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    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Free-to-play action MMO TERA gets Xbox One and PS4 release date confirmation" 07.19.2018

      If you think of free-to-play action MMOs, then TERA won't doubt one thinks of. Today the group at En Masse Entertainment have confirmed the discharge date for your console version on the game.

      Coming to Xbox One and PS4 on April 3rd 2018 will likely be TERA, a sport that offers to immerse you within a massive world combining the high adventure of epic MMORPGs with TERA’s own trademarked fast-paced precision combat mechanics.

      With streamlined interfaces, intelligent button mapping and new gameplay systems all promised and capable of compliment TERA’s trademark fast-paced combat, all with the skills, tactics, and high-octane combos which will make TERA’s combat so deep and satisfying will quickly be seen by the a lot of console gamers available.

      A number of character types will likely be in place these should be sure that nearly every play style or customization choices are well catered for, allowing TERA to get every player a gameplay experience that is certainly uniquely their particular.

      Whether you intend to quest alone, bring your mates, make new allies or perhaps take on Big Ass Monsters, the wonderful an entire world of TERA awaits.

      If you can’t delay until 3rd April and therefore are eager to get practical with TERA, you may purchase the TERA Founder’s Packs beginning March 27 for $29.99. These Founder’s Packs add a full week of Head Start access, and grant a number of compelling in-game what to the most diehard of players.

      “There quite a bit of excitement in gaming to finally understand the action combat TERA is very famous for realized on console,” states Matt Denomme, Sr. Product Manager at En Masse Entertainment. “We had a fantastic reception to Open Beta test from TERA veterans and newcomers. We are pumped to finally bring the deep, challenging, definitive MMO experience gamers are already waiting for to https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Tera: The European Beta has started - Reader News from Greyn" 07.18.2018

      Long have we waited, however it is finally here. The first European beta test invitations for the upcoming MMORPG Tera have already been sent to selected people.

      A couple of weeks ago Frogster has announced that it'll not be long until is going to be held the primary tests from the European version of Tera. The time has come and also the only lucky ones in a position to download the beta client and shortly begin testing. A total of approximately 1,500 people on the 1st beta event may participate. These were picked among other competitions, fan sites along with the oficial Tera Europe Forum. Frogster asks the people who have thus far not get yourself a key via e-mail provided for patience, owing to each new beta event more people are going to be invited.

      In this beta build, it can be possible the testers to experiment with their characters approximately level 17th It is also interesting this test no NDA therefore is governed by any tester may take pictures and videos. Thus, you can look forward to many live streams and beta experience. Incidentally, the full beta can be found in https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Tera: new video introduces the instance The Dark Cathedral" 07.17.2018

      In the type of Tera The Dark Cathedral, players must stay away from the rebirth from the Demon God locomotive. A video posted to fresh shows the 3 levels of authority.

      The European publisher of Tera Frogster has released a brand new gameplay video today that this instance showing The Dark Cathedral. The players in the instance explore while the 3 levels of Church Ruins which might be desecrated by adherents in the long-lost demons God locomotive. Under the leadership of Bishop dark followers Lok looking to revive. it will likely be up to players to steer clear of the rebirth of locomotive and clear in the plains in the ruins.

      The roughly two-minute video shows a gaggle of Tera players from the fight against monsters and demons followers of God in the illustration showing The Dark Cathedral. The gameplay video to Tera place your soon after this news release. More information concerning the upcoming online role-playing game you learn inside the summary in the interview with all the lead writer of Tera David Noonan on https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Tera: Registration to the European Beta starts + Video Teaser" 07.16.2018

      Tera will start in Europe inside the closed beta phase. We'll explain to you how you can include with a few luck one of the first testers.

      Who wants longer antesten Tera, now gets slowly the prospect. If your you until January 13, 2012 at 11:30 about the official site of operator Frogster registered automatically take your part from the draw to the first 1,000 closed beta access for Tera in Europe. Should you have no luck, then you'll have the opportunity to explore the joy of Tera again in later Invitation waves. Thanks Unreal 3 engine and direct combat system promises Tera visually playful interesting as.

      Tera premiered almost a year ago in Korea, Europe and America, it ought to be ready within the spring of 2012 found. To shorten the waiting time the Tera fansite Steparu has released three videos to Tera. The videos show gameplay, including a dungeon boss encounters and also a tour from the impressive open game world Teras. You can find the videos for the Steparu.com website. Tera will probably be released in Europe and America in 2012 nevertheless in this country operates by Frogster. More facts and information can be https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Tera: buffed.de handing out 5000 keys the past closed beta weekend!" 07.14.2018

      Tera to get started on on Friday, April 13, in the dark, the 5th and final closed beta weekend, which should be to be having a special event. Buffed.de handing out 5,000 Additions for your fifth beta weekend. Be there!

      towards the grand final closed beta to Tera approaches. Tera servers are powered up for the 5th and final closed beta weekend on Friday, April 13, 2012 at 15 o'clock. The event ends on Sunday, April 15 in the dark. Saturday the exam weekend is accompanied also by a get together where Velika is attacked by Argon. Your task should be to repel the attackers. The timetable for the occasion on each server, along with the patch notes for your fifth closed beta weekend you read third , news release.

      You still no access? No problem! buffed.de giving out a total of 5,000 accesses for the last closed beta event. So if you wish to take a look after Aborea, should go online buffed.de and click on "tap for the 5th closed beta weekend Tera Now Key" around the link below. We will send your key directly following deposited on your account buffed.de e-mail address. Do you have difficulty with the receiving the email, there is the code also within your profile in this little.buffed.de. Keys, there's only as long as https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Tera: prelude towards the policy system" 07.13.2018

      In Tera it truly is since Wednesday, May 16, 2012 possible to try to get the post of Sitting around the throne. Frogster has now announced considers which tasks and obligations of the items hold and just how you can connect with you.

      On Tuesday, 15 May 2012, the political system has been available since the online role-playing game Tera with patch 1.0.29. Since Wednesday, May 16, 2012 you may watch again submit an application for the post of Sitting about the throne. The voting phase for the candidate begins on Wednesday, May 23, 2012. The Vanarch rules on the particular area Arborea, which enables it to rise among other things, taxes on traders, crystal dealer, skills teacher, Pegasus and teleport 1-15 percent.

      Applications can be submitted one character per game account. The character can't be deleted through the election and term of office. In addition, the type must be a minimum of level 50 and have absolutely reached its director One guild level 3, that has more than 20 members. The competitions will definitely cost a fee of 3,000 gold and 100 Cathanarch badge. Login you are able to watch in Velika at Jorian and Allemantheia at Paulo.

      The Vanarch has at the outset of his term greater than 1,000 policy-points he is able to spend. He can player-versus-player battles disable or amongst others on a PvP server in the particular area call special dealer. The full list to do the job application criteria along with the tasks on the Sitting around the throne can be obtained on the official website of Tera. Valuable Information to Tera Bluehole Studios can be obtained on https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • American players Tera have the option to obtain with in-game money Chrono Scrolls which grant each four weeks of game time. even so the Chrono Scrolls can be purchased mass for 14.99 US dollars and therefore are then traded amongst players in the shop of En. The Chrono Scrolls are, based on En Masse help against bots and gold farmers. on 29 June 2012. Furthermore, launches the Community Event Raiders in the Lost Egg.

      En Masse has published with the US server Tera chrono Scrolls and so given the probability to players of American Tera version to buy thirty days of game time for in-game money. The Chrono Scrolls are available for 14.99 US dollars from the official store of En Masse and traded amongst people for gold. Such a cycle will, based on En Masse, be designed to impede the gold farmers and bot users life.

      En Masse has to a guide Chrono Scrolls published to reply to questions. You can find the guide within the official website of Tera. Also starts on Friday, June 29, 2012, case Raiders on the Lost Egg hunt where players for eggs, which might also include a mount near to rare crystals. The event Raiders from the Lost Egg goes until July 8, 2012. More information regarding the community event you will find around the official website of Tera. More Tera are available on https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Rift: Storm Legion - In buffed offer over 25 percent savings" 07.11.2018

      Rift: Storm Legion buy now cheap: Together with our colleagues from games.saturn.de we're dealt a unique offer to suit your needs. You get over 25 percent discount on Rift: Storm Legion - The offer relates to the extension itself along with combo packages together with the main game as well as the digital Collector's Edition!

      Rift: Storm Legion may be the first expansion for Trion Worlds' successful online role playing game Rift. The developers promise several innovations, including fresh dungeons, the New Magicians soul, previously unexplored continents and also a housing system that us inside our preview of Rift: Storm Legion has impressed mightily. Should you have interest to investigate the world of Telara, then you definately should you regard the subsequent offer, which were traded as well as our colleagues from games.saturn.de in your case!

      This special Rift offer is only valid until 14.11.2012 - You should strike quickly if interested, then! By the way, at Amazon costs Rift: Storm Legion (the first sort publication) the whole EIA price. If you continue to have questions or need guidance, within the second page informed you will https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Activision, Sega Veterans at Ignited Artists Unveil Co-Op Roguelike Barbaric" 07.10.2018

      Barbaric, a cooperative roguelike occur a grimdark fantasy realm, will arrive on Windows PC via Steam in Q4 2017. Developed by Ignited Artists, a team of industry veterans helmed by way of a former Vice President at Activision Blizzard and Executive Producer at Sega, Barbaric will deliver endlessly-replayable dungeon-crawling.

      In a global shrouded in eternal night, a small grouping of champions band together to repel the demonic scourge plaguing their land. To fulfill the prophecy of your new dawn, the heroes must rely on one another, depending upon specialized skills to navigate the tough landscapes of Aldderas.

      Select certainly one of eight powerful adventurers and enlist assistance from friends online to live procedurally-generated dungeons and also the ancient evils within. Each race and hero possesses distinct talents web site augment their powers and strengthen the party.

      With combat inspired by competitive fighting games, Barbaric requires thoughtfulness about the battlefield. Deep, highly-customizable actions, as well as ever-present friendly fire, necessitates warriors to be sure their blows choose the best targets.

      That is, until a mission draws with a close. Then teammates can backstab the other person and fight finest to bring home the boss token, what one hero can exchange for powerful loot.

      “Combat will be the heart of each dungeon-crawler, but where is it possible to find the best combat? Fighting games.” says Scott Foe, Game Director of Barbaric. “We tossed out anything from the classics and borrowed from fighting games to supply the smoothest, most-thoughtful expertise in the genre.”

      “Great gameplay makes perfect to the Barbaric experience, and Barbaric is additionally the most-visually beautiful roguelike ever created. The world has been waiting 37 years with this game,” adds Alessandro Tento, Ignited Artists’ https://www.mmoah.com/tera/tera-items

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Han have hand tour of "TERA M" detailed exposure" 07.09.2018

      In the start of the Netmarble Together with Press conference, announced the launch from the network of stone "TERA" hand travel version, even so the real machine intelligence official yesterday in outflow, let's wait and watch how these kinds of game.

      Before "TERA" end tour R & D remains "sword on the Spirit," but on account of lawsuits, simply because this promotion is bound, popularity and quality in the game won't match.

      End from the tour could be the biggest highlight of folks set up, Meng Meng da Irene Lolita claw and proud woman opening service game before it spread quite widely from the book.

      Main game against flu, it can be superior in the MMORPG, but when compared with an ACT main action (Sword of Hope) or slightly inferior. But the overall game is much greater than the ACT Map in the main action is a the outcome of each one, really worth a play.

      "TERA M" to 1000 in the past, "TERA" modeled about the story, tells the story on the Holy Empire dominated the world over the creation of life forms "giants", so as to fight against the tyranny on the Holy Empire, more races to obtain together put in place an independent military order revenge on the giants, players got up and joined the independent monarch.

      "TERA M" stressed the squad will provide a number of fun free online games, could be the perfect end to learn transplant method, the action is tentatively scheduled to the year shelves, the particular time to be https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Path Of Exile Five Weeks Of Events With New Race Types & 8h PvP Events" 07.06.2018

      Starting from Friday, June 2, 2017, Path of Exile and Grinding Gear Games are beginning with Events Schedule. This will run once as the Beta test for The Fall of Oriath.

      There are various events that this players can engage in for 5 weeks. Yes, that’s right, the presentation will be active for the period of time. Isn’t that exciting?

      During these times, the squad can find different events. Starting from new race types, bigger 1-2 week races, plus the four 8h partial PvP.

      There are going to be prices too. If the player increases his level by 10 lvl, or finish the quest in the wedding, then he/she are certain to get the Classic Mystery Box. The players, whose event starts on the Twilight Strand, then those players should reach level 10 to have the free mystery box. While those players that are not on this list, and event starts at the different section of the game, chances are they just should get extra 10 lvl above their starting lvl.

      “One account get one mystery box. Reaching level 10 in multiple events will never grant extra mystery boxes“, as explained on PoE official site.

      Also, the developers are preparing something thrilling, the microtransactions. And this is true at the same time! Finishing objectives within the events can grant you other microtransactions. I said can, because there will probably be a random selection for these players. You’ll don't know, you could end up getting something you’ve looking on for https://www.mmoah.com/path-of-exile

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Path of Exile reaches two million players" 07.05.2018

      Grinding Gear Games has announced the reason is popular title Path of Exile has surpassed the 2 million players. Despite being launched its open beta as recently as January 23 date, it is acclaimed such by the media and players is poised to get one of the titles most influential in 2013.

      "We are very pleased with the reception they have had Path of Exile. It has exceeded our expectations and will continue to surprise us everyday, " said Chris Wilson, Grinding Gear Games producer. "The continued feedback and support individuals fans are already great. We hope to provide a lot of new content over the open beta even as go better full launch, scheduled for September this current year. "

      Grinding Gear Games already have set a weekly basis for game updates. The most recent have introduced additional skills Incinerate and Cyclone , and also unique items, six of which happen to be designed by Diamond Supporters (fans with contributed $ 1000 to savor the opportunity to be contained in development).

      Path of Exile is definitely an online RPG action game, from a dark fantasy world. It includes micropayments, along with the game is free-to-play, although not pay-to-win. Playing the six character classes, players will probably be immersed at nighttime world of Wraeclast. There you'll find hundreds of varieties of opponents laden with mysterious artifacts and treasures while seeking the https://www.mmoah.com/path-of-exile

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Path of Exile Offers Ghastly Microtransactions" 07.04.2018

      Path of Exile, the free top down ARPG from Grinding Gear Games, is providing some special microtransactions to celebrate Friday the 13th and also the general spirit of Halloween. Enjoy Devil Horns, Bleeding Eyes, plus a stylish Spider Web Cloak. Can’t hold everything that? There’s a major sale on all stash tabs.

      Now throughout the “Halloween season,” players will take advantage of this excellent, seasonal skins and effects. You need merely to head over to the internet shop to decide on them up. The most complex with the group may be the Bleeding Eyes, which function both as being a skin plus an effect. This means that players can pair all of them with the game’s different helmet options and witness the horror over a variety of visages. The special microtransactions are going to be available until November 3rd.

      In addition, stash tabs will probably be on sale for similar duration. Hoarders rejoice, and do expand your library of skill gems. Head over to the Path of Exile forum post for your full details about the seasonal event.

      Of course, Path of Exile is free-to-play, and promises to never be pay-to-win. Players can visit the store to purchase some slight and handy modifications, nevertheless the game is targeted on strategic building and observant action gameplay, instead of offering overpowered gear for gobs of funding.

      Path of Exile is another decent low-spec choice, as it’s now springing up on four years old. Originally released in October, the action consistently includes a rather macabre setting, however the team at Grinding Gear Games can’t help but to produce few embellishments each and every year. For more information, as well as to play it, go to the https://www.mmoah.com/path-of-exile

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Tera: Update Godsfall bringt beeindruckende Apex-Skills für sieben Klassen" 07.03.2018

      April ver?ffentlichten En Masse und Bluehole für Tera das Update Godsfall, das besondere Quest-Reihen für Stufe-65-Charaktere im Gep?ck hat. Meistert ihr diese Auftragkette als Berserker, Sturmfurie, Lanzer, Mystiker, Priester, Zerst?rer oder Krieger, schaltet ihr die sogenannten Apex-Skills für euer Alter Ego frei, die bei euren Feinden ordentlich Eindruck schinden werden. Schaut euch hier die neuen Skills im Video an.

      In Tera (jetzt für 12,99 € kaufen) tut sich was! Seit dem 03. April dürfen alle Interessierte das Online-Rollenspiel von En Masse und Bluehole auf Playstation 4 oder Xbox One kostenlos genie?en. Auch wir haben uns vor ein paar Tagen einen Popori (was sonst?!) erstellt, um uns anzuschauen, wie gut sich der MMO-Oldie auf der aktuellen Konsolengeneration schl?gt. Unseren Eindruck wollen wir in den n?chsten Tagen zu Papier bringen.

      Doch war das noch nicht alles. Vor ein paar Tagen gab es dann für alle Konsoleros mit der Lachelitas-Ruine eine neue Verlies-Herausforderung, die sich an Charaktere der Stufe 65 richtet. PC-Spieler durften sich am 17. April wiederum auf das Godsfall-Update freuen, das für die ersten sieben Klassen (Berserker, Sturmfurie, Lanzer, Mystiker, Priester, Zerst?rer und Krieger) besondere Auftragsketten im Gep?ck hat, über die ihr euch die m?chtigen Apex-Skills freischalten k?nnt. Auch hier muss euer Alter Ego Stufe 65 bereits erreicht haben, zudem wird ein Itemlevel von 439 oder h?her empfohlen.

      Die offiziellen Patch Notes mit einer Auflistung aller Apex-Skills findet ihr auf der offiziellen Seite von Tera, im Folgenden haben wir euch die offiziellen Videos zu den neuen F?higkeiten eingebunden, damit ihr euch die Skills in https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Tera brings high-speed MMORPG action to PS4 and Xbox One on April 3" 07.02.2018

      En Masse Entertainment announced today that Tera is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 3.

      Tera is often a free-to-play massive multiplayer online role-playing game. It is targeted on fast-paced, real-time action. The PC version became available in 2011 and it has over 25 million registered players. Expanding to console will open the MMO as much as a new audience.

      You can purchase a $30 Founder’s Pack which includes in-game goods like a special mount, and this will also offer you early having access to the console versions. You can start playing on March 27.

      Updated 11:07 a.m. Pacifc: We incorrectly listed the Founder’s Pack price at $25 originally. The price continues to be updated to fix $30 amount.

      “There is really a lot of excitement in gaming to finally start to see the action combat Tera can be so famous for realized on console,” said Matt Denomme, senior product manager at En Masse Entertainment, in the press release deliver to GamesBeat. “We had an incredible reception to your open beta test from Tera veterans and newcomers. We are pumped to finally bring the deep, challenging, definitive MMO experience gamers happen to be waiting for to https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article ""TERA", the brand ne" 06.30.2018

      TERA is in the forefront of the new type of MMO. With True Action Combat - aim, dodge, and time your attacks for intense and rewarding military medical casualty. Add the deep social experience of any MMO to best-in-class action combat mechanics for the unique combination both genres. Play now let's talk about free!

      Experience an action MMO that goes past "point and click on!" In TERA, it is your skill, position, timing, and aim that determine the result of combat—not how much quicker you cycle through targets together with the Tab key. If you choose to lie down on your own couch while winning contests (perform!), you will be happy to hear that TERA also provides controller support.

      Team program friends to consider down Big Ass Monsters or put your combat skills for the test against other players with a many PvP battlegrounds TERA offers.

      Customize picking a seven character races and nine classes with unique battle styles. Fight a huge number of monsters within a variety of landscapes, and embark on a huge number of quests in a very game world abundant with history and lore.

      In a very free-to-play experience. TERA imposes no artificial cap on classes, zones, or what to do, or how good you could be - all the content amongst gamers can be experienced without a single penny. To support the continued growth and development of TERA, you can expect account services and cosmetic items - costumes, accessories, weapon skins, mounts, and even more. We heard players on Steam appreciate hats...

      Whether you fight as part of any guild or join an alliance, being a member of TERA's vibrant community implies that there is always people to share your vacation with https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "We Just Played TERA" 06.29.2018

      The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco just may not be the same when it weren't cold and rainy, or if there weren't exciting new games on all platforms on display. Fortunately, we have seen plenty of rain, and a lot of new games, like TERA from publisher En Masse and developer Bluehole. As you may recall, the overall game is a massively multiplayer game originally coded in Asia but brought to the site Western shores, and unlike in the majority of other games on this sort, combat is resolved using third-person action game mechanics who have more that resembles Dynasty Warriors and God of War as compared to World of Warcraft. In our GDC 2011 hands-on session, we played being a level-23 berserker character furnished with a gigantic two-handed axe. Like several online games, TERA has different character classes which might be intended to submit specific roles, plus the berserker's role should be to dish out as often damage as you can.

      Our play session was held at the end of an "instanced" adventure zone (one generated for our party), in cases like this, the cove of any dastardly pirate army that has been conducting raids about the nearby area. Our quest was simple--hack our solution to the bottom of the caves and eliminate the pirate captain, the faction's suspiciously frail-looking female leader. We hacked our way through many of the hulking pirates in a group of four that included a defensive warrior with heavy armor, a healer, and also a sorcerer character furnished with damaging magic spells. As we quickly identified, the berserker's job is usually to get close enough to get started on dealing melee damage without being so damaging regarding attract the enemy's attention. Our party was balanced to get our armored warrior before to attract our foes' attention while we along with the sorcerer dealt the maximum amount of damage as is possible (without drawing the monsters' ire) along with the healer kept everyone alive with healing spells (again, without drawing the monsters' ire).

      The berserker character we played was pre-loaded with a standard melee attack that is certainly performed by repeatedly left-clicking the mouse (most TERA characters will have a normal three-hit melee chain attack). This character class starts grapple with an empty skill meter and fills the bar with normal attacks--this meter might be used to power the profession's special combat abilities. Our character had four of the; one was obviously a self-"buff" (a form of art that empowers its target) that immediately increased our skill meter, plus the other three were powerful melee attacks that is certainly "charged" to multiple levels by pressing and holding the right hotkey and looking forward to another onscreen meter to refill completely, and in https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "TERA has already been available on consoles" 06.28.2018

      The company En Masse Entertainment announced the making of the console version of MMORPG the TERA . Members Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can appreciate the novelty totally free of charge and fight with Big Ass Monsters (BAM) by downloading the overall game in the store PS Store and also the Microsoft Store.

      The development team on the company Bluehole did a great job for your console version of TERA has retained each of the advantages on the original game, as well as intuitive interface plus the mechanics in the fight. So that users can comfortably settle into your world of Arborea, the modern locking system has become designed just for each class of controls, redesigned Combat Effective UI and even more.

      With assistance from streaming should be able to easily navigate the stream on Twitch and Mixer, an opportune voice chat will communicate directly with party members. So that you can evaluate the many advantages of TERA on consoles, the developers also have published a release trailer, showing improvement https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Ya inició la segunda Beta de TERA en consolas" 06.26.2018

      Si disfrutaste la primera Beta de TERA en consolas, pero te quedaste con ganas de más, te tenemos una buena noticia. En Masse Entertainment confirmó hace poco que preparó un nuevo periodo de prueba, el cual ya inició en PlayStation 4 y Xbox One.

      A pesar de que la segunda Beta también será abierta, la compa?ía declaró que únicamente podrán participar los jugadores que formaron parte del primer periodo de prueba.

      La nueva Beta inició hoy a primera hora y finalizará ma?ana, 17 de marzo, a las 10 PM de la Ciudad de México. Si ya cuentas con el cliente del MMORPG, toma en cuenta que recibirá una peque?a actualización. Gracias a ello, podrás recuperar tu avance de la primera prueba. Sin embargo, toma en cuenta que se eliminará una vez finalizada la segunda Beta.

      En Masse Entertainment comentó que la Beta pasada fue todo un éxito. Así pues, se esforzarán para que el nuevo periodo tenga menos problemas de rendimiento y para que los servidores funcionen de mejor manera.

      Para ello, el estudio planea un mejor control del flujo de jugadores por canal y por zona. Además, los desarrolladores mejoraron algunos aspectos de TERA, así que los jugadores ya no tendrán problema con la interfaz de usuario, habrá más canales de juego y optimizaciones generales.

      Por otro lado, el límite de nivel ahora será de 58, lo que implica que habrá más áreas disponibles. Además, si alcanzas el nivel 40 con cualquier personaje tendrás acceso a la clase Reaper.

      Si decides participar, serás recompensado con diversas recompensas una vez que TERA llegue de manera oficial a las consolas. En concreto, recibirás Blue Angel Halo y 3 máscaras especiales durante las 2 primeras semanas de lanzamiento.

      Aquí encontrarás información sobre las novedades que tendrá TERA en PlayStation 4 y Xbox One. En este enlace hay más noticias relacionadas con https://www.mmoah.com/tera

    • zw1100 has written a new blog article "Tera: Zweite Beta-Phase für Playstation 4 und Xbox One beginnt heute" 06.25.2018

      Ihr habt es bestimmt mitbekommen: The Exiled Realm of Arborea - oder kurz TERA - erscheint auch für PlayStation 4 und Xbox One. Den zuerst angepeilten Release im Jahr 2017 haben die Verantwortlichen bei En Masse und Bluehole offensichtlich nicht eingehalten, doch fand letztes Wochenende zumindest ein offener Beta-Test auf den Konsolen statt.

      Entwickler und Publisher haben auf der offiziellen Seite von Tera (jetzt für 12,99 € kaufen) mittlerweile ein Fazit zum Test ver?ffentlicht: Die Beta war ein "überw?ltigender Erfolg". Sicherlich nicht, weil alles so glatt lief, denn dem war nicht so. Doch folgten zahlreiche Spieler dem Ruf, es gab eine Menge Feedback und man konnte sogar alle 24 angepeilten Meilensteine erfüllen. Alle Teilnehmer erhalten als Belohnung also die Dracoloth-, Arkai- und Kumas-Masken.

      Was das Feedback angeht: Die Tester k?mpften nicht nur mit Abstürzen und starken Performance-Problemen, auch über Grafik-, Interface- und Menü-Bugs berichten Spieler. Zudem soll die Reisefunktion beziehungsweise der Teleport nicht fehlerfrei funktioniert haben. Es gibt also noch eine Menge für die Entwickler zu tun! Und die haben für diese Woche bereits eine weitere offene Beta angekündigt, um die Fehlerbehebungen zu testen. Ein Datum gibt es noch nicht, behaltet also Twitter oder die offizielle Seite des Spiels im Auge.

      Wer sich ein Bild davon machen m?chte, was Tera zu bieten hat, dem legen wir unsere Tera-Themenseite inklusive https://www.mmoah.com/tera



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