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    • bunny4385 has written a new blog article "How to get Tera Gold and Tera Items" Yesterday

      I think many young children must know Tera this game,many players must always buy Tera Gold and Tera Items online, you can check there are many websites sell this game stuff,and for our website,we can sell you Tera items ,and Tera Gold.You can check it from our MMOAH,the operator will help you.

      And now the Tera Items is more hot sale than others stuff. So how to get Tera Items safely and fastly? Everyone should know buy gold online is very fast way,but we cant say that is very safe to buy online enough,so if you want to make sure everything goes well when you buy tera gold, please make sure every information with the website,you can ask the website first,you can come to the MMOAH for the futher help,the operator will help you to get tera gold and items more faster and easier,it is also a safe way to get it in case you get scammed in game,because we will send out as soon as you make order.

      If you want to buy tera gold and items,but also want to make sure we can send it in 10-15 mins after you place order here,you can come to contact with our customer service to check the stock,for this point,just want to make sure you don't need to wait so much time after you buy,some websites can not get enough stock all the time,so it would be good for you if you check first.And pls follow the step of our operator,and remember what she says on,just in case anything happen in game.In a word,if you buy mesos from our website,we promise we will send it in 10-15 mins fastly and easier,we won't let every customer here down, because we want to have a long business with you on Tera Gold and tera items ,but no matter when you leave,we hope you will have a pleasure business with us anyway. https://www.mmoah.com/tera/tera-items

    • bunny4385 has written a new blog article "En Masse to Celebrate Its Sixth Birthday which has a Month-Long Celebration" 05.24.2018

      En Masse Entertainment is just about to celebrate the sixth anniversary from the PC launch of Tera Items . In fact, it can be such a big event that it must be going to take a whole month to party hearty. Throughout may, players is able to take advantage of hosted community events, get involved in in-game bonus events, get great bargains on shop items plus more.

      In addition, players will see the return on the rare Terrons together with a number of dungeon and battleground events along with a special double guild rewards event.

      The community team will likely be hosting events at and outside of game through the anniversary month, including new screenshot and loading screen art contests for creative TERA fans. En Masse staff is going to be in-game through the entire world during weekdays, excluding Monday May 28, presenting anniversary scarves to players who discover them politely request one. The team is going to be posting weekly updates detailing which servers and times they is going to be in-game handing the scarves out, so players ought to keep their eyes for the
      Tera Gold homepage for his or her shot on the free short time goodie! Buy Tera Item at: https://www.mmoah.com/tera/tera-items

    • bunny4385 has written a new blog article "Official TERA PlayStation 4 Review" 05.23.2018

      The game is stilled stricken by Tera Items bugs we noted inside our first review (e.g. wrong server selected, some trophies not being awarded, some stuttering, etc.) and also, since day one of jump players never have seen any patches yet. Just today I fell into another, known annoying bug, my character marker is missing through the mini-map. So, there may be some concern about how patient players will probably be with bug fixes as a number of the continuing bugs have already been known since open beta.

      Overall, it’s nice to find out another MMO on consoles. If you choose to experience Tera on XBox One, a Gold subscription is needed to play. On the other hand, PS4 owners don't need a PlayStation Plus subscription to try out Tera on PS4. Watching a couple of Twitch streams over the first week of official release it gave the look of many were, in most cases, looking forward to this game. If you unquestionably PC version, you’ll likely to end up disappointed within the console release since its content and features haven’t embroiled yet. For any other console owner who has never experienced Tera it’s really worth download and logging into websites as it’s a good free-to-play MMORPG it really is a fast paced, charged experience and heck we did say it’s free!

      Buy Tera Items at: https://www.mmoah.com/tera/tera-items

    • bunny4385 has written a new blog article "Console Launch Day Arrives Complete with New Trailer" 05.22.2018

      En Masse Entertainment is celebrating today's Tera Gold console launch with trailer. PlayStation 4 and XBox One players may turn their journeys nowadays in what the developers call the "definitive MMO experience".

      TERA’s customized console controls add a streamlined interface, intelligent button mapping and new gameplay systems. The fast-paced combat, skill-based aiming and positioning, and furious combos create a visceral experience that actually works perfectly on consoles. With a character type to fit nearly every play style and innumerable customization options, TERA gives every kind of player a character, story, and experience that may be truly his or her. Players can quest alone, bring their friends, make new allies and accept challenges the size of the world of TERA as well as the Big Ass Monsters that reside in it.

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    • bunny4385 has written a new blog article "Counterpunch Update Goes Live, Offers a Free Character Slot" 05.21.2018

      En Masse Entertainment has announced that Tera Gold may be patched with all the Counterpunch update. Most notably, Counterpunch brings the male Brawler into your game. To accommodate the brand new character, players logging into websites between today and March 20th should have a free character slot "mailed in their mind via in-game parcel".

      Other ongoing events:

      From today through April 10th, produce a male Brawler and level him to 15 to take delivery of the Bantamweight Brawler's Box
      From March 16-18, participate in the St. Patrick's Day event
      Weekend warrior events every weekend because of this weekend through April 7-8

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    • bunny4385 has written a new blog article "Get TERA's "All-Access Pass"—While It Lasts!" 05.19.2018

      If you purchased Tera Gold this bundle from Chrono.gg and you're having trouble redeeming your code, please consult our FAQ on redeeming codes to your En Masse account.

      In co-operation with our friends at Chrono.GG, TERA is having a one-day-only sale, and we wanted you to be the first to know!

      On Thursday, December 28, head to Chrono.GG and look for the “All-Access Pass” for TERA’s most amazing deal of the year. The bundle includes:

      Level 60 scroll
      15 days of Elite Status
      Complete set of level 58 gear

      Ordinarily, this would run you well over 5,500 EMP, but for one day only, you can get this sweet bundle at 74 per cent off!

      This bundle will get one character up to level 60, fit them out with high-end gear, and enjoy all the benefits of elite status (if you’re not already) for a one-of-a-kind low, low price of only $14.99.

      Buy Tera Gold at : https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • bunny4385 has written a new blog article "For Those New To Tera" 05.18.2018

      The an entire world of Tera Gold began a good, long time ago when two titans of unimaginable power, Arun and Shara, met in a very formless void. For unknown reasons they went to sleep. And as they slept, they dreamt, in addition to their dreams become reality. Their dreams triggered the formation of twelve gods and associated “mortals” (i.e races). The gods eventually traveled to war in relation to scheming, rivalries, etc. The gods also brought the mortals to the war’s battles. These wars left a lot of the gods dead, imprisoned, or otherwise diminished. The god wars also impacted the mortals as some races were destroyed. Others, such as the Baraka plus the Castanics, emerged in the conflict itself. And as Tera begins, the Humans, High elves, Amani, Castanics, Baraka, and Poporis have banded together to address a menace from beyond their world referred to as Argons, a metallic race from your Underworld.

      Tera can be an action combat MMO in places you aim your attacks and dodge telegraphed attacks from the foes. The telegraphs are visible red zones, that show up in different styles and sizes, on a lawn for the current mob you’re engaged with. There are thirteen classes from the Windows PC version using the Reaper class unlocking once you have a toon at level 40. Another original characteristic of Tera was the simple fact you’ll encounter BAMs (a.k.a. “Big-Ass Monsters”) in dungeons and open-world content. Tera is really a free-to-play experience, without the need of artificial cap on classes, zones, your skill, etc. All the content inside the game may be experienced without buying anything. There is obviously an in-game store that gives cosmetic items and services to produce your journey to separate game somewhat quicker, in addition to, their paid subscription option, elite status.

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    • bunny4385 has written a new blog article "Buy MapleStory Powerleveling to Get Free Extra Mesos as Reward!" 05.17.2018

      Hi All,We have got an excellent Promotion News to suit your needs! MapleStory 2 Mesos has decided to execute a promotion for MapleStory Powerleveling this Month. And the info is as following:Promotion Time:2/18 – 2/29Promotion Content:For MapleStory PowerlevelingBuying $20+, getting 100M Free Mesos Buying $50+, getting 200M Free MesosBuying $100+, getting 500M Free MesosFor MapleStory Mesos100M Mesos Only from $1.57 NowFor MapleStory For MapleStory Nexon Cash10K Nexon Cash Only $9.5 NowClick Here to Start to Browse the Cheap MapleStory Products Now!

      Is it Completely Necessary to get yourself a Permit?No it's not. But like Ive said it will be the MOST IMPORTANT account a merchant may have. It is abundant harder to administer following a boutique permit, however if you accept to your account could go permitless until 200 million. Until this time you MUST receive a permit. Not alone should it acceleration your action there and you could calmly allow one, youll attending such as a fool after one. Assurance me.When Do I aggrandize with a Mushy?First of all, if you purchase a Doughy accomplish abiding you will get the 2 anniversary one (9.9k NX). Its pricey, but neverless has got the best deal. If you aboriginal obtain a doughy accomplish abiding you accept AT LEAST 750 actor mesos. Even again it ability cease account it- 9.9k NX is calmly about 400 million. The NX arrangement is crazy right?The benefits of mushy are obvious instead of. The most obvious reason is that you simply dont have to stay that store- just work it and go away completely! The other main benefits will be more with the distinctive line of RECOGNITION. I cover the subject down below, but Ill supply a few areas of it. When you have a mushy commemorate you seem pro. Especially when set up on FM1 or FM2, your shop is going to be recognized with less effort and material stood out more as being a merchant. It comfortable to wear to have a mushy than rather a permit, believe me! Also, many loaded guilds use mushys. Its always the good thing to use a guild FM, for example CH9 FM1 as well of that sort and hang up a mushy there.

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    • bunny4385 has written a new blog article "TERA Presents: New and Improved Strongboxes" 05.16.2018

      Tera Gold ’s strongboxes just became a whole lot better! Starting following maintenance on Tuesday, April 17, every strongbox you open—including the people you’ve been in your inventory since forever—will include something that you, the members, find useful.

      This shows that each and every strongbox presenting a chance to drop the top “jackpot” stuff you’ve been clamoring for—and not contain the issues you told us were simply not that essential to you. Furthermore, we’ve reduced the "leveling" strongboxes to some single box that has a focus on fashion therefore you look good when you level.

      These will be the three Locked Strongboxes you can find in TERA: Thank you for your feedback and suggestions regarding how we could improve TERA ’s strongboxes. We’re confident you’ll like what we’ve performed to make them more useful—and, obviously, as usual, when you have comments around the new strongboxes, make sure you let us know!

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    • bunny4385 has written a new blog article "Steps to indicate ways to Scam People on Maplestory" 05.15.2018

      Do you will want a lot of Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos fame without having done any quests, buying it, trading it, or asking visitors to fame you? If so, here some steps ready to suit your needs.That means its away and off to a good start, however has enough to grow before it reaches its full potential. Can you make a choice flourish? If you think this content offers complete and accurate instructions, do remove this tag!Steps1.

      Go to some busy area such as place wheres there a lots of players and noobs such as the Kerning PQ or even the Monster Carnival lobby.2.Say similar to B&gtfame 100k Trade first then fame. I only answer trade3.You can spam it on your own or work with an auto talker to mention the things to express.4.Watch as those fame you, but get no reply from trade.5.After a few hours go run off along with your fame.

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    • bunny4385 has written a new blog article "The Changes of MapleStory Needed On West Market" 05.14.2018

      Service in Korea still determines MapleStory 2 Mesos main content and design, but each region possesses its own dedicated service that ensures the experience is unique and unique to each and every player.MapleStory gets an update nearly every month and you could imagine how big the overall game has become in the past. It will be hard not have anything to do with the sport.

      The Reason Why MapleStory Is UniqueThe change in the experience is impossible to fulfill everyone. Everyone simply carries a different opinion. Therefore MapleStory would want to supply what are the masses want, provided that the experience balance, the economy as well as the longevity of the experience do not hurt. The biggest updates, like V or Big Bang in the year 2010, included changes that this players had expected.Although MapleStory is quite successful, you'll find hardly any games that include this gameplay. There is just one maple story.

      No copy will be as good because the original.2017: See One Of The Most Difficult Bosses In MapleStoryRefer to your future of MapleStory, as part with the big V update, the procuders will launch the long-awaited boss boss Lucid - Master of Nightmares in January, that will become one on the most difficult bosses inside the history of MapleStory. In addition, there have far more to announce in 2017.

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    • bunny4385 has written a new blog article "MapleStory Override Hot Week From June 26 To July 2" 05.11.2018

      To celebrate the launching of Override update, MapleStory 2 Mesos made a decision to hold a Hot Week event which starts on June 26th and ends on July 2nd.For players who own a character with Level 33 at the very least, they'll receive a Gift Box everyday. As long as you have sufficient claimed gifts, it will be easy to see the Hot Week reward. So, clear your unclaimed gifts and ensure there are not 15 unclaimed gifts within the gift box.

      Each days Gift Box will probably be removed from 2:00 AM PDT.Monday, June 26&bullSpell Trace (x100)Tuesday, June 27&bullPower Elixir (x30): UntradeableWednesday, June 28&bullSpecial Medal of Honor: UntradeableThursday, June 29&bull2x EXP Coupon (x3): Untradeable, 7-day duration. Use to obtain 2x EXP for thirty minutes.Friday, June 30&bullMysterious Meso PouchSaturday, July 1&bullNon-Reboot worlds&bullBonus Potential Scroll 60%: Untradeable, 7-day duration.&bullReboot world&bullMysterious Meso PouchSunday, July 2&bull Override Coin (x30): Untradeable&bullPlus select one additional reward on the items given Monday through Saturday!

      According for the official notes, when you get every Gift Box from Monday to Saturday, after that time Sunday you'll be able to Buy MS 2 Mesos select another gift from all of of the goods that were given out of Monday to Saturday.

      Buy Maplesotry 2 Mesos at : www.mmoah.com/maplestory-2

    • bunny4385 has written a new blog article "MapleStory 2 - Epic Story Renewal: Adventurer" 05.10.2018

      In this short article, well provide you with MapleStory 2 Mesos the eight normal classes in MapleStory 2.PriestThe Priest is often a miracle worker who follows the teachings of God. While shining the light source on the battlefield using their Scepter, the Priest uses precisely the same holy capacity to protect its allies. The Priest includes a good nature and also a warm heart, however, if facing enemies that have sinned, they strike them down with divine light and provide decisive punishment. The Priest shares the teachings of God and was shipped to the palace privately to aid give emotional stability to others.

      KnightThe Royal Guards elite Knights are strong warriors who defend their allies that has a Long Sword and Shield. Their shields and armour, made out of the latest technology, can be a collaboration between Tria and Perion. They are not only famous because of their durability but also because of their beautiful design.RangerThanks on their outstanding eyesight and strength, once an arrow is fired, however far an enemy is, it'll never astray. With a swift and light-weight body and brilliant movements in emergenices, the Ranger devastates enemies within the battlefield. Rangers certainly are a part with the vigilante group known as the Green Hoods, founded from the legendary archer Hastur.BerserkerBerserkers are acknowledged to be raised in the tribe from Perion. In order to survive the barren and harsh environment, their tribe became stronger and much more gifted warriors than the others. Those who learnt to swing a sword before they are able to even walk received the name Berserker.ThiefThief job relies largely on LUK but additionally a balance of DEX due to the strength. Thief's weapon of choice is really a dagger. They have to be able to wield two daggers simultaneously or perhaps a dagger and shield combination. Faster than light, they swing their daggers in the hands because their enemies fall to the floor.AssassinOnce a target may be marked with the Assassin of darkness, they may never escape. After confusing an enemy which consists of clone, they throw a star from afar which deals fatal damage.

      Heavy GunnerCarrying their heavy artillery weapons called Cannons, they can be outlaws with the battlefield and destroy everything having a casual look for their faces. Even making use of their natural strength, dexterity, and powerful weapon, these are hard to help. Their unpredictable and eccentric natures mean never-ending difficulty with these brats. The Heavy Gunner originates from the Talisker area in Kerning City, where they serve as hired mercenaries for scientists.WizardWizard uses two-handed staff to decelerate enemies with frost and damage these with flame. Through a pursuit for endless knowledge, they've learned to handle the forces of nature freely. They can freeze everything which has a cold air, or burn everything to ashes with the intense flame. But for the battlefield, due on their unknown power, they may be often the initial target. Buy Maplesotry 2 Mesos at : www.mmoah.com/maplestory-2

    • bunny4385 has written a new blog article "Nexon Posted A Picture Puzzle For MapleStory 2 Mesos" 05.09.2018

      The gamers MapleStory 2 Mesos are guessing a range of games, the two most discussed games will be the Tree of Savior and MapleStory 2 in the Nexon sure enough.If you mention the relevance in the image to online MMORPG games like Tree of Savior, which some people agree to are the true Rag 2. It is enough to concentrate up.

      If you remember, the logo on the Tree of Savior is a large green tree. With yellow letters and greenish green edges. All leaves inside image will likely be fully color. The look with the leaves is an indication of a large wood. It is possible that image could possibly be related to some time it will probably be available. By any time there is often a green leaf that actually starts to brown. With leaves that happen to be light green, however, not sugar, no end late winter or early October or September. If the forecast is correct, it is a photo that is a significant media ever.Come to MapleStory 2 on the picture is clearly a fall. Or fall, this can be the main theme on the game MapleStory, as it's the maple tree is considered the most beautiful. Nexon Thailand has posted a note that leaves fallow, which is the main theme of MapleStory, but inside the past, most in the maple leaves straight.

      This is often a possibility the team may add fun to guess people fun. It is possible to modify the maple leaves to a new. Even color themes will not likely match. Do not use distinctive symbols. But the theme from the game is incredibly similar to the autumn. It is reasonable to assume that it game.Both MapleStory 2 and Tree of Savior are thought to be tree games, so it's highly feasible that one from the games will probably be open in Thailand by our Nexon Thailand team. I do not determine if this is often a game, in case it is MapleStory 2 Mesos, Buy Maplesotry 2 Mesos at : www.mmoah.com/maplestory-2, I believe that it's going to get a good response from your game of Thailand.



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