uniformity prescribed amount shall not be greater than 20% (optional). The technical characteristics of grinding mill and grinding mill characteristics on section is directly related to the technical study characteristics of grinding mill concrete, also called grinding mill characteristics of research, mainly refers to the characteristics of several techniques focus on grinding mill on, to determine the applicability of some use of grinding mill.

      For the characteristics of grinding mill concrete, is based on the analysis of application technology of shes investigate very important, its main purpose is to determine the quality of grinding mill, grinding mill to judge whether a suitable for cement and concrete production requirements, and the research result is used as the quality control and quality assurance basis. The technical characteristics of grinding mill can be divided into structural and functional characteristics of two categories. The chemical composition, mineral group of grinding mill, particle composition and some color, specific surface area, density, bulk density belong to the structural characteristics of grinding mill activity of volcanic ash, water requirement and stability are the function characteristics, it is refers to the use of concrete in terms of.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "Different of gravel scale" 12.12.2018

      Gravel scale difference is big, the test time can be a small amount of material placed on the sieve surface, start the motor and immediately stop, this time need movement trajectories observed material is correct, if the deviation, it shows the vibration screen has tilt, adjust and. Different of gravel scale, when at work, you need to time periodic to conduct a comprehensive inspection of equipment.

      This mainly includes the following: check whether there is damage to the screen, if any damage to the timely replacement; long run there will inevitably be the anchor bolts loose, once found loose, it is necessary to timely reinforcement; circular vibration screen specifications, while working a little appearance of fatigue damage, which will affect its damping the effect, this should promptly check the spring.

      Many users want to understand how manufacturing circular vibration sieve, even before it needs to understand the different specifications of circular vibration sieve maintenance daily, above several common maintenance methods hope to bring help function to everyone. Circular gravel scale but its basic maintenance measures are similar, in the operation of the process must strengthen equipment maintenance work, timely and full range of inspection of equipment, timely maintenance, to ensure the production order.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "sand machine for production line" 12.06.2018

      Bubble gravel ultrafine grinding mill equipment is often used for sand production line. Breaking, shaping the ultrafine grinding mill is suitable for soft or hard and super hard materials. Especially for silicon carbide, corundum, sintered bauxite, and high hard, and very hard abrasive resistant material crusher effect than other types of higher.
      It is widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, aluminum where soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanism to build stone gold slag production process, performance is particularly good, in the operation process of the equipment, the customer must pay attention to maintenance and maintenance problems of equipment. The staff should be regularly shutdown inspection machine internal wear.
      The degree of abrasion wear-resisting block, after wear should be replaced or repaired. Crusher start to load, the crusher is operating normally after the direction of feed. The crusher work process, banning open door window observing work inside the machine, to avoid the danger of accident. Because the ultrafine grinding mill belongs to the high-speed operation of the equipment, should pay attention to safety issues in particular in the work process. The staff should be far away from equipment, if need to tinker's words, must cut off the power before it can carry out the operation.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "Jaw crusher construction scheme diagram" 11.26.2018

      Many people look at the jaw crusher figure when also can find the connecting bolt in fact of jaw crusher is generally M42, its diameter is relatively small, the material is 45 steel, and its strength is not up to the requirements of the production. Therefore, must be in accordance with the jaw crusher safe operation requirements in the production when using the jaw crusher repeatedly calling for crushing material, vibration frequency of the higher the better.

      At the same time, but also to ensure proper exercise frequency, so that it can reduce the occurrence of fault. Jaw crusher construction scheme in fact for equipment after operation is very important, for all users, will be profound understanding. Usually pay attention to execute strictly in accordance with the requirements of production at the time of the operation, do a good job of jaw crusher maintenance.

      In addition to the jaw crusher and the rules for safe operation, also want to pay attention to timely inspection equipment, find fault and wear to be timely maintenance, efficient operation of security production line.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "The grinding roller and the liner" 11.23.2018

      Under the effect of the centrifugal force of the disc, the material moves around and enters the roller area and is subjected to the grinding roller. The crushed material continues to move around, with the fan airflow into the separator for grading. Under the action of the classifier blades, the material that meets the particle size requirements of the classifier enters the pulse dust collector for collection and is discharged from the discharge valve. The material that does not meet the classifier particle size requirements is returned to the host roll.

      Fourth, wear and long life. The grinder process and the liner are made of high quality materials, and the grinding roller does not directly contact with the grinding disc during the work, so the wear is small and the service life is long.

      Fifth, no environmental pollution, work under negative pressure, no dust spills, and low vibration, low noise, in line with national environmental protection requirements. Technical parameters and equipment pricing please consult online customer service.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "gold ore crusher specifications" 11.21.2018

      Gold ore crusher for sieving sand quarry stone design, in a variety of ore crushing, is widely used in screening line, but also can be used for product classification for coal, mining, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and chemical industry etc..

      It mainly by the sieve plate, side plates, a vibrator, a damping spring device, chassis parts. Following a brief gold ore crusher plate, a side plate, the tensioning plate and other parts of structure, parameter.

      Gold ore crusher plate gold ore crusher plate is an important part of the gold ore crusher machine, based on the technology requirements of size and screening materials, sieve plate can be divided into the bar sieve plate, punching sieve, sieve plate, woven mesh sieve plates, the polyurethane sieve plate etc.

      Different materials, different sorting needs to use different sieve plate, so as to achieve the best effect of screening. But they are made from a domestic high-quality materials, ensure the stability of the wear resistance and the operation of the process equipment, prolong the using, maintenance cycle, the impact of large material adaptability. gold ore crusher plate specifications to six models, the user can choose according to the corresponding types of production needs.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "How much grinding mill in China" 11.19.2018

      In these series of mill. Use 200 mesh mill and 500 mesh mill is the most widely. 80 to 200 head grinder process is broken mechanical milling machine on behalf of a broad user recognized many of the most useful and power, the minimum protection, expand the pace even more and immediately mill equipment, the integrated use of milling machine is to save energy and effective way of protecting environment.

      80 to 200 mill is a mill grinding equipment with high efficiency and energy saving, which has high crushing power has greatly improved the sand production line production capacity, as the product of choice for artificial mechanism, mill has played a crucial role in the process of broken stone, which has a very high economic benefit and social benefit, but also to avoid further wear quartz plate, reduce repair cost for the user.

      500 mesh mill can according to the specific processing material, pick out the series of milling machine specific, such as Raymond mill, commonly used in the barite, calcite, feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, dolomite, fluorite, lime, activated clay, activated carbon, bentonite, kaolin, cement, phosphate rock, plaster, glass, insulation materials Mohs hardness of not more than 9.3 level, high fine powder processing humidity below 6% non flammable and explosive mines, chemical, construction work of more than 280 kinds of materials.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "steel slag grinding machine" 11.16.2018

      Composed of a fixed jaw plate, the movable jaw, eccentric shaft, bearing, bracket, bracket. Divided Jane tilting and pendulum type two. Simple pendulum type steel slag grinding machine upper movable jaw plate machine by spindle supported on the frame, the front bracket, the swing around a spindle, as separate and close to the fixed jaw plate motion.

      Suitable for crushing hard, ductile materials. Compound pendulum steel slag grinding machine movable jaw plate upper support machine on the eccentric shaft, the lower bracket is connected with the machine frame through, the eccentric shaft rotates, the movable jaw plate as separate, close to the fixed jaw plate motion at the same time, but also to move up and down, forming a complex swing. Apply to pieces or fine hardness of stone.

      The main technical parameters of the robust lifting equipment is feeding port size. Mining machinery company with the most reliable quality and the most perfect service, warmly welcome new and old customers come to fieldwork. In this paper, by Mining machinery company e-commerce Department editor, if reproduced, please indicate the source.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "reduce quarry crusher material energy consumption" 11.14.2018

      The way to improve the moving jaw hanging and supporting liner manner jaw using new wear-resistant materials to reduce wear and tear .Before starting sand washing machine , must conduct a comprehensive examination of the jaw broken equipment. During the operation, they often pay attention to whether the chunk of ore crusher stuck to the mine mouth , if already stuck , use hooks to flip the ore.

      In order to reduce quarry crusher material energy consumption , the need for the structure of quarry crusher improvement and innovation , in order to optimize its structure and trajectory. Specific measures such as improved crushing chamber , is now widely used in advanced crushing chamber and smaller bite angle , you can increase the crushing ratio broken jaw , quarry crusher to reduce the wear and tear parts.

      If you need to remove large pieces of ore from the crusher , the appliance should be used exclusively prohibited to do the work by hand , in order to avoid accidents. In fact, Zenith This quarry crusher crusher manufacturers and many other incomparable place. This is why I want to emphasize that it is the preferred product. Although a little high investment , but gains it has brought us is very objective , even beyond what you pay for.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "gypsum board production line knowledge" 11.12.2018

      Ore plays an important role in people's life. Will develop the primary into the life and production, is essential for the processing of crusher. Recently, in the crushing field, in the industry well run through the interview, we learned something about gypsum board production line and gypsum board crusher price knowledge.

      Into this well-established field, machine production of crushing equipment of all kinds of gypsum board at be arranged in good order, we first thought of this family of production line is how configuration, to achieve high efficiency and low energy consumption, envgypsum boardmental protection, and in the industry wide concern?

      The person in charge of the field inform us, choose the field of suitable for gypsum board crusher equipment is the key production line configuration.Usually a complete production line is comprised of feeding equipment, crushing equipment, transportation equipment, screening equipment composition, these equipment how to selection in order to achieve high efficiency and low energy consumption, finished product grain shape standard perfect effect?

      First of all, the part of the broken machine equipment production line is gypsum board. The site selection of gypsum board crusher according to different product standards are divided into: jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone type crusher, impact type crusher etc.. Crusher with various styles because of its own characteristics different, its function is Each has its own merits.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "solve the common faults of jaw crusher" 11.03.2018

      To solve the jaw crusher the spill and its special structure and excellent function to win a larger proportion of important projects of many professional, national infrastructure construction of contributing. On the sand gravel aggregate processing equipment important, new crusher stone production plays a crucial role in the line.

      The new crusher is broken in the professional, skills improvement. In addition, the jaw crusher must learn to solve the common faults. Machine and jaw crusher jaw crusher common faults of new development should know how to solve, in the new machine balance the original machine save electricity, and add the kinetic energy.

      Which greatly improves the production efficiency to prevent oil leakage and other problems of jaw crusher, counterattack plate adjusting device, but also added so that can more quickly and conveniently adjust the size of the data level, the earliest machine as long as a survey on the back of the door, this is the operation time of investigation and protection is not convenient device, and the new jaw crusher machine parameters has change in the door in the side, brings great convenience to operators. The characteristics of the new crusher is simple structure, small abrasion, high production efficiency, high quality, energy saving etc.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "method of vertical roller mill" 10.31.2018

      The first method is the way in which the auger of the slag vertical roller mill is fed directly to the tanker by means of a screw conveyor: the greater advantage of this method is that it can save the input costs of the auger, but there is also a larger disadvantage, Tanker loading time is longer, time instability;

      The second method is the use of automatic packaging machine approach: This method is relatively high degree of automation, saving labor, is the need to purchase finished powder packaging machine, which sets the filling measurement in one, making vertical roller mill more production engineering Automation, but will increase the investment in production;

      The third method is the way the mill delivers the finished product powder directly to the finished material tank: the storage capacity of the material tank is usually over 20 tons and then transported by the tanker to reduce the packaging process, which is more efficient and relatively automated Higher

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "carbon black grinding machine suppliers in India" 10.29.2018

      In China high-end, large crushing and screening equipment field, most of the market share, but according to the actual demand, in the end, small and medium-sized equipment market will maintain a rapid growth, carbon black grinding machine in united states Zenith mine machinery company is up to a new stage.

      Its equipment was applied to the national large-scale water conservancy and hydropower project, various areas of post earthquake stone processing etc.. Zenith mining machinery company is also actively trying to enter a crushing industry in the high-end market, is more established high-end positioning, for the overseas market production base.

      For the development prospects of crushing equipment, Zenith mining machinery company favorably, Zenith mining machinery company said will be more efforts to bring more advanced equipment and technology.

      Zenith mining machinery company has also set up the relevant training and services, in addition to providing spare parts and after sale service support for the user, will also periodically to provide training and technical support. Believe that Zenith mining machinery company's tomorrow will be better.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "vertical roller mill used to produce fine powder" 10.25.2018

      vertical roller mill price work, the need for the internal parts of each other, the status of these parts is very important, but in the production will inevitably be damaged, the damage is due to a variety of reasons, the core of the production of bearings Equipment, the same, in addition we know that the vertical roller mill is used to produce fine powder, so the production process of dust problems can not be completely avoided, then if the dust into the bearing, then what would happen? ?

      Ultrafine grinding work, the need for the interaction of internal parts, the status of these parts is very important, but in the production will inevitably be damaged, the reasons for the damage is diverse, bearing the core of the production equipment to That is the same, in addition, we know that vertical roller mill is used to produce fine powder, so the production process is difficult to completely avoid the dust problem, then if the dust into the bearing, then what will happen?

      (1) The more direct impact of the vertical roller mill bearing into the ash is to increase the friction when the bearing rotates, hinder the normal operation of the bearing, make the equipment run slowly and delay the production efficiency;
      (2) The mixture of dust and lubricant will not lubricate the lubricant, the dust will accumulate too much and the lubricant will be mixed into the dirt, blocking the bearing to prevent it from running. At this time, the bearing of the vertical roller mill will be locked and must be locked Downtime
      (3) slow running, locking are fault, promptly ruled out to resume normal production, but more deadly dust damage is caused by vertical roller mill of the bearing serious wear and tear, shorten the service life, friction caused by dust resistance, lubricant lubrication effect is not good Will cause serious bearing wear and tear, wear to a certain extent will not be able to operate normally, need to replace the new bearing parts before;

      The article describes the vertical roller mill bearings at work, if the bearings into the ash, then what kind of impact will be caused, the above description on this very detailed, mainly three aspects, so to prevent the phenomenon of bearing into the ash Very important



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