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    • ylq has written a new blog article "When, when I paid attention to those" 08.10.2018

      When, when I paid attention to those things, and when, civilization, invaded our hearts Cigarettes For Sale, civilization - more beautiful after delivery Online Cigarettes. -Inscrialways stand the test of people. Moreover, this small matter is enough to reflect the civilization of a person. Is it a preference? Still bad? It will be penetrated after observation, which is both the minimum requirement of civilization and the basn" is a morally noble person who is open-minded and unselfish, and is conducive to maintaining physical and mental health. This will not only help the development of civilization, but also promote social harmony. On our campus, we can see the following scenes: ��Garbage on the steps, broken taps in the drooling, mottled lawns after many people stepping on, etc.��; a series of events; can reflect the practice of some people It is uncivilursuing is not limited to the outside, but also the spiritual civilization of the soul. One person does not even have the basic psychological civilization, and talks about society and civilization. Imposing a disciplinary measure will only cure the symptoms, and will change for a while. Someone said a swearing word. Just after criticizing it, it will not be long before he commits it. It is already a "successful change" Carton Of Marlboro Reds. If he is thinking before Cheap Cigarettes, staying for a minute to think, dirty words can't be said, over time, slowly develop habits, not the effect that can be achieved overnight, this is the pursuit of the soul, "brain - command the whole body running" heart clean, What you do will be civilized. These are the people who yearn for and pursue, but who can not get angry? Civilization is very big and complicated, civilization is very small, very simple, it is reflected in our lives, every word and deed, every move. The ancients said, don't be good or small, don't be evil. The uncivilized behavior of "small evil" has been neglected and has become an unavoidable accident in civilized society. Let us come together to "accumulate small good" and "except for evil" to purify our society. "Civilized people move", I will do he river to drink water, and felt that a small fish in the river had hindered him, so he threw a stone and threw it. The small fish was attacked and hurriedly avoided. The little mouse laughed and said, "Know that I am amazing." One night, on the way home, the little mouse saw a pig lying on the side of the road, and said with a high voice: "I have eaten the leopard, I dare to block my way...say, one foot toward the piglet Kicked over. Ah! The little mouse just kicked the pig's foot. The little pig didn't have anything to do. The little mouse screamed "squeaky" and it turned out that his foot was swollen with a big bag Cigarettes Cheaper. He said to the little mouse: "You are rude to others, don't know how to respect, and you have tasted it today! Only by respecting others can you gain the respect of others. The lvery grateful and asked what the businessman needed. The businessman said: "I want you to make a promise. When others are in trouble, you must not hesitate to help." The girl promised... After a few years, the merchant passed this and his wallet was lost. Say: I wn hands. We are eager for a sky, a piece of grass, and want to have a happy "home." I want to save, all this has passed away, but I believe that there is no blank effort in the world. We will say that the world will be better if we say "no" to uncivilized behavior. Looking forward to the day!

    • ylq has written a new blog article "abre once said: "Hey sings in t" 08.10.2018

      abre once said: "Hey sings in the tree, its voice is not good, but we humans should forgive it, because it is very difficult to climb to the tree to sing, it has been working hard under the ground for many years. , wrote a wonderful piece of music, just to play this piece of music on a summer branr life is not long Cheap Cigarettes, and it is not enough to compare with our human life. I used my life spectrum to write a wonderful piece of music. When it played this piece of music, people who liked small insect music, they thought that this voice represents the spirit of having a bitter and sweet, and has a vibrant vitality. Some people hate this kind of music. They think that insects are annoying things, and the music they play is just asen the stars of the sky are watching me, I think the most beautiful is not the stars, but the song of this little baboon. A small bug, pulling its piano, in a small earth cave, is not to win the audience, but because of love, this little dragonfly has the same life as our human beings, and his life itself is a piece of muthe evening, you will come out with its worn guitar and play a piece of mher you are jealous or jealous, you spend most of your life composing music and playing music for the rest of your life. Whether the music they play is good or not, they must understand and be inclusive, because they have devoted their entire lives to love men music is paid, it will be truly beautiful, just like a small insect. Write a song, the voice of life.I am not a traveller, but I like to walk around and travel through the mountains and rivers of my country Marlboro Cigarettes. Although I am not a painter, I like to smear and create freely with devout brushes. For me, dreams are always closely tnvas. The spring breeze brought a new green, the sun held the branches and kissed, the heart of the old tree melted softly, and it abandoned the hateful clouds and played with nature. You see, it sometimes has a childish attack, and the breeze is brought in the dense leaves, and the sound of the fairy music is played in the air. It desperately makes the leaves flourish, the green color, like a layer of green waves...rich. The sound of the cuckoo, the willow strips Marlboro Menthol 100S, everywhere are filled with bright peach, apricot, pear, plum, rape, gardenia, and pea flowers, looking red, a cluster of white, a little yellow, a piece purple. Coupled with the people who work in the fields that are in harmony with the earth, here is a pair, a group of people, the sound of water, laughter, singing, and the roar of the machine, constitute a bustling world. The colors in my dreams are beautifarge sorghum. The sorghum was extremely fat, the poles were high, the leaves were big, the ears were fat and strong Online Cigarettes, and standing on a high place looked like a sea. In the sun, the densely squished red ears trembled with the wind, like the undulating sea. My hand is waving on the canvas. I want to draw this large piece of red, and the painting is warm and unrestrained. This large piece of red contains China's riches. With this piece of red, the people live and work in peace and contentment, and the country is peaceful. My dream is inseparable from this red. Green represents hope, the green of the land in the south of the Yangtze River, this is China's hope. If green makes me passionate, and the redness ofd blue sky is sparsely dotted with gems-like stars, and the sky is always flashing with ghosts and eyes, and the air is filled with the fresh air of mud, mist and rice. The twilight of the dusk shrouded the fields like a light shirt, and the sound of the frogs gradually warmed up. The boundless field, a frog sound, like a boil, like a drum sing, such as the tide. Ten thousand frogs sing each other, but they form a harmonious and beautiful music. The special ampoule of summer night makes all creatures seem to fall asleep, and only the frogs can stand up. It��s really a frog in the grass field. This kind of joy makes me realize the infinite power. I think that little bit of power will make the whole field . A bright red day, radiantly rising from the east side of the mountain Cigarette Online, the mountains after the snow shine brightly. The fields are covered with snow, and the mountains are covered with silver. The sky after the snow, like a wash, looks particularly sunny. The sun after ock the beauty of nature. It also seems to be whispering like me: a nation that lacks introversion will not prosper for a long time, and a country that does not tolerate and has no perseverance will not stand in the forest of the world. Trauma can make people tenacious; hitting will make people resolute; disasters will make people rise. Painted on paper, dreaming in my heart.

    • ylq has written a new blog article "and only if they persist, their dreams will come true!" 07.27.2018

      Everyone has his own dream, perhaps as a painter, perhaps as a teacher, or perhaps as a scientisty dream is to be a singer who can only bring joy to everyone - be a en I was young, I saw my brothers and sisters singing on the stage. Their singing voices brought me endless joy. From then on, the seeds of dreams took root in my young mind, sprouting - I want to do one. A lark that can only bring jo dream Cheap Cigarettes, I kept working hard. Finally, I got the teacher's approval in the fifth grade and entered the choir that I dreamed of Carton Of Cigarettes. The training of the choir was very hard Marlboro Cigarettes Online. I even wanted to give up. I can think of the sentence that Teacher Wang Yaping said in the first lesson of the school: "Dream is like a star in the universe. It seems to be out of reach, but as long as it works hard, it must be I was able to touch it!" So I gritted my teeth and insisted on it. I worked hard to pay attention. In a performance of my fifth grade next semester Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, I was chosen by the teacher to lead the singer. When the teacher announced the news, I was very day of the performance, I was both excited and nervous. Facing more than a thousand audiences, my heart was jumping straight. I encouraged myself, come on, Chen Jiaqi! I adjusted my emotions and sang loudly. I don't know how long it took. I heard thunderous applause from the audience Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. I was very excited: I did it, I did it, and I finally realized mms, like the stars in the universe, seem to be out of reach, but as long as you work hard, you can definitely touch them! Everyone has a dream, and only if they persist, their dreams will come true!

    • ylq has written a new blog article "Every child's pure childhood must have many int" 07.27.2018

      Every child's pure childhood must have many interesting things, of course, I am no exception. When I was a child, I was very unfair and very naughty. I always liked pranks. For example, turning the swings to the top, people can��t sit, and the mother��s silk scarves are tied to the head Marlboro Menthol 100S. After playing, they are quietly put back... ...but the one that made me unforgetta a few years ago, I was out of the house with my friend. Just two steps, she stopped me. "Hey, Li Yuzhen! Let's have a thrill!" "What!" I said excitedly. She put her mouth to my ear and said, "Let's play the game of someone else's door!" "Ha?" I glanced at her, her eyes filled with excitement. "How to play?" I asked. "Yeah..." I was excited when I heard her. "Hmm! This idea is so good! "I said. After we finished, we sneaked a sneak peek, and walked down the stairs, so we went to steal the things. We first chose the first floor. The reason is very simple: it is convenient to escape. We The two pretending to go downstairs, we looked at each other and nodded. "Dangdang", after the knock, we ran and ran. "Haha, ah, there is no danger!" "I gasped and said. "Yeah," she replied. As the breath came back, we ran to my house again, and I didn't forget to play it again when I sent ite an appointment to gather in my house and go out Parliament Cigarettes. When we went out, we saw the gates of each family, and we couldn��t help but play again. "Hey, hey, let's play again?" I asked. "Good!" she replied. We went to the first floor Marlboro Lights, and "Dangdang Dangdang" knocked on the door. We rushed to run, because we have been playing for three days, we are already very skilled, and naturally we are not so nervous. The "card" sounded, and the door of the family we had just harassed opened. How is it so fast How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, my heartbeat can not help but missed half a beat. It��s over, it��s definitely over, it��s found. Although not directly seen, but only two of us flew at this time Marlboro Cigarettes, obviously guilty. After being discovered, we did not stop, but it was faster, three steps and two steps, run! Both of us were thinking about it. Anyway, we were all discovered. It was better than a little earlier. We ran out of the unit door but didn't stop. We ran for about ten meters. No one stopped after watching it. I put my hands on my knees and greedily swallowed oxygen with open arms. "Oh... hey, we... don't play, too... dangerous!" I only took a word for a long time. "Well... um!" Seeing her is no better than me. We calmed down. Even after ten meters from the unit door, we heard a male voice reprimanding. When we heard him, we couldn't help but shrink our neck. We looked at each other and saw a deep apology in the eyes of the other party. I scratched my derstand, mischief is nothing, but can not disturb the truth of others. There is a saying that is good: if you don't know people, unless you can't do it. After all, paper can't contain fire, and bad things will always be discovered. I won't dare next time!

    • ylq has written a new blog article "Before the games, he confidently told" 07.04.2018

      Before the games, he confidently told everyone he would win the first two sprints for our class. I don��t believe it. Because in the past Marlboro Red 100S, he always said so with us, but he never did. Before the 60-meter run, I said to him: "Remember your promise." "��" The gun rang. He seemed to have rushed out of the arrow of the shackles and lived up to expectations Cigarettes Cheaper. He really got the first place. "How lucky is it? He really kept his promise!" At 100 meters, he started a little slower and was overtaken by opponents. I clearly saw his mouth pumping. "Come on, cheer for our class. !�� He speeded up and quickly passed the other players. He got another first. "What? Isn't it bad?" He smiled at us and sat down on the floor. ��Once, it may be luck, it may be a fluke. But twice, the concept is completely different! How much he paid for this game in private! If he did not work hard Marlboro Gold, how could his physical strength be so vulnerable? He really glorified the class and added color to the six (secondary) class!"I said: "Really Marlboro Cigarettes Online, you can really do this for the class? You don't waste all your energy?" He said to me: "I can't realize what I promised myself. What kind of man is that? It's better to be a weak man safely! There are countless promises in life, and every promise requires us to use all our efforts to achieve it. Otherwise, don��t think that others believe you, and don��t think that others will help you sincerely!�� His remarks made I know thoroughly: He really changed!He changed from a tender young boy to a mature man; he changed his character from the unruly child to the strong character that can stand up to earth; he changed Cheap Cigarettes, and he changed from a boy who did not keep promise. Become a gentleman.

    • ylq has written a new blog article "The fun of the past was like a grain of pear" 07.04.2018

      The fun of the past was like a grain of pearl. It strung together my colorful childhood. Today Cigarette Online, when it comes to interesting things, it will pick up memories in my head. Some will even laugh out loud for these funny things.I remember that there was an interesting kangaroo jump game at the school. The rules of the game were similar to relay races. The teacher would give each group a big cloth bag and draw a line at the first five meters of the students. When the game starts, The students quickly put on a large cloth bag - a kangaroo suit. Before you wear it, jump ahead and jump to the line, turn around, jump back, jump into place, and take the kangaroo clothes off to the first The two men then jumped. Which group of people jumped first and which group won. After everything was ready, with the teacher's order, the fierce competition began. Suddenly, the playground looked like a group of lovely ��kangaroos�� Carton Of Marlboro Reds. Each of them was enjoying the joy of this time, and they were also turning themselves in The joy is shared with everyone on the playground Marlboro Lights. You see, how lightly the team of kangaroos jumped here, how fast the wallaby jumped over there. It was really awesome to see the little kangaroo clumsy! Their lovely appearance in various poses made the audience around them laugh and laugh Newport Cigarettes Coupons, some kept cheering and cheering for them, and we were nervously watching the "troops" in their class struggle. With. At this point, an accident occurred! As our class��s ��talent�� Xiaohua leaped too fast, a center of gravity like a frog like ��glory�� on the haystack, and the mouth came in a ��close contact�� with the earth, which made us all laugh. I got up, but I watched as other classes were about to succeed. We hurriedly cheered for Xiaohua Marlboro Cigarettes Price. At that time, Xiaohua did not attend to the pain. He braced his hands and bravely climbed up. He continued to jump forward quickly. ��Refueling, refueling...�� With the cries of waves, each player seems to be full of strength and vitality. In the end we won the second place in the "Kangaroo Jump" competition. Although it was second place, not the first place, we each had done our best and we were still very happy. The playground was a joyous laughter. ������

    • ylq has written a new blog article "school bag! school bag! In my heart has long been t" 06.19.2018

      school bag! school bag! In my heart has long been the best place to stop! It is not just a teacher, but also a good friend! Accompanied me through the China Olympics, through the beginning of the small rise, and came to today's Beijing University - Innovation Composition Competition Marlboro Lights. This will laugh. It's the ease of writing. It will cry because you haven't used your time before, and you don't write out the true meaning of the bag Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. It's just that... The success of the game is just the result of hard work. Failure is only a waste of time. Schoolbags, you don't have to change your face, because my heart will be as solid as a tree. Let you walk with me for six years in college Cheap Cigarettes, four years in college ... and you can come to Peking University. As long as you are calm, I am quiet. School bags do not have to change their face. Past experiences and expressions are a small wave that I grew up with. I will create it with you and belong to our new future!w that the writing is scribbled and the ink is dark Newport Cigarettes Price. It was a kind of rebellion. It was an anxious desire to grow up. It was not just a schoolbag. There were no paperbags in the schoolbags Cigarettes For Sale. Later on, I was growing up. It is so frivolous and impulsive.

    • ylq has written a new blog article "Outside the window, there is a tree, and there are proud gr" 06.19.2018

      Outside the window, there is a tree, and there are proud grasses and empty flowers Marlboro Cigarettes Price. The original flower buds have already opened, with the brilliance of flow, but it is only a kind of beautiful beauty. I pile up the paper and put it next to the computer. Eyes inadvertently hit the computer next to the schoolbag and the schoolbag. "Yeah!" is my schoolbag, recording the growing mood, love face. I saw the schoolbag cut hrough a hole. The thought in my head was a story my father wanted...h girl��s father also persuaded the girl when she saw the girl��s period of absence, but the girl did not listen. Until one day, the girl's father finally couldn't help it, and she made a hole in the girl's schoolbag Newport Cigarettes Website.. How Much Is A Carton Of Newports.. The girl also regretted the loss of the math game, and she was more distressed by the more beloved schoolbag. Finally, she was busy with the lights all night long. I became convinced by the schoolbags and finally I was admitted to the ideal school at the beginning of he small promotion!" This story made me pick up a pen, but I haven't written it yet, and faintly guessed that it was...The the moment, I was writing at Peking University Cheap Cigarettes. The rustling of writing had lasted for nearly two hours and I gave up several times. Look at the window, the tree, the tree of Peking University Marlboro Gold Pack. Isn't that where beauty and melancholy come together? Isn't that a place to own it? Isn't it closest to life and far away from life? I still struggle, and the result is not important!

    • ylq has written a new blog article "From Grades 1 to 6, my schoolbags are chan" 06.19.2018

      From Grades 1 to 6, my schoolbags are changed every two years, and those schoolbags contain only books? When you open the schoolbag, you can see other miscellaneous items and several heavy emotions.Ths not that right? The schoolbags helped us a lot and not only loaded the book stationery. When the rain whistled across the sky, the students without umbrellas lifted the bags to stop the rain. The schoolbag silently withstands the sun and the rain Wholesale Cigarettes. When it sees the first scar on it, it begins to pamper the schoolbag and builds an emotional bridge between the heart and the schoolbag. backpack packed with books is famous for its "bags." In the first grade, we ��booked�� the books, unaware that the fourth-year seniors had begun to install toys. At that time, the schoolbag was a bit heavier than we were. The little shoulder carried the schoolbag containing nearly ten books and was struggling under "oppression." Now pack the book into a schoolbag and measure it with your hand��it's just that Carton Of Marlboro Reds. But the overwhelmed shoulders of the first grade have been blown away by the schoolbags and the waist is also the same Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. the second grade, the schoolbag was finally able to bear the weight. However, the schoolbag was wounded several times at that time. The break, off-line, and stains came one after another. Parents rushed to patch and wash the stains, and then the patched schoolbag appeared in the classroom, like a mottled. The big rag bag. the third grade, the old schoolbag flew into the abyss of ��retirement��, and it was a large-capacity Marlboro Red 100S, well-made schoolbag that stood at the top. The merchants screamed out that the bag was smooth Newport Cigarettes Coupons, wear-resistant, large-capacity, and not shoulder-pressured, and then the classroom was exactly the same bag.



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