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    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "Gravel Mill Process Production Line" Today

      The point is the mechanical damage caused by improper operation in the production of gravel mill, which generally does not cause personal injury, because the gravel mill machine is produced in a closed state, while the staff is responsible only Adding material and collecting materials or maintaining the machine while it is down, improper handling of the machine can damage the parts of the machine itself and generally result in shortened parts life or excessive wear and tear, which can result in increased maintenance costs and Benefit to the ultimate production efficiency, but also the need to prevent one of the failures, usually through the mill manufacturers to train the relevant staff to understand the production of equipment and related knowledge to prevent loss of operational errors.

      The above describes two types of safety accidents in the process of production of gravel mill, and describes the reasons for these failures and the corresponding preventive measures. It can be seen from the above that the more important thing is that customers are required to strictly follow the manufacturers' rules Parts, and require staff to operate in accordance with the provisions of the production of ultra-fine powder machine, which is the fundamental prevention.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "Damage Of Gravel Grinder Bearings" Yesterday

      Followed by the improper lubrication operation of the gravel grinder in the production or the bearing contamination may also cause the damage of the bearing. Generally, the lubricant or lubricating oil, lubricant or lubricating oil is not added in time during the production process. In place, improper selection of lubricant or lubricant, improper lubrication method, etc. can cause the bearing to be damaged to varying degrees due to lack of oil. In addition, dust, dust, etc. enter the bearing during the production process, causing the bearing to clog.

      More common is the bearing damage caused by improper installation, because the operator does not understand the installation of the equipment, use brute force in the installation, with the hammer directly hit the bearing bearing damage greater, this is the main cause of deformation, The other is caused by the installation not in place, if the installation is biased or not installed into the bearing position, resulting in bearing clearance is too small, the bearing will be damaged during production。

      This article mainly analyzes several reasons for bearing damage during the gravel grinder process. In addition to these factors, it is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the bearings of the equipment must not be overloaded. Doing so well can reduce the damage of the bearing during production.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "The performance of ballast crushing machine" 03.23.2019

      In addition, according to the site, material and investment situation, our mine machinery company also may provide the parts of ballast crushing machine, crusher, jaw and impact crusher coupled with sieving system and the new of crushing machine free choice, based on the construction scheme of the most perfect for customers.

      The performance of our mining machinery company crusher product development is mainly based on the crushing machine superior and convenient operation and reliable quality, in similar crushing machine of low energy consumption, low cost of operation and management. In addition, the load factor of equipment, processing product size, important assessment standard gradation variation is also crusher.

      According to the customers on the stone specifications use and yield to freedom is determined by a variety of crusher is composed of crushing machine, provide customers with the best configuration. our mining machinery company provides crushing machine optimal crusher and the most perfect products and services, regardless of whether the pre-sale, sale, after sale, any product technical problems can be resolved in a timely manner system.

      To the quality of survival, service and development is always the company adhere to the strategy of development. our mining machinery company fine service, religious elite, and strive to provide comprehensive, system technology products and services to customers, and our brand.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "the performance of stone crusher" 03.22.2019

      According to the different way of swinging movable jaw, construction waste crusher can be divided into simple stone crushing equipment, complex stone crushing equipment, integrated stone crushing equipment three. Stone crusher plant accessories by double elbow board and single toggle plate two composed of double toggle plate in the work, the movable jaw only simple arc swing, so this model is also called simple swing construction waste crusher; while the single toggle plate in arc swing also moves up and down.

      So called complex stone crushing equipment. There are many domestic construction waste crusher manufacturers, their technical level disparity, uneven product quality. The construction waste crusher teeth plate requirements are very high, close to the world advanced level, while also advancing with the times synchronized update design, to ensure that the construction waste crusher to produce efficient and stable.

      Stone crusher plant is able to maintain the best performance, the most important factor is the construction waste crusher parts must have excellent characteristics of quality assurance, this means optimum design of mechanism as. That is to say, only to ensure that the construction waste crusher to continually optimize the design, in order to ensure the crushing machine has the best performance.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "used mobile crusher for sale" 03.21.2019

      Stone resources integration at this time to the crusher with hitherto unknown development opportunity, aggregate the highway, railway, bridge, construction and other required all cannot do without aggregate process machine. In short, whether the mobile crusher used for which way, the ultimate mobile crusher is by the quarry crusher , Raymond mill, overpressure ladder mill, vertical mill, European ladder mill classification processing and comprehensive utilization equipment. The main waste mobile crusher and stone seam gas is stone development process, has long been the quarry crusher industry as the harmful substances and gas disaster.

      For example, you can use the mobile crusher goaf filling in underground or on the ground after processing filling underground mined out area. stone waste quarry crusher after destroying power. but also by the quarry crusher processing production of mobile crusher brick, stone and light aggregate and other building materials.

      In addition, the crusher not only used in highway, railway, bridge, construction and other fields, can be two times using boost stone resources, mainly mobile crusher waste waste generated in the process of stone development.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "Raymond mill manufacturers and price" 03.21.2019

      In recent years, China's powder industry has gradually grown into a cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary big industry. According to relevant information, the output of the powder industry in the country has surpassed more than half of the total output of the first and second industries and occupies an important position in the proportion of the national economy. With the development of the powder industry, the demand for Raymond mill is also getting higher and higher, of which the equipment produced by Raymond mill already has the ability of ultrafine grinding.

      A Raymond mill offer from tens of thousands to tens of thousands of different, then the number of how much the price of Raymond mill is how to judge it? First of all, different types are not the same as the standard Raymond mill price difference is relatively large, Everyone knows that small types are cheaper and larger types are more expensive.

      Second, the different varieties of Raymond mill offer will vary greatly, the production of Raymond mill manufacturers in Raymond mill offer is how much? Raymond mill quote with the changes in shopping malls and the environment at different times the price will not The small rugged remote knows the impact of Raymond mill offer changes in elements that can help you very good grasp and know Raymond mill offer is not reasonable and appropriate.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "basalt crusher with excellent performance" 03.20.2019

      People in the industry know, depending on the type, can be divided into many basalt crusher, wherein the basalt crusher is sieving a high accuracy occupies an important position in the industry, it is also often basalt crusher, since the device has excellent performance, so start to appear in the market, it appeared the shortage, shows that this equipment is indeed the various industries in the production of manufacturing best helper.

      First, always in the leading characters, on the one hand international metropolis, has certain sensitivity to leading technology, and add their own unique innovation, so has been the industry is the pride, so for the customer, in the purchase when basalt crusher, can give priority to the Shanghai area manufacturer, believe that will to the customer beat all surprise.

      Vibrating screen since the industry's need for equipment, so they come very naturally became the basis of the development of the industry, so if you can maximize its working efficiency of basalt crusher, then the entire production line production efficiency will be improved, so the continue improvement and innovation of the shaker brook no delay, the current development of the industry faster and faster, only developing new equipment to meet the various needs of production, so for the manufacturers, the task is arduous, but the basalt crusher has given good answer, basalt crusher industry believe tomorrow will be better.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "Gypsum Powder Processing Machinery Sale In UK" 03.19.2019

      Successful marketing of small aggregate process machine brought hitherto unknown opportunities for the small crusher, the current domestic gypsum powder processing machinery dealers in uk has quickly cover the domestic market, can provide for oneself, became a national pride of place, SBM mining machinery company produces gypsum powder processing machinery dealers in uk has been successfully obtained the market approval, its credibility, service it is the world's leading, technology.

      At present is to expand abroad, many sales is also quietly changing the. Has a special status and mission SBM mining machinery company revitalizing gypsum powder processing machinery dealers in uk industry in the country in the process of. Run SBM mining machinery industry, production and sales and profits continue to maintain high growth since 2004, industry output rising.

      SBM mining machinery company thinks, after several years of rapid development, the main task of small broken machine industry is to strong, thus strengthening the machine industry of small broken statistics and propaganda work. Do big strong, this year first half of above scale gypsum powder processing machinery dealers in uk industry completed a total industrial output value of 14000000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 50%, of which export delivery value, reached 8000000000 yuan, an increase of nearly 60%.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "High yielding of calcium carbonate plant" 03.14.2019

      Play an irreplaceable role in the social from all walks of life of calcium carbonate plant, calcium carbonate plant is toward large current treatment capacity, ultra fine grained screening, light and efficient environmental protection in the direction of the development of. With the acceleration of the industrialization process, all walks of life to the vibration sieve demand will continue to increase.

      Novel vibration sieve gradually emerge in the various production requirements, in order to further understand the new equipment market situation, the author specially visited vice president of China Machinery Association, analysis, understanding and reports the current development situation and market improved mine vibration of vibrating sieve process.

      The vice president said: the application of ordinary calcium carbonate plant in building materials, chemical, mining, cement and other industries are very broad, strong exciting force and adjustable amplitude, good screening effect, can deal with materials of various proportion of larger, but there are many problems.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "Vertical roller mill fineness adjustment" 03.13.2019

      Vertical roller mill in use, the size of the air flow directly affects the fineness and yield, fineness adjustment according to the proportion of material, water content, size, hardness to adjust, under normal circumstances, different materials need to be processed Fineness is also different, at this time can adjust the top of the analyzer, low speed, low fineness, high speed, high fineness.

      Mainly refers to the amount of vertical roller mill, can be used to separate the processed material, the fineness of the smaller take away the fineness of the need to re-processing, the air volume is from Fan generated, the control part of the air flow in the fan intake pipe on a flow control valve, vertical roller mill operation, under normal circumstances are open to greater, at the same time according to production requirements, the fineness requirements, the appropriate adjust.

      If you increase the fineness, the corresponding output will be reduced, when the fineness of the higher requirements, you can adjust the fan speed, more flexible use of independent regulation.

      The article introduces the vertical roller mill in the production process, the air volume and the fineness of the adjustment problem, for these two aspects of the article is more clear, according to production needs to be adjusted.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "Design Of Limestone Trapezium Mill" 03.07.2019

      In our country's O2 emissions, thermal power plants and coal-fired boilers are emissions industries. Limestone desulphurization technology is currently the most mature technology for controlling O2 emissions in the world. The most common application is the limestone trapezium milling process introduced by Shanghai Zenith, with a desulfurization rate of 95%.

      At present, most domestic power plants use limestone-gypsum wet desulfurization. The desulfurization agent in the desulfurization process is mostly limestone trapezium powder. It can be said that the fineness, quality, particle distribution, and reactivity of the limestone trapezium powder are the key factors affecting the desulfurization effect.

      The specific limestone ultra-fine powder desulfurization process is: first, the ultra-fine limestone powder containing more than 50% calcium and more than 325 mesh fineness is slurried, and O2 in the coal-fired flue gas is filtered out, so that the power plant is reached. The purpose of desulfurization in coal combustion. In this process, the quality of limestone ultra-fine powder is a key factor in the desulfurization efficiency and the degree of environmental protection.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "voltage instability for hammer mill" 03.05.2019

      When the hammer mill is delivered from the factory, there will be a specification of the operation specification. It is required to strictly follow the instructions when the customer uses it. If non-standard operation occurs, it will not only affect the production efficiency, but also may It will cause damage to the equipment.

      In general, in addition to reasonable input, in terms of operation, basic production conditions are also required to be reasonable. For example, the parameters should be set reasonably. For example, if the basic voltage requirements are to be achieved, the voltage is hammer mill at work. The supplier of the driving force meets the production demand of the mill only when the rated voltage is reached. However, in addition to the voltage value problem in the production, the voltage instability may occur, and when an unstable situation occurs, the voltage will be unstable. What are the problems caused?

      The voltage instability is too large or too small. If it is too large, the effect will be to increase the pressure inside the ultra-fine mill and directly blow out the materials that are not ground in place. This will certainly greatly affect the effect. The overall fineness will also have a fatal effect on quality. It will produce unqualified fine powder. This kind of finished product will inevitably fail to meet the needs of market production, which will lead to a reduction in the investment benefits of the production line.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "artificial seawater sodium removal test" 02.28.2019

      The artificial sea water solubility sodium removal effect of sodium chloride at room temperature for 369, namely the concentration of saturated jaw plate fixing method Solution was 26.5%, while the content of sodium chloride in sea water is about 2.65%. Red mud processing production line requirements more strict, in fact, red mud treatment process is relatively complex.

      At the same time, we from the literatures that the content of magnesium chloride from seawater is generally 0.23%, so in theory can be used to replace the magnesium chloride solution of seawater immersion on red mud and repeated the ion exchange thoroughly, to use the production of cement red mud requirements, so you can save cost.In the laboratory, we in accordance with the standard configuration of artificial seawater, artificial seawater preparation of a certain amount, and then said to take 50 grams of red mud, each with 200 ml seawater immersion in 5 hour, repeat three times.

      Filtration after drying, the determination results of Na20 content, the red mud treatment, reduce the content of Na20 in the red mud to 0.78%. The experiment results show that it is feasible to reduce the content of alkali to process red mud utilization of seawater. This may be the use of a large-scale and effective ways to control the red mud. In fact, the composition of sea water is more complex, which contains CaCl2, MgS04 etc.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "calcium carbonate processing flow gradually narrow the gap" 02.27.2019

      Calcium carbonate crusher is mainly used for the material screening, grading, is widely used in coal, mining, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and chemical industry etc.. The current domestic manufacturers hundreds of calcium carbonate processing flow, along with the development and foreign equipment performance is quite. But every year there are a large number of imported vibration sieve into the domestic market, of which Germany's most popular products, won the larger market share.

      What is the reason? First of all, the German screen technology is quite mature. Germany approximately from sixteenth Century began to study screening machinery, obtained the fast development in the period of the industrial revolution in Europe in eighteenth Century.Up to now, after hundreds of years of development, its all aspects of technology are more mature, on behalf of the vibration screening the international most advanced technology.

      Therefore the performance of the equipment is perfect, stable operation, reliable quality assurance, yield, it is an ideal equipment for the user to pursue. Secondly, the German equipment sophisticated manufacturing process. Manufacturing technology of Germany is very advanced, sophisticated processing technology to ensure the parts and the whole equipment precision and stability. With the Germans rigorous and serious attitude, in strict accordance with the design of precision machining, more assured of calcium carbonate processing flow quality.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "industry mine limestone grinding plant" 02.26.2019

      Limestone grinding plant through the application of high frequency and small amplitude will construction aggregate specification detailed division, further reflects the dry powder mortar in building materials market advantage. Widely in dry mortar production field of vibration sieve, largely because of its advantage of equipment.

      Especially the limestone grinding plant, vibrating force it more stable, sieving lime stone powder and cement clinker, the effect is very good. Coupled with the vibration of mining special sieve screen is made of steel plate material production, long service life, the mesh is based on dry powder mortar standard market design, will not cause the clogging of screen.

      At present, the development of the city needs a lot of quality building materials, which is why the concrete companies have mushroomed rise. Dry mortar production and sales has formed a broad market, and the limestone grinding plant role is by improving the screening efficiency and quality of the materials to make sand used in construction standards have a qualitative improvement.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "the structure of stone crushing production" 02.25.2019

      Especially in the building materials market, fine division of multilayer screening and material fineness can effectively improve the quality of sand and gravel aggregate, also provides good conditions for the optimization of mixture ratio of concrete.

      The researchers is higher in stone crushing production line test standard, the more able to structure optimization and adjustment of technical parameters of the equipment maximum, enable it to have more excellent performance in production line. Finally, the vibration tests using sieve has the basic structure of the equipment standard stone crushing production line, are installed at the upper end and the lower end of the eccentric shaft of the motor, resulting in horizontal, vertical and inclined diversified multi direction inertia force, speed up the material screening frequency.

      At the same time, on the eccentric shaft are matched with each other can change the material in the sieve surface movement, can effectively but also improve the screening effect of material. At the same time, the test with the stone crushing production line to error in the process of scientific research of equipment may make fine statistics, to make the most accurate assessment of product quality and implementation in production per unit time effect.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "the crusher design specification drawings" 02.25.2019

      At the time of the purchase customers will exist some questions, that is, when the purchase should choose which basalt crushing production line, quality will be a bit better, in addition to the time of purchase consulting sales personnel, also have no other way.

      Now the information is so developed, especially the Internet technology in recent years is the rapid development, has entered people's lives, has become the essential product of people's life, any problem that we encounter in life can find answers on the internet. Such as the problem of basalt crusher manufacturers like this, only need to enter the click search on the Internet that can find a satisfactory answer, moreover also can find some basalt crusher manufacturer's website, so you can be more comprehensive understanding of the manufacturers products information, even can see the basalt drawings show. And now some manufacturers launched online sales channels, customers can buy suitable for its products on the Internet, through the network shopping greatly reduces the workload of consumers.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "characteristics and influencing factors" 02.23.2019

      First, the nature of the material. The bulk material loose density larger easily penetrated, the crushing efficiency is higher; on the contrary, the material and powder material is not easy to loose density smaller crushing, the crushing efficiency is low. The crusher surface structure parameters. The shape and size of crusher surface length and width, mesh directly affect the barite grinding production efficiency and the crushing effect.

      Second, structure simple and reasonable design make the operation and maintenance are very convenient, high degree of automation, reduce manual input, is an economic, efficient crushing machine. Fourth, it has good sealing performance, less dust pollution, provides a clean working environment for the user, but also comply with the relevant national standards, the green environmental protection. To understand the working principle of the vibrating crusher with over hanging post, we'll analysis the factors about affecting its crushing efficiency.

      Third, the vibration characteristic parameters of construction waste crusher. Equipment operation, will crusher angle, debugging the direction angle of vibration, amplitude and frequency and other parameters to the best state. If you are looking for an efficient Harbin construction waste crusher, sieve suspended vibration we are your best choice. Detailed information, you can through the business to our customer service consulting.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "Different types of river pebble crusher" 02.22.2019

      Here's watch river pebble crushing equipment daily maintenance and maintenance measures. Said manufacturers river pebble crushing equipment, vibrating screen in before and after the operation, should be timely check for the anchor bolt, to ensure that the work before and after fastening, and not to a connection point to loosen.When the type river pebble crushing equipment to start work, but also pay attention to the parts between the equipment can not sound collision or close contact, to have a certain gap between each component parts, prevent damage or production make too much noise.

      The end of run in circular vibration sieve, need to do is the equipment inside the residue of the material completely remove the next run, prevent the clogging. We also tell manufacturers river pebble crushing equipment, usually need to timing screen and the spring device of vibration sieve regular check, found that failure to timely repair. When the vibration sieve operation for a period of time after the lubricating oil should be added in a timely manner, also check the bearing damage, so as to timely repair or replacement.

      Repair and maintenance measures and that's the river pebble crushing equipment manufacturers for the circular vibration sieve we explain, hope to be able to cause the operation and the majority of users attention. In the actual operation, all operation staff should be familiar with the basic structure and operation principle of vibrating screen, once found river pebble crushing equipment type failure to timely stop and inform professional maintenance personnel for maintenance, to ensure the normal production.

    • gjsohcat has written a new blog article "The gypsum production line power" 02.21.2019

      The development of the society gradually accelerated, all walks of life are also struggling to development, especially the industry machinery and equipment, building and road projects such as expanding, all kinds of cement, brick and tile and a series of materials were also rose in a straight line, while the gypsum is the most important material, therefore the gypsum crusher demand also increase than in the past, gypsum the crusher has an alias of gypsum crusher, gypsum mobile crusher can be regarded as the gypsum industry best helper.

      Concrete because of its low price and rich raw material and make it become the most widely applicable of many materials, is also a kind of the most, its advantage is not only reflected in the construction, is in shipbuilding, machinery and other industries also full highlights, but because the production process of gypsum is very complex, need to cooperate with the machinery and equipment the gypsum production line industry, so the door so open, as is known to all.

      when in gypsum production, crushing machine as the first stage of equipment, plays an irreplaceable role, it is the professional gypsum crushing equipment, its performance determines the subsequent manufacturing product from the pros and cons, so enterprises in when choose gypsum equipment to be especially cautious, and for aggregate in different specifications, gypsum production line types are different, but all of this is in determining the want cooperation manufacturers, technicians gypsum crusher manufacturers will help customers solve problems.



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